Dominic Ford’s Twitter Meltdown: Mean Girls & Jackasses!

Posted December 30, 2013 by with 7 comments

dfmeanUnlike the gay porn stars he employs, studio owner Dominic Ford is not taking it lying down. “It” being the criticism over his use of douchey gimmicks that do nothing to improve upon his run-of-the-mill content. When Ford unveiled his new “Google Glass Porn” scene last week, I accurately labeled it a dud, and you all agreed.

Over the weekend, Dominic Ford lashed out at the “mean girls” and #jackasses:

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Dominic Ford is not use to criticism, and who in this industry is? Other so-called “review” sites trip over themselves to lavish redundantly dull praise on the same horrible content day after day after day, and yet “anyone can be a critic”? K. “Anyone can be a critic” doesn’t really hold true when there’s literally only one critic (me) criticizing your work.

Criticism isn’t meant to be taken personal, it’s meant to inform consumers, provoke debate, and inspire better product. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.


  • sxg

    Honestly most people have good things to say about the scenes that Dominic Ford does and he gets little negative criticism on the action themselves, but this was definitely an exception. I just think the google glasses was too distracting of a concept for the whole scene, on top of the shitty quality the glasses captured. It’s not what you expect from a studio like Dominic Ford. Reminds me of how awful those animations in Whorrey Potter & The Sorcerer’s Balls were from that studio.

  • ArtPop93

    yeah if anyone has a negative opinion about his cheap porn they must be evil and not creative! What an idiot. BTW- This site looks pretty creative to me and so do the articles so Keep up the creativity!

  • JustJim

    The fact that he THINKS his Google Glasses are creative, “moves the needle” or “advances the Industry” is beyond delusional.

  • GN

    He wants to be lauded like he’s the new Cecil B Demille of porn, cause he used Google glass and 3D, these are gimmicks and the audience sees right through them. You wanna make better porn? Do it with BETTER SEX. You’re not aiming for an Oscar in technical achievement.

  • Viva La Bambi

    Read him to filth Zach.

  • Zoompietro

    Reminds me of when Carrie Underwood said mean people need Jesus in response to the reviews of her horrible acting in The Sound of Music Live. Some people act like they’re entitled to recieve only praise for their efforts.

  • Cosmic

    When he uses an unmanned drone in a porn film I’ll be impressed.