Naughty Or Nice?

Posted December 20, 2013 by with 9 comments

naughtyFor every Fox News anchor who thinks there’s no such thing as a black Santa, there have to be at least three more who think there’s no such thing as a gay porn bodybuilder Santa. But, surprise, there is now.

Just in time for XXXmas, Zeb Atlas has given us all the gift(?) of a new Santa-themed photo spread, and he looks, well…uhhhh…nothing like Santa! If Zeb’s dick in a box is just the thing you’ve been waiting for all year, you’re in luck.

13b1b 3b  7b  9b 10b   16bAnd here’s Zeb’s latest video from his personal site. Unfortunately, he ditched the Santa garb.

[Zeb Atlas]

  • Aramis

    Now that we saw Zeb’s butt in a Santa’s outfit…it’ll be wonderfull to see Zeb doing something ‘ a la ‘ Brent Corrigan’s ” Mena ” or even transitioning from male to female next year…Anyway: -” Nelly XXXsmas and a Fag New Year Mr. Atlas”.

  • Lovely

    Just gross. I guess he’s so into working his upper body he forgot about his ass. Not that it would matter, I just don’t find him sexy or attractive. Those stupid expressions he makes in every damn photo make me like him even less.

  • sxg

    I think that’s due to an overly muscular ass that has lost natural fat. Sort of similar how bodybuilding women lose their tits from working out too much. Remember Diego Alvarez, the pornstar who probably helped escalate the taint piercing fad (at least to Eddie Diaz, because Eddie said Diego was the one who inspired to get his)? He was extremely fit, and his ass looked just like that, very lean but very muscular.

  • DJ

    He needs to wiggle his ass out of entropy,

  • Elitist

    He needs to work on giving face because all he’s giving me right now is another issue to work out with my therapist thanks to his horrific ‘sexy face’

  • Dewitt2it

    It says a lot that the candy cane’s the only thing I want to suck on here.

  • Kaeden Valdez

    I like his socks…

  • Terry

    OMG ! Where is photoshop when you need it ? ! lol

  • robirob

    It may claim to be sent from Santa but this gift wants to get PAID in advance!