Michael Boston Spit-Roasted Raw By Dante Colle And Troye Dean In “Buttering His Popcorn” Finale

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It’s the end of an era (well, until they reboot the series next year) as the “Buttering His Popcorn” trilogy (ICYMI: part one and part two) concludes today on Men.com with three gay porn stars (and one crazy girlfriend, of course).

What happens after a trench coat-clad pervert (played by Dante Colle) starts jacking off in front of Michael Boston and his girlfriend inside of a darkened theater, and then begins sucking Michael’s cock? The girlfriend is not pleased, obviously:


And then, you’ll never believe what happens when Michael and Dante are discovered by a movie theater usher played by Troye Dean

bhp333Also of note: Dante Colle is now the only performer to have starred in two different genres from the “Buttering His Popcorn” universe, having recently appeared in a bisexual version of the franchise.

This movie-theater fuckfest features both Michael and Troye bottoming, with Troye being tag-teamed between the seats near the end, and Michael and Dante shooting simultaneous loads all over his ass. More photos, and the trailer down below:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Men.com: Michael Boston, Dante Colle, And Troye Dean Fuck Bareback]

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