WATCH: Micah West Posts Three-Part Cum Shot Video

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micah westI guess it’s a slow news day, but what better time to enjoy some videos of a hot guy stroking his cock? Normally, something like this would be put into a Thirst Trap Recap post, but because gay porn star Micah West divided this cum shot video up into three separate parts, it makes more sense to give this its own post, where it’s not in competition with other people’s photos and videos.

First, Micah West posted a short video in which he can be seen jerking off. Along with the video, he wrote, “RT if you want me to post a longer video”:

Fans responded warmly to the video, with over 1,000 RTs in less than eight hours. Later this afternoon, Micah posted a second video filmed during the same jerk off session, and here it is:

The caption for the second video—”I was serious about tryna smack someone in the face with my dick”—might be a callback to another tweet that Micah posted earlier this month, in which he asked, “Who wants to get smacked in the face by my dick?” That tweet has received over 12,000 like since September 8th, and it included these two selfies:

ED-C0V0WsAE0t3r ED-C0V3XsAAIdBeFinally, after thousands of RT and likes on the first two videos, Micah posted a third (and final?) tweet this evening, with the much-anticipated cum shot, as promised:

Thank you to Micah West for his generosity in sharing the clips, and for taking us on his cum shot journey today.

ICYMI, here’s a clip from one of Micah West’s best Helix scenes this year, in which he jackhammers powerbottom Tyler Sweet bareback (watch full scene here):

[Helix: Micah West Fucks Tyler Sweet Bareback]

  • Schnitzel
  • B.C.

    Very handsome fellow with beautiful cock, but always looks like he is angry at whole world.

    • Ty Huber

      True. I’m hoping to see his affectionate, charming side without losing the bad-guy vibe that also turns me on. A hint of a smile, a gentle touch, some murmuring of pleasure … wouldn’t take much.

      • B.C.

        And your last sentence rhymes. I love it!