GayHoopla Model Says He Was In “High Class” 30-Person Orgy, Has Way Too Much Shit In His Bathroom

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gayhoopla-miles-houston-06GayHoopla’s latest straight guy, Miles Houston, is a beefy and cornfed muscle jock with tree trunk legs, a huge bubble butt, and thick dick-sucking lips (stay tuned to see if they ever get used for actual dick sucking). Also? He’s got way too much shit going on in his bathroom.

gayhoopla-miles-houston-10I’m having an anxiety attack just looking at this photo. An alarm clock, an electric toothbrush, an iPad, a coffee maker(??) and/or water purifier(?), all those hair products, perfume, baby wipes, a huge ass candle, etc. Maybe GayHoopla should launch a sub-site, “GayHoarders.”

Miles Houston is much easier to look at when he’s not in his bathroom, thank God.

gayhoopla-miles-houston-12 gayhoopla-miles-houston-15 gayhoopla-miles-houston-16

In this awkward interview clip (which cuts off at the end without warning, sorry), Miles says he once participated in a 30-person “masquerade” orgy, which was “some high class shit” (aren’t they all?), but I find this hard to believe. He seems too straight-laced to do anything like that, but sometimes it’s the quiet ones who are the kinkiest, so you never know?

Trailer (watch full video here):

[GayHoopla: Miles Houston]


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