’s Production Crew Doesn’t Know How To Spell The Word “Your”

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youcockEducating someone on the difference between possessive and personal pronouns happens in elementary school. Educating a production employee on how to film and edit content without embarrassing mistakes happens…never, apparently.

The prop seen above—a “note” delivered to Billy Santoro by paper boy Michael Del Ray—features the bizarre misuse of the pronoun “you” instead of “your,” making it look like Del Ray is either illiterate or unable to speak English (neither is obviously true, as a production assistant or director undoubtedly created the prop). Then again, if a grown adult over the age of 21 is still in “school” (high school??) and working as a paper boy, he probably has bigger problems to deal with than grammar.

00060008 0009 0010In addition to the weird note, we also have to watch Billy Santoro in this scene, which always feels a little strange.

0012 0014 0017Is this really the kind of face someone makes while being fucked by Billy Santoro?

0020 0023?

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Billy Santoro Fucks Michael Del Ray]

  • TheThom


  • In my opinion, the more egregious offense in this scenario is the exhaustingly over-used pun on the word “come”.

    • Zealot

      …and one must also ask oneself if use of the ” ” around cum was meant to make it appear ironic, or meaningful in some other way than intended? I mean doesn’t the use of spelling in this scenario make the use of ” ” superfluous? I’d say “yes”.

  • Ben
  • sxg

    At first I thought you were talking about the 2nd ‘your’ being spelled sloppily and that you were grasping at straws. Read the note too fast to even notice the 1st one was fucked up lol

    • Mike Julius


  • Zealot

    Mary Louise Portofino demonstrates proper scribbling technique. She plans on holding a seminar for in the coming few weeks on the following topics: 1. Advanced coloring inside the lines; 2. Spelling; and 3. Looking cute while doing nothing.

    Let’s hope something of her fine work sticks!

    • Mike Julius

      4. Mary need a refresher on her numbers. :p

      • Zealot

        I added something and forgot to renumber. And I’m assuming you meant to say Mary “needs” a refresher….correct?

        • Mike Julius

          Yuppers. Mike need learn word stuffs.

          • Zealot

            Little Mary Louise appreciated your input none-the-less and sends big gummy worm hugs your way (which she assures me is much better than Sweet Tart hugs)!.

  • DPS

    The “cum” part bothers me more than the dropped r. It should have been spelled “come” if you want to do a play on words.

    • Mike Julius

      Or leave off the quotes, keep cum, and trust that your readers aren’t morons. 😉

  • Johnny
    • Mike Julius

      You must really love his ass to even consider it, Jen gurl.

  • DrunkEnough

    At least they’re staying in their correct lane. Albert Einstein didn’t do porn, either.

  • Mike Julius

    Look, the dude skips school to suck cock. It’s actually very apropos.

  • Miss Dior

    It must be a slow news day. You love creating drama. You must be checking your Twitter feed from a response from men.

  • Ceecee

    I really like Michael Del Ray, but why wasn’t this at least a flip scene? Seems like a very missed opportunity, to put it nicely.

  • planetwingnuttia
    • Ben

      Don’t you just miss guys from that era? No plastics. No overly gym bodies. No overly groomed hair/body? Just your regular next door dudes who love some man and man action?

    • pje821

      Weren’t Brentwood and Falcon part of the same studio system? Or did they share the same owners? I recall there being some connection… Yes, the glory days of Falcon are long past.

      • McM.

        The connection was John Travis. He worked at Brentwood as a cameraman at the same time he was with Falcon. It wasn’t shady, both Matt Sterling (Brentwood) and Chuck Holmes (Falcon) wanted him exclusively for their studios but John Travis was free to work wherever he wanted. From what I remember from “Bigger Than Life”, a book about the history of gay porn, there was another arrangement where John Travis’ independently shot films (previously only available through mail-order) were purchased by the studios. In fact all of Falcon’s early “video pacs” are Travis’ 8mm films. Oh, and what’s really fucked up is how John Travis’ mailing list for his mail-order business was stolen. It turned out both Sterling and Holmes bought the list not knowing who it was stolen from and ended up hiring the guy that created it to help grow their businesses.

        Brentwood and Falcon had a slightly different content/presentation at the beginning, but you can see the John Travis influence in their films. Travis directed by not directing. He didn’t script sex and instead let the guys go for it and moved the camera to capture the action.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          I’m impressed with the depth of you(sic) knowledge and the elegance you present it; thx for sharing it.

        • pje821

          Thanks for the great background info, McM! I recall there being some connection but couldn’t remember exactly what it was. Those were the days!

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    Rumor has it Johnny Rapid is working in the office.

    • Dreadmau5

      Allegedly on attempted buttrest

  • Joi Says
  • McM.
    • nick

      Don’t they end-up in a dungeon with massive dildos ?
      Or am I thinking of another Chad Douglas movie ?

      Edit : I’m thinking of the one where Chad is the tennis coach.

    • moondoggy

      “I’m almost sure he did it on purpose.”

      When I realized that I clicked on a garbage MEN post, I was so annoyed with myself. Thank you for rescuing my previous few minutes. I could talk your ear off about this movie and this scene. I love Kevin Wiles. I have a thing for the unsung bottoms of the Falcon era, the Jeff Converses, the Kevin Wileses, and the Mike Hensons. The tops were the stars, but I always think of that adage about Ginger Rogers doing everything Fred did only backwards and in heels. Kinda sums up the bottom’s job.

      • James Johnson III

        Mike Henson was the cutest “Boy Next Door” bottom. His scenes with Jeff Stryker and John Davenport still get me excited to think about, let alone watch. I miss bottoms that cute and enthusiastic at what they do

      • Zealot

        What about the glorious Kurt Marshall? His career was so short and his untimely death such a shame. I shudder to think what more he might have done in the industry had he lived longer.

        • moondoggy

          To me, Kurt was very good but not exceptional. I went back to my pornstar rankings spreadsheet that I created a few years ago and I discovered that he wasn’t on it, but neither was Kevin. I added them both and Kurt received 26 points. Kevin received 33.

          My system gives each star up to five points in nine categories, for a theoretical max value of 45. However, very very exceptional people can get a 6 — Rocco Steele’s cock gets six points, for example. Pigginess is a category, and both Dawsons (TIM and Corbin Fisher) got 6’s there. Dawson from Treasure Island is obviously a little piggier for having starred in a 50-load weekend movie, but I don’t ever remember seeing him get fucked by nine guys in one scene, as the other Dawson did. The blond Dawson also pretty much ushered CF into the bareback era, and did a lot more scenes than the brunette. So surprisingly, they both deserve a 6.

          I’m realizing that virility ought to be a category as well. Versatile stars like Daniel and Vander should get some points that exclusive bottoms don’t get. In fact, maybe versatility should be a category. I’ll have to add those at some point.

          • Zealot

            I guess we’d have to agree to disagree. I find Kurt to be exceptional in looks and performance. I think maybe you just don’t have the amount of film with him as you do with some other performers due to his shortened career. But to me, Kurt was a beautiful guy who could have modeled. He was a performer who didn’t need all those fake “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” and “Oh, yeah FUCK ME’s” to sell a scene. He just threw himself into it and enjoyed the sex (and made his scene partners look all the better for it IMHO). I respect your ratings and such but my criteria and yours don’t line up. I think to be fair you have to break down your performers by era– because what was done in the 70’s may look strange in comparison to what was the norm in the 90’s or 2000’s. Again. Much respect. But I do feel Kurt is deserving of a true classic performer status. He is in my books anyway.

          • moondoggy

            I’m also not as into the blond surfer type, but I’ll concede that Kurt’s other problem is that he did not have quite the same breaks with scene partners. Kevin Wiles got fucked by Jeff Stryker, Chad Douglas, David Ashfield, and god knows who else. And both of their careers were divided between film (which made everyone more attractive) and videotape. I can’t recall any Kurt scenes shot on film.

    • GayhawkAZ

      Big Guns and Spring Break are all I need to have my Chad Douglas fix. I know he did more, but banging Kevin Wiles and Cory Monroe — ok, wait…and any pairing he did with Kevin Williams — that’s all I need!

    • vanfanusa

      I loved Kevin Wiles. That dude could take a big dick!

    • Maximus
      • McM.

        Actually before my time.

        Explored Falcon’s older vids, really liked Chad Douglas in Manrammer and had to find everything else he was in. Like, that day.

        • Maximus

          Falcon has its videos from the 1970s uploaded to its website?

        • hatefulmoz

          Holy shit that was a great film! I love love love it.

        • GayhawkAZ

          I read Manshots (edited by Jerry Douglas…man, do I miss that magazine) and picked my first few porn videos based on their recommendations. I’ve never regretted watching the “classic” Falcon and its stars, even though the studio was pushing a new generation of models – Branson, Chase, Ryker, etc.

          Before my time was better to be honest!

      • moondoggy

        Don’t hate us for knowing the classics.

    • Dulcis Memoria
  • OverKill
  • nick

    Is the bottom a blow-up doll, he has a blow-up doll mouth ?

  • nick
    • Marik Ishtar

      I honestly cannot believe men stick their penis in that thing.

      • nick

        You must need a fucking good imagination to see that as real

  • Scrapple

    I feel the need to repeat my earlier sentiments.

    Michael, just like those bricks in this scene, you are now exposed. I’m sorry.

  • Porn Star

    You didn’t even watch it. LOL Mess. If you did, you certainly would have bashed something else that happened in the beginning of the scene. You are a mess!

    • Zachary Sire

      That awkward moment when Billy Santoro thinks anyone is actually watching his scenes…

    • Ben
    • McM.

      What? The Phi Delta Theta paddle? There are gay greeks; just be glad it wasn’t part of the theme.

      Something that stood out to me was the brief shot of the small window set high on the wall. This is common to give sub-level dwellings natural light, and this would put the room slightly below ground. Also, I think there was a long-stemmed pipe on one of the nightstands and — HOLD UP! — “[as SP Kanye] bitch, if you the Hobbit you better let me know right now b/c I’m making a fool of myself right now.”

      Wait. Nevermind, there’s no way you’re a Hobbit. You waxed your feet and a real Hobbit wouldn’t do that.

      What was the something else we should have noticed? Also, wondering if you skipped a few meals before the scene b/c you ate Michael DelRey’s ass like you were starving.

  • Maximus

    This is the face I would make if Billy Santoro were fucking me:

    This would be me after having been fucked by Billy Santoro:

    Actually, after sex with Miss Santorum, I would probably need to take more drastic methods in order to properly dispose of my body:

  • badgamer1967
  • Pinko of the Grange

    Good thing Zack’s not a pharmacist. Look at all the “O’s”; they are all open and connected to the following letter.

  • emercycrite

    Did Michael even feel anything going in?

  • AussieB

    Must be a Trump supporter

  • R.A.M.J

    1), Im sure wearing a condom for this scene must be devistating for Billy. With counseling, Im sure he’ll get thru the devastation.
    2) TBH, I have make that error all the time when writing or typing too fast or distracted. Shit Happens.

  • Alesx

    Why the still images from Men always feature their models in expression similar to teenage-young adult models in basic ‘fun goods’ you can find in supermarket that feature words like ‘RAD!’ ‘COOL!’ ‘AWESOME!’
    Try to match those words with those pics and imagine it being in a pack of assorted temporary tattoo in Walmart checkout counter.

  • Casey Scott

    Except the word “your” is correctly spelled directly below it. Obvs the prop guy just wrote this shit in a hurry.