Kristofer Weston Walks In On His Sons Michael Del Ray And Oliver Star Masturbating Together, And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

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Today’s FamilyDick update features brothers Michael Del Ray and Oliver Star jerking off to porn together, but when their father (played by Kristofer Weston) walks in the room and catches them, you’ll never guess what happens next.

family dick michael del rayActually, you probably already guessed exactly what would happen before you even scrolled down and saw this:

fdmd2family dick michael del ray family dick michael del ray family dick michael del rayTrailer (watch full scene here):

[FamilyDick: Kristofer Weston And Michael Del Ray Fuck Oliver Star Bareback]

  • Joel

    Kristofer is hot as fuck!

  • sxg

    Kristofer has one sexyass dadbod! Is he a somewhat recent addition in gay porn or did he do anything when he was younger and/or leaner? I feel like maybe he’s previously done work at Colt during their peak.

    • Ed Woody

      He worked mostly behind the scenes as a director for Colt, and is very active in the San Francisco kink scene, before only stepping in front of the camera in the last few years.

  • Dreadmau5
  • Kristofer Weston is the zaddy we all deserve!

  • Tempest

    I’mma need Kristofer to stop playing around and go to Kink as a director, being a kink expert like he is I’m sure he can be helpful and manage to produce some quality stuff. The fact that BDSM is somehow less “mainstream” than incest and trans porn is beyond me.