Now Bromo Has Released A Scene Filmed With No Lighting

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Just when you think gay porn can’t get any worse, it’s your weekly Bromo update!


The fake fetish bareback site normally releases scenes filmed in hotel rooms, but today they’re mixing things up for us with a scene in a regular bedroom—with no lights.

light3I’ve made fun of their hotel room productions in the past, but I guess Bromo should go back to the hotel, where they can at least film using the hotel room lights.

One cheap lamp on a nightstand was literally all the lighting that this Bromo production crew felt was necessary, and as a result, you can’t see anything that happens in this scene.


And no, I have not adjusted or modified the brightness on any of the gifs (or the trailer below) in this post.

You know it’s bad when FraternityX has better production values than you.


Is the fucking good? Is the fucking bad? Do the models look good? Do the models look bad? Who even are the models? Sorry! There’s no way of knowing, because there is nothing visible in this scene.

light6If Bromo is a “porn for the blind” site now, I suppose this could work. But, let’s hope the blind people are also deaf, because I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to the music in this scene. Trailer (unwatchable full scene here):

[Bromo: Bareback Porn Filmed In A Darkened Room That You Can’t See]

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