Meghan Trainor Doubles Down On Husband’s Dick Size: “It’s So Very Big”

Posted May 2, 2023 by with 7 comments

Unless he starts an OnlyFans or she posts a pic to prove it, she needs to shut the fuck up. For one, it’s really not fair to the husband. What if he doesn’t like having his penis talked about in podcast after podcast? It’s a total invasion of privacy. Trainor already complained about her husband’s cock last week, and now she’s at it again today. Via NYPost:

One week after Meghan Trainor made headlines for discussing “big boy” husband Daryl Sabara’s penis size, she’s spilling more about their sex life.

The singer told “High Low With EmRata” listeners on Tuesday that she experiences “so much pain” during intercourse with the “Spy Kids” star.

“I’ve been talking about how tight I am and my husband is so very big,” Trainor, 29, said. “I thought that was our problem.”

The Grammy winner, who clarified that sex is “good in the moment” and she doesn’t feel like she’s “being tortured,” said her issue is “mostly mental.”


It just occurred to me that this big dick press tour probably isn’t about her husband at all. She’s only doing all the interviews so she can bitch about how tight her pussy is. So, “mostly mental” sounds about right.

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