WATCH: Michael DelRay Fucks The Cum Out Of Austin Wilde During GuysInSweatpants Bareback Live Show

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eadef2cac6188db8babd04979b788b4c-a723bd85GuysInSweatpants has just released a bonus scene for members, and it features Michael DelRay fucking Austin Wilde during a live show that was filmed and streamed on GISP a while ago, but never released as a full video for members to watch. Today, obviously, you can watch it in full here, and it is very good.

6b73d6faceb9b912b804d0d3e819e94c-0c11dbe6One of the best parts of this scene? Watching how much fun they both had stroking and sucking each other’s big cocks:


We’re not used to seeing Austin Wilde bottom that often, and he rarely bottoms for co-stars who are this well-endowed, so this is a rare treat today.

351e216010a9f999501725f4d08d64e4-164f7ae5 a0b5efb268eb8a1e7df607107a5d10e6-ba52db04Michael DelRay was clearly hitting the right spot, because Austin Wilde has to tell him to stop fucking him at one point, as he was about to cum early. A few minutes later though, Austin couldn’t hold back any longer, and he lets Michael fuck the cum out of him.


Michael then leans over to lick up the load he just fucked out of Austin:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GuysInSweatpants: Michael DelRay Fucks Austin Wilde Bareback]

  • John

    I think Michael Del Ray is so sexy but I would really love to see him deposit his cum inside a happy bottom.

    • Ty Huber

      Also a huge MDR fan. I’m not crazy about these fixed camera scenes, though. Get someone to handle the camera and give us a better view of the action. I know this is an older scene and they don’t do that fixed camera stuff much any longer at GISP; keep up the new trend. It’s especially fun when AW is operating the camera and hands it off so he can take a dip in the action himself.

    • Kanaka

      He has such a sexy voice.

      • peter

        You’ve noticed too!

        Everything about him gets me off!

      • James Johnson III

        I think they both do

    • peter

      I’m surprised that Austin, who does a fair amount of breeding himself, didn’t let him plant the seed.

    • Leakage

      Agreed! There is a phone camera clip I’ve seen a few times on tumblr of of two guys fucking standing up by the doorway. At one point, the 3rd guy filming, hands the phone to the top so that the top can film his dick going into the bottom; but when he hands it over, the top gives you a glimpse of that 3rd guy and I swear it’s a young Michael Del Ray. Looks exactly like him but years younger and that ginormous dick is unmistakeable. I wish I had the clip so that others can confirm. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

  • peter

    I’d like to believe the term ‘sex on a stick!’ was invented to describe both Austin and Michael!

  • Satyros

    GISP always puts out good content, and I really both Austin and Michael DelRay so I’ll definitely be fapping to this scene.

  • von schlomo

    Hopefully Michael EATS his come and it doesn’t become that silly swapping it back and forth mess. Eat that shit! Too bad there’s not a properly filmed Michael & Austin video so you can actually see everything. I like BOTH as bottoms so it’s also too bad there’s not a Flip here.

    And some viewers will get extra wet knowing Michael describes himself as “pansexual”, so he loves the gash, too! :p

  • Seth Sexton

    I just love seeing Austin getting dat ass dugged out. This trailer was hot.

  • Edward