Naked Flight Attendant Arrested For Attacking Hotel Guests With Toilet Plunger

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Usually it’s the passengers having these kinds of meltdowns, but maybe this Southwest (of course) flight attendant was finally pushed over the edge by the customers he serves, and he had his own meltdown during a layover at an Iowa hotel. Via KCCI:

According to flight attendant news blog (yes, there’s a blog dedicated to flight attendant news) Paddle Your Own Kanoo, the naked man was actually only shirtless, which makes the story less hot, sadly:

The Des Moines Police Department was called to Southwest Air’s layover hotel in downtown Des Moines at around 2 am last weekend to reports of a suspicious person armed with a dangerous weapon.

According to the official police report, security officers at the hotel said they were dealing with a shirtless suspect who had been assaulting other hotel guests with a toilet plunger.

Responding police officers found Hill in a stairwell on the 20th floor of the hotel, being physically restrained by firefighters who alleged they had been attacked by Hill.

A number of guests reported that Hill had been “chasing people” around the hotel with the toilet plunger. One victim said she had been evacuating the hotel via the stairwell after the fire alarm went off, when she came across Hill on the 18th floor.

Hill is alleged to have chased after the victim while holding the plunger and shouting: “I’m going to f**king get you”.

Later in the story, it does appear that Hill was in fact naked. And defecating, because of course:

Several other witnesses said Hill had physically hit them with the plunger, while others claimed Hill stripped his jeans off and defecated on the hallway floor. Officers found what appeared to be human excrement on the 19th-floor stairwell floor and up the walls.


Whether it’s a Des Moines Marriott or a Fort Meyers Joe’s Crab Shack, naked American men can’t stop shitting their brains out.

The flight attendant has a TikTok (see below) where he appears totally normal and cute, so hopefully after he deals with his arrest and charges, he’ll get his shit together, so to speak. Maybe he was just overworked and stressed out? I’m willing to give anyone with a cute dog the benefit of the doubt:

@hill.trevyn #finley #littlegremlin #ididnotcommitarson #goodboy ♬ Everybody Loves Somebody – Dean Martin

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