Now GayHoopla Is Introducing New Models Without Showing Their Faces Or Giving Them Names

Posted March 11, 2019 by with 100 comments

2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-04Well, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-05Introducing GayHoopla newcomer “Ripped Muscle Jock.

2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-07 2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-13No, his first name isn’t “Ripped,” and his last name isn’t “Jock.” This person literally has no name, and GayHoopla has only identified him as “Ripped Muscle Jock.”

2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-06 2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-14Is this supposed to bring in new members to GayHoopla, by advertising something that no one can see? Makes sense.

2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-09For some background on how this started, GayHoopla has announced that they’ll no longer be giving their solo models names, and they’ll no longer be showing solo models’ faces for non-paying members. Here’s the notice they sent out last week to media and affiliates promoting their content:

Solo content will be censored in our preview sections of GayHoopla. If you’d like to continue to promote our solo content, you will need to post only what’s available to affiliates and non-paying members. Solo content promoted should no longer include faces or names of new solo models. If solo content is posted without being censored, we will first give you a warning and ask you to take it down. During that time we will also be withholding payments for any affiliate who doesn’t follow our new guidelines for solo content.

Apparently, the new solo models do show their faces in the videos and photos for members, but I’m not a member of GayHoopla, so I can’t even tell if he’s hot or not. If you’ve seen what this guy looks like, feel free to give your opinion of him in the comments below.

2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-162019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-19 2019-03-11-athletic-jock-jerks-off-17This is a bizarre business decision on the part of GayHoopla (and I don’t think it’ll last long, tbh), and it’s only being covered today because of just how bizarre it is. Because this is a waste of time for me and the readers here, Str8UpGayPorn will not promote any future faceless/nameless GayHoopla solo models. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Ripped Muscle Jock]

  • FrenchBug

    My first thought is to immediately want to place this in the Hall of Fame of completely moronic decisions by a gay porn studio. It makes no sense on literally any level.

    My second thought is to reflect on the subtext of a straight man owning a gay porn studio deciding his performers must stay anonymous unless you are beyond the paywall. The history and social context of that, added with what know of him, is … something.

    • Edward

      I like Leo. This studio reminds me of the pretentious mess that is Himeros. PASS.

    • trumn10

      Performers remain anonymous? Simpy won’t happen. I’m sure these scenes will still be all over internet sites that post vids– maybe already.

  • Landon Uhlenhopp

    Trying to sign up new customers? How about making GH even more irrelevant than it already is.

  • Zachery Binx

    I mean… I could kind of understand if they censored the naughty bits specifically and were like “Join now to see the ass and cock uncensored”, that wouldn’t be strange at all really. Leaving the goods on full display while censoring the faces is just odd, but combine it with not even giving them names and it’s just ridiculous.

    I mean, silly enough that, ok Gay Hoopla, at this point just censor out the nipples and feet too. Hell, go full on retard, censor out EVERYTHING of the models body except for just the cock, balls and ass. Even use one of those terrible voice changers for the trailers too so we can’t even hear what the guys really sound like while talking. Just some blurry skin toned blob with a large erect penis and an oddly deep voice letting out small moans… why the fuck not.

    • OkButActually

      For a studio thats already not exactly lighting the scene on fire, and has built a steady reputation as having pretty poor scenes and having a really uncomfortable environment for the actual gay models, this feels like the only thing they could actively do to make people care less.

      • OkButActually

        Having read the comments, at least one person subscribed or resubbed, so this is a “success” if you measure it that way lol, and I’ve seen a screenshot of his face, so hey congrats GH.

  • Zeke Ye

    This is a completely stupid decision on their part. It’s porn. People want to see dicks, asses, and faces, especially before signing up.

    I’ve seen the video and in this case the blurring didn’t matter because the model’s not that cute anyway. He has a great body that’s even better in motion, but it’s an 11 minute, by-the-numbers solo vid where he just silently jerks off in a really nice shower. Meh. The previews for the upcoming scenes are much hotter.

    • Silver64

      I thought he was really hot but you are right it is just a by the numbers solo

      • hotdickcum

        There is a preview after the video. You can even see it in the trailer.

    • trumn10

      I forgot they put the previews at the end of the vid. Now I’ll have to go back and watch, hopefully something good is coming up, and NOT Collin.

  • cphotee

    May Gayhoopla rest in peace. Idiots.

  • Silver64

    I can definitely verify that he is really hot. I really hope he comes back to do scenes. One thing that I found strange on the site today was that now they’ve removed the upcoming scenes part of the site. They’ve revamp the site and I’m not sure I really like it. 😒

  • Plainview8

    But that Leo fellow with soon tweet about all the traffic the site is receiving and how memberships are at an all time high. Whenever he tweets something like that, I always want to ask for proof. Honestly, I almost purchased a membership when they started the “secret menu’ crap, but I quickly came to my senses and realized, if they shot porn for their porn website, it should not be a fucking secret. Also, can they hire a model that does not spend 5 hours in the gym, two times a day, 7 days a week ( I might be alone on this).

    • Edward

      You’re not alone. They look over polished.

    • OkButActually

      You aren’t alone, unfortunately people keep tossing money at the studios for guys who aren’t just on an extensive workout regimen but usually steroid cycles.

      • trumn10

        I joined for Blake and Reno– don’t watch anything with Collin, simply totally unattractive.

        • OkButActually

          Sadly it doesn’t matter who you joined for unless the videos are a la carte. You’re supporting the video.

    • Darian

      I like the personal trainer-looking models more than the ones who are out of shape but use steroids or HGH. I’m a gym rat, though. I forget what pornstar said it but they were saying fantasy is an element of gay porn and a model/performer with an amazing body and attractive face fits that mold more than an average looking model. Perhaps that is more applicable to an actual porn studio with production values but I don’t really see the point in paying money to see a performer that looks like anyone else on Grindr.

      • OkButActually

        Theres a pretty wide ocean between Out of shape, steroid and personal trainer considering 2 of the 3 are more or less identical and some people mistakes #2 for #3 because they aren’t looking at Kris evans.

        Lucky for you, you aren’t starved of choice. Unfortunately for the rest of us, its just only fans. Amateur porn and onlyfans seem to tilt entirely in the other direction, where the overly manicured guys are at a minimum.

  • pronounproblems

    Between this and them openly bribing people a few months back to post positive comments on blogs and Twitter in exchange for.siscoubted memberships, I’m thinking they’re in pretty serious financial trouble and willing to try anything to stay afloat.

  • Scrapple

    Who cares about a face and a name if they’re showing everything else?

    • FrenchBug

      It seems GH’s strategy is to turn their site into a porn version of the worst parts of online dating.

      Self-hating straight guy who can’t fuck for the life of them? Check
      Awkward sex in random appartments with bad lighting? Check
      Guys you see once and then disappear? Check
      Anonymous torsoes expecting to raise your interest? Check
      The delight of later finding out that guy you got off with is actually a Nazi/a convict/an asshole? Check

      I am at the point where a visit to adam4adam would feel less degrading to me than jerking off to a GH video.

    • Ed Woody

      This is what I was thinking.

      The gays are out there having full penetrative unprotected sex with men whose names they don’t know and faces they can’t see. And the more the merrier. Jerking off to the same is pretty low level in comparison.

      Not to mention that old gay tradition of working out your body to make up for an ugly face, so they have a chance of getting laid on a gay scene that cares less about face and personality than it does pecs and t-cell count.

      This is all just of a piece with the joyless, mechanical impersonality of the gay scene in the 21st century. That alone makes it perhaps the gayest thing GayHoopla has ever done.

      • Scrapple

        Those damn “recreational gays” ruin everything.

  • B.C.

    Most GH models will actually look better with blurred out heads.
    With “stick your dick in any hole available à la Wesley Woods” and this “innovative” concept, it’s turning out to be one very bizarre Monday. Hopefully rest of the week will offer some standard guy on guy action.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Usually I can rationalize anything, but this one stumps me..

    • fabuloso

      Maybe the dudebro one hit wonders they recruit say they’ll be more comfortable this way, or perhaps they have a lot of butterfaces ready to make their debuts.
      Today’s model would have to have one hell of a bus crash coming out of his neck to not be really hot though…

      • trumn10

        Whether it’s true or not, I’d go with “butterfaces” so why would would anyone take the chance on subscribing?

    • Martian Visitor

      Your penis is a stump too.

  • FieldMedic

    Why did GayHoopla decide to emulate Japanese porn?

    • skye3245

      japanese porn at least shows you faces and blurs privates…i mean at least show the mans face..and not use “light skinned” as a descriptor

  • buffy2004

    I don’t think it is a good bussiness idea tbh. I mean i won’t pay if i can’t see the guy’s face no matter how hot he looks. This doesn’t really give a chance to newbies to be know. idk seems stupid.

    • trumn10

      And I thought the reason for using these affiliate gay porn blogs was to get increased traffic to the site- and more subscribers. This doesn’t do that! Very stupid.

  • TheLisp

    so does that mean if they do a scene with a partner, we’ll see their faces?

  • hotdickcum

    He is officially called as Amari Johnson in GH.

    • FrenchBug

      This is what I am talking about.
      How in hell does it expect that “mystery” to stick in the age of the Internet. What are they going to do? Sue bloggers who report on it? You can’t copyright factual information and I find it extremely dubious they could even afford – financially – to go after people who release photos. And the legal case could be muddled by fair use consideration (does promoting your material allow you to publish, say, one cropped picture of your model? Seems at least plausible enough to argue in court that launching a lawsuit would be a risk).
      So it is nonsensical but it is also foolish. Maybe it is the idea: counting on the Barbara Streisand effect to get more attention for their new models?
      I dunno. So stupid

    • Edward

      Somebody got a membership….

      • hotdickcum

        You don’t need to have a membership to know that. It’s in the INTERNET.

        And I don’t subscribe to this site.

  • FrenchBug

    @ Zach
    It seems so weird on its own merits that I am wondering. Could this have something to do – somehow – with what a certain someone told you at a certain time about a certain kind of problems that a certain group of people were having at the time that might lead to the end of a certain something?

    • Targareyn

      LOL, say what now? Can you spill the tea please?

      • Darian

        I think the certain something involves the use of condoms…?

        • trumn10

          I doubt it, they would have to test, which means more cost involved.

  • Iain Gardener

    This really does seem to me to be a way of killing off GH so the owners can focus on their real passion; producing Girls Gone Wild Millennial Edition

  • PeaceDeadC
  • Anthony

    They’re competing with onlyfans! You know, that explosively successful platform that provides almost 0 previews? Any of you who actually spend money on porn (ie the absolute only people GH should care about) will understand that half the reason someone subscribes to an onlyfans is because they don’t fully know what’s on the other side of the paywall and they are *curious*. I can’t blame them for trying whatever tactic they can to survive as a company. Their peers CF and SC are dying and I hope the same doesn’t happen to them.

    • FrenchBug

      So because you are competing with OnlyFans, you decide to chuck… one of the few advantages you have left over them which is why that people know what they pay for when they subscribe to a porn site?
      I mean, they already are not bothering to offer higher resolution and visual quality so fuck it, let’s just make it as lame as an OnlyFans by not offering previews but let’s make it even lamer so that you don’t even know if the famewhore behind the paywall is going to harden your noodle?

      Please, let’s not pretend this is not massive idiocy.

      • Anthony

        Idiocy is responding to a post without comprehending what it says. You can call whatever you want “lame” but you’re missing the point about what actually incentivizes people to pay for things. Hint: it’s not free stuff.

        • OkButActually

          So does your smart ass have any numbers on the Onlyfans numbers for people who post previews vs those who don’t?
          Those who work in studios vs those who don’t?

          You shouldn’t be too quick to call someone an idiot when you are typing things that make less sense than if I were to mash my ass on a keyboard.
          You do understand, even popular onlyfans accounts are pirated right?
          Even the most muscular and long running ones, still have previews and instagram accounts and present their own faces, right?
          You do realize studios models work for studios AND have only fans accounts, right?
          You do realize gay porn studios are notorious for more or less being a preview for people into buying the stars as escorts right?
          Nah you’d rather get snobby in a comment section defending a site that isn’t paying you a dime and comparing it to SC and CF.
          If those two sites are dead and dying, then this sites a fucking zombie starving.

      • OkButActually

        To top it off, successful Onlyfans models tend to have a source besides their scenes for peoples interest.
        Nearly all the body building ones regularly show their faces and pretty much all of their bodies besides naughty bits on instagram or twitter.

        This is beyond a silly idea.

    • trumn10

      CF and SC deserve their fate based on the crap they are pulling with updates, and minimal number of guys in rotation and the atrocious guys (nowhere near the old SC standards)

    • Stuart

      I’ve done the whole subscribing out of curiosity thing and then prompty cancelled on discovering it was shitty iphone clips barely a couple of minutes long released 2, maybe 3 times a month if you’re lucky. No. Thank. You.

      I’m paying for a video to help me get off, I’d like to at least have some idea if what I’m getting is going to help me do that before I hand over my hard earned.

  • SaintMike

    HA!! The perfect man! Now all they need to do is mute his voice!

  • MC.EMC2

    This has to be the most stupid marketing strategy ever in the history of gay porn
    But then again coming from this site it doesn’t surprise me at all

    • Zachery Binx

      Oh, I’m sure it can get stupider. You’ve seen all those “Bait” style pornos where a supposedly straight guy is lured somewhere with the promise of immediate HJ-BJ-Fucking with a hot woman while he is unable to see her (in the dark / gloryhole / blindfolded) and was “tricked” into having said gay experience with a man but they NEVER KNEW (le gasp) and sometimes they find out during, get fake angry, then decide to keep doing it because sex.

      Well next up, the porn website we’ve all been waiting for…


      Watch as this idiotic yet extremely hot straight guy is lured into a secret gloryhole, in the back of a large cargo fan, while blindfolded and gets told that he is going to get a BJ from his sexy hostess only to really be fucking random fruits and vegetables.

      Listen to him moan out loud, talk dirty and proclaim it’s the most amazing blowjob he’s ever had while he’s secretly fucking a hollowed out grapefruit / honeydew / pumpkin / coconut / eggplant / watermelon / pineapple / kiwi (cuz little dicks need love too) / mango / cabbage.

      It’s gonna be the hottest new bait style tricked website online guaranteed. But ya know what, at least they’ll SHOW THE MODELS FUCKING FACES AND GIVE THEM NAMES ! ! !

  • Scot2313

    Reactionary shame based homophobia. Ashamed to show your face? Creepy decision by GayHoopla. Straight man owning a gay studio. Ugly dehumanizing the model even more. Just a piece of meat. At least the meat is washed.

  • bg
  • Baradude

    When your site is kinda meh and you need something to get peoples attention!

    • trumn10

      I’m not sure what kind of attention you get by not showing the guys you are bringing on to the site.
      How does that increase subscriber sign-ups?

      To my mind it lowers GH even further, now to the realm of English Lads (face only,no frontal in promos), simply forgettable, not even worth a look. (Though it doesn’t apply right now as a current subscriber to GH)

  • CamCam

    This is yet another sign that Gay Porn is going from bad to worse. What the hell is up with these producers who hires these sorry motherfuckers? You want my money but you can’t wven fully show me what it is I’m paying for? Are you kidding me? You got me fucked up if you think that I would accept that as a regular viewer of gay porn. In fact i hope that all of you reading this don’t accept this. Hopefully other studios that love to keep this “Gay4Pay” bullshit going don’t follow suit. Talk about scrapping at the bottom of the barrel. Smh

  • NG212

    As far as I can tell, the rationale for all this secrecy is that one of the bottlenecks in convincing some guys — gay, bi, or straight, in theory —to perform in gay porn is that they’re worried that people in their personal lives could find out. The secret menu and these blurring shenanigans mean that only members can see who’s performing, which the studio likely hopes will make it less likely these images and videos float around the internet.

    I think all the comments about how silly this new policy is are valid. In full disclosure, I recently bought a GH membership to check out the secret menu. The studio is still deeply flawed and I don’t know if it’s worth what I’m paying. On the other hand, if going behind a streaming paywall means that more guys who do solos and appear on Hot Guys Fuck perform in gay scenes, I’m not mad at that.

    • Zachery Binx

      Wait, they have a “secret menu” on their porn website? So is it like how I can go down to my favorite clown operated restaurant and ask for a “McGangBang” and receive a double cheese burger with a chicken patty stuffed inside as well?

      • NG212

        Yes, there’s a selection of videos, now up to six, that you can stream but cannot download. If you go to their website, non-members can read the scene titles without being logged in.

        A few of the videos are far better than the regular duos, but there are far too many serviced scenes in which a gay guy only sucks someone’s dick.

        • trumn10

          I liked 2 of the scenes, as long as it doesn’t alter their update schedule (reduce) it’s just a bonus.
          By contrast,what CF has done to it’s schedule, while still advertising (on another blog) 7 updates a week, and a new solo guy every week, is just appalling.

          • NG212

            Yeah, I think two good scenes sounds about right. When thinking of it as a bonus, for the same price, I don’t see any harm in the secrecy.

            CF is a disaster. The release schedule feels erratic and it’s always the same disappointing pairing, but with the other guy bottoming.

            Speaking of, I hope we see Tony Romero bottoming soon — on the secret menu or the regular one, I don’t care.

    • MXD

      Yeah, I used to photograph naked dudes. Sooooo many guys wanted to get paid to model nude, while hiding their faces, and often times, their dicks, too.

  • Johnny


    Honestly, a lot of those Gayhoopla guys are butterfaces anyway.

  • Marcus Collack

    There is a lot of commentary for bullshi…could it be, do people really like gayhoopla?

    • OkButActually

      Its something we haven’t see a studio do before.
      The closest is like englishlads who don’t show their models junk in the previews, and like early internet websites that censored junk so you’d pay. None survived…

      Unlike other people I find ways that don’t involve paying to see if these things are worth paying for.

      Spoiler- They aren’t

      • trumn10

        The one site I’d never want to be compared to is EnglishLads (so of course Gh ges in that direction). EL is just the most subscriber unfriendly site out there limited access- even for paying subscribers.
        Very high subscription, then still severe limitations, personal info requirements etc.

        Never worth the effort to pay to see the few hot guys there.

  • Anon

    I would suppose that the censorship of the model’s faces are developed in order to manipulate non-members to pay for the site. Without the previews, a basic gay would be tempted by the basic mystery model and the only way to see this model is if they pay for membership. An intellectual gay, however, would see through this transparent marketing “strategy” and would not let himself be easily exploited by the studio.

    • trumn10

      Maybe, but to me it does the opposite.

  • Darian

    He’s definitely hot

  • TK will this impact the torrent sites? Oh wait, nm. I’m all good.

  • MPG

    1. ridiculous stunt . . . (and this does relate to #1), 2. he’s hot as hell.

    • trumn10

      1, i agree. 2. I don’t think so, I didn’t even download the vid.

  • Talkin Hockey

    Don’t understand this one at all. People that are going to pirate are still going to pirate, hiding their name and face from the free tour isn’t going to stop those. And its not going to help people that are thinking about signing up, into joining. At least not in the numbers of curious vs ticked off. Agreed with Zach, this won’t last long.

    • OkButActually

      I’ll put it this way, with their track record, and how I do things, I saw his face, and while hes more attractive than some of the others they cast, its not something worth subscribing for, go check out some muscular dudes onlyfans or chaturbate for the same or better.

      • trumn10

        Never Onlyfans for me. To easily scammed. Why would I subscribe to something without ny idea of what’s on it, whther it will be updated, how often, if videos- length or just 20 second clips, photos- new or just repostings? I also always look at who does the billing, be sure it’s known to me as reputable, easy cancellations, no additional charges etc. Too much unknown on Onlyfans for me.

  • Mr. Copper

    Their reasoning behind this is pretty obvious if you look at how they handled things on twitter recently with their whole “we’ll reveal each model’s face when they get xxx amount of likes/shares”. The owners have about a teaspoon of creativity between the two of them so it’s not surprising that they took the popularity of that approach on social media and decided to apply to their site as a whole.

    There has also been an undeniably homophobic approach to how they handle their new recruits, as has been pointed out by people in the comments here. By not revealing models’ faces, they can claim to their new guys that no one will know they are starring on a gay porn site because their face won’t be shown.

    It’s not too common knowledge but the owners of GH are also behind modelforwomen . com , and the nature of that website tells you pretty much EVERYTHING you need to know about how they recruit guys.

    • MXD

      what the freaking hell is that modelforwomen website? A multistep log in that changes every month?

    • trumn10

      That creativity teaspoon must have a hole in it.

  • This is the stupidest thing ever. I’m not gonna sign up for a faceless dick

    • trumn10

      No one would. This doesn’t make any sense when the purpose of these photos on these gay porn blogs is to attract new paying subscribers. This steers people away. Simply a dumb move, not shocking from this site.

  • Jay

    The problem is, the model is actually… REALLY REALLY HOT.
    So they imo are not helping themselves unless the model would NOT perform without this type of advertisement.

  • assnito

    What a stupid idea. I just see his face and name and other sites, just type: Amari Johnson jerks his big cock.

  • trumn10

    “Str8UpGayPorn will not promote any future faceless/nameless GayHoopla solo models”
    a simple solution and the correct one. GH – simply terrible marketing.

  • danny

    If I can’t see the face, I don’t bother. It’s not that I have to see if they’re hot or not, but it just seems impersonal. It’s perfect for str8 guys to do gay-for-pay videos.

  • ViktorTausk

    Idiots. They’ll show ugly acne faces of their models on hotguysfuck anyway.

  • Maximus

    This makes me uncomfortable, and not in the sexy way.

  • KP

    Considering their models are usually staring off into space or have their eyes closed while jacking off why not just avoid heads altogether?

  • pje821

    Seems like a ridiculous move to me, but it has people talking about it, which is the goal of any marketing campaign. Bad publicity is still publicity, Instead of this crap the studio should, once and for all, hire experienced technical staff to produce a better-quality product. Until it does I won’t be resubscribing.

    • Stuart

      This might have people talking but that’s all it’s going to be, by the sounds of it they aren’t going to get many paid subscribers joining up out of it.

      • pje821

        I agree. I wouldn’t join a site that hid the faces of the models; porn is about fantasy and creating a desire to be a part of something normally out of reach. If I’m being asked to pay for a model whose face is hidden, that ain’t gonna happen. It’ll be interesting to see how long this marketing approach lasts; dollars generated will dictate its shelf life.

  • TheLisp

    mystery man = Amari Johnson

  • DanielA

    His name is Amari Johnson, I have a secret site that I can see this video uncensered

  • sinfulltears

    GH has some of the worst “porn.” Every duo scene is uncomfortable to watch as the guys genuinely do not want to be doing this. The solo scenes are boring and over produced. When the site was in it’s early days it was literally just Fratpad/Fratmen part deux which was ok if u are into 40 mins cam shows with 20 min showers/15 mins talking/5 mins touching their cock. This guy has a nice body but i was pretty sure their was a rule form whoever owns this dumpster fire that guys cannot shave their pubes just like Fratpad? Yet this guy is hairless everywhere? The silver lining is at least Cole Money is not there abusing models(yes there is “behind the scenes” of him slapping models for not liking what they are doing.