Mason Wyler’s Comeback Scene, “My Dad Fucked My Fiancé” Is The Worst Mason Wyler Scene Of All Time

Posted November 11, 2022 by with 29 comments

I knew it would be bad just from the trailer, but if you can believe it (and, hello, of course you can), the full scene is even worse than I thought it would be. I’m obviously talking about Mason Wyler’s comeback scene out today on, and not only is it a strong contender for Worst Gay Porn Scene Of 2022, it’s also the worst Mason Wyler gay porn scene of all time. (And Mason Wyler was in multiple scenes with Cody Cummings.)

From the completely disinterested co-star (an overly sweaty yet blank-faced Ryan Bailey looks like he’d rather be receiving a root canal), Mason’s ugly and distracting cock ring—I shudder to think how much Trimix and/or Viagra (Triagra?) he had to do just to get the semi boner—staying on for the entire scene, the complete lack of props (the extras are stirring air inside empty bowls while allegedly baking zucchini bread), Mason not cumming (he screams that he’s cumming while inside Bailey’s butt, but you see no cum, which I guess is the one redeeming quality of this scene, because at least Men didn’t add insult to injury by whipping up a fake cum shot, but then again, if they didn’t have the budget for zucchini bread ingredients, they probably didn’t have the money for lotion/fake cum either), to the overall horrific production value, camerawork, and editing, this makes even the very worst scenes look like Palme d’Or winners. In short, “My Dad Fucked My Fiancé” is the kind of gay porn a conversion therapy camp might force gays to watch so they’d turn straight. In fact, I’m actually asexual now. Forget waterboarding, the CIA should just play this in their black sites.

The extras in this scene—played by Troye Dean and an unidentified woman—were more entertaining than the stars as they pretended to bake bread, and they actually have almost as much screen time as Mason and Ryan. The woman and Troye are in 12 of this scene’s 20 excruciating minutes, but that probably could’ve been cut down to 10 if Men had hired an editor to do any work on this abomination. For example, at the 17-second mark in the clip below, you’ll see the woman nodding to the director (this scene had a director?) off camera, as if asking for her cue to begin dialogue with Mason:

Awkward exchanges like the one above go on for several minutes as Mason and Ryan suck and fuck (they aren’t caught because that kitchen island is supposed to be obscuring what they’re doing, even though it’s clearly not tall enough and the extras can literally see everything), but they’re eventually interrupted when Troye asks Ryan to marry him, while Ryan is being fucked by Troye’s father. After Troye and the mom catch Mason fucking Ryan, they angrily storm out, and the mom says she wants a divorce. And yet, she’s OK to let them continue fucking in her kitchen? What about the fake zucchini bread?

Scenes like this can sometimes be redeemed if the fucking is good (or, at the very least, the top cums?), but this one got even worse once the humiliated extras left. I almost would’ve rather watched Troye Dean fucking one of the empty mixing bowls, but now that I have no sex drive, even that sounds obscene. The only thing that can save me now is a lobotomy.

“My Dad Fucked My Fiancé” is as shockingly offensive as it boring, and the fact that it stars one of the most legendary performers of all time in his comeback scene is a kind of unrivaled tragedy we rarely see in gay porn, so at least that makes it unique. Watch this trailer at your peril, and don’t even think of watching the actual scene.

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