NEW WORLD ORDER: Watch The First 10 Minutes Of Bewildering, Brilliant Answered Prayers

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CockyBoys writer/director/producer Jake Jaxson keeps raising the bar so high for himself, he’ll need to learn how to pole vault before he releases his next feature. Answered Prayers, the top secret project that’s been on everyone’s lips (even though no one knew a thing about it), is finally out today, and the highly stylized production is as pristinely shot and edited as it is acted and directed. In short: It’s been well worth the wait and well worth the hype.

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The first installment of the multi-part CockyBoys’ series (watch the opening below) introduces us to a banker (played by a smoldering Ricky Roman) and someone else named Jinks (an intense Jake Bass), who might be a kind of alter ego? I’m not sure how the entire plot will play out (and at this point, I don’t think we’re supposed to be fully clued in), but that’s what make it so intriguing.

Jake Bass’s seductive shredding and slicing through a designer suit easily wins the award for most terrifyingly erotic moment in gay porn this year, if not ever.

[CockyBoys: Answered Prayers—The Banker]


  • Tellingthetruth

    WTF?!? This is out of this world. I’ve never seen anything like it in porn and I mean in a good way!

  • Ale Lisboa

    Jake is the best porn star of today, sometimes I feel that I love him lol

  • James Withers

    It’s a better world when Jake bottoms.

  • Pudgester

    That opening certainly makes you want to see more. A great teaser.