Self-Facial Alert: Watch Niko Vangelis Shoot Cum All Over Himself While Being Fucked Bareback By Jeroen Mondrian

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Watching Niko Vangelis being fucked is hot enough, but today we get to see him shooting a massive load of cum all over himself while he’s being fucked, so if you’re a fan of ripped muscle hunks giving themselves cum facials while they’re being plowed by bareback tops…you might enjoy this:

Niko just couldn’t stop cumming! His seemingly endless load contained at least 11 (or maybe 12?) explosive ropes of cum, but I became so mesmerized by all the jizz, I think I lost count after Niko fired off his 9th or 10th cum geyser.


Look at the couch cushion behind him.

The bareback top who fucked all this fucking cum out of Niko is Jeroen Mondrian, and here’s more from their new duo on BelAmi:

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[BelAmi: Jeroen Mondrian Fucks Niko Vangelis Bareback]