Study Finds Men Who Drink Coke Or Pepsi Have Larger Testicles

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[gif of big-balled Jack Harrer via Freshmen duo with Kian O’Connor]

While the mice were given Coke and Pepsi to drink, the study is titled “CARBONATED BEVERAGES AFFECT LEVELS OF ANDROGEN RECEPTOR AND TESTOSTERONE SECRETION IN MICE,” which would indicate to me that any carbonated beverage could have this effect, and you don’t have to drink poisonous shit like Coke or Pepsi for bigger balls. Perrier would work just the same. Via DailyMail:

Research on mice showed adult males who drank Coca-Cola or Pepsi had higher testosterone levels and larger genitals than their peers.

One group of 30 male mice was kept in a cage and their water bottle was filled with 50 percent Pepsi mixed with tap water.

Another 30 mice were kept in a different cage and given pure Pepsi.

The same was done for two groups of mice but with Coca-Cola. A fifth group was used as a control and given pure water.

The mass of the mice’s testicles was measured on days zero, five, seven, 10, 13 and 15.

On day 15, the mass of the mice’s testicles was significantly higher in the groups that drank Coca-Cola and 100 percent Pepsi, compared to the 50 percent Pepsi and control groups.

‘The outcomes demonstrated a high dose of Pepsi-Cola or Coca-Cola could promote testis growth and development,’ the study said.


tylerh54[gif of Corey Marshall and his massive, egg-shaped balls fucking Tyler Hill via Helix]

More of Jack and Kian, who presumably drink a lot of carbonated beverages, based on their combined ball sizes (full scene here):

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