NakedSword’s New Movie Should Win An Award For Having The Worst Title Of 2023

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What the fuck is a “content house”? A “content house” might be a rental home where deranged TikTok teens assemble to film pointless viral videos while devaluing the neighborhood, or it might be a rental home where porn stars assemble to film amateur orgies for their OnlyFans pages, which are devaluing studio porn. For the plot of the new Falcon/NakedSword production, it’s the latter, and the movie is actually called “Content House,” which is the worst gay porn movie title of the year. The cast of “Content House” includes Beau Butler, Chris Damned, Reese Rideout, and more:

A previously released movie with the same theme from the same studio was titled “Under The Influencer,” which was a clever sexual double entendre using a modern social media term. Conversely, the title “Content House” is beyond dull. I don’t want to watch someone’s “content,” I want to watch someone’s asshole being creampied while they’re swallowing cum. Instead of “Content House,” they should’ve gone with something absurd like “Raw Dog Retreat” or “AirBnbukkake.” Porn titles should be graphic, not banal.

Speaking of anal, here’s Diego Sans fucking Cole Connor’s ass in the opening scene from a movie that, going forward, I will not refer to by its title.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[NakedSword: Diego Sans Fucks Cole Connor Bareback]

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