[UPDATED] Now Racist Grifter Bryan Hawn Is Lying About Having Coronavirus While Hawking An Herbal Supplement That’s “Equivalent To A Ventilator”

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This story has been updated below.

Remember Bryan Hawn’s racist and psychotic rant from a little over a month ago, in which he blamed cancer victims for their deaths? Turns out that wasn’t the only thing Bryan Hawn was doing in February. According to the YouTube video Hawn posted today (which, to be clear, is a scam), he was also suffering from coronavirus since “probably around the beginning of February.” In the video embedded below, Hawn falsely claims that he contracted the deadly virus while “visiting southeast Asia around the end of December.”

Again, to be clear: Bryan Hawn is a pathological liar, and he is obviously lying about having coronavirus. (Just like Hawn lied when he tried to claim that his Twitter account was “hacked” after he posted all of his racist tweets.)

Putting aside the fact that the incubation period for COVID-19 is 2-14 days (meaning Hawn would’ve been sick by mid-January at the latest after his trip to southeast Asia at the end of December), there were no documented cases of coronavirus in California (where Hawn lives) in the beginning of February, other than one Santa Clara woman who had recently returned from Wuhan, China.

While Hawn says that he had COVID-19, he also says that he wasn’t tested for COVID-19 (so, he’s actually inadvertently admitting that he has no proof that he had it), and he also states in the video below that he didn’t even go to the doctor (which at least is consistent with the racist tweets he posted about having not been to the doctor in 15 years). So, why he is lying about having a virus that has already taken the lives of nearly 10,000 Americans? Because, like the grifting that Hawn does on his worthless OnlyFans account, Hawn is now lying about having COVID-19 on YouTube so he can help sell an herbal supplement called “Deep Lung” as well as an accompanying nutritional pamphlet, both of which he’s advertised on the page for his YouTube video titled “COVID-19 Cure: How I Beat The Corona Virus,” as seen here:

Once you click the link and land on the product page for Deep Lung, you’ll see that Deep Lung is currently out of stock. Sorry, no cure for you:

In addition to the “Wish Gardens Deep Lung & Bronchial Support,” Hawn is also linking to a nutritional pamphlet titled Triple Digit Living (Hawn reads extensively from the pamphlet promoting Deep Lung in his video), which is where he says he first read about Deep Lung:

Oh, and by the way? The 44-page Triple Digit Living nutritional pamphlet (which is being sold for $19.99) was written in 2017 by Chelle Hawn. Yes, Chelle Hawn, as in Bryan Hawn’s mother.

Via Chelle Hawn’s Facebook and Instagram:

As if lying about having coronavirus for YouTube clicks and book sales (and whatever royalties Hawn potentially makes off the clicks to Deep Lung) from people who are either scared of becoming infected (or, good God, actually already suffering from the virus right now) weren’t hideous enough, Hawn’s use of his own mother in a scheme to manipulate people who are literally dying is a kind of horror for which I have no words.

Here’s Bryan Hawn’s 16-minute long video, in which Hawn says that “90% of the people who are dying [from coronavirus] would not die if they had this supplement.” Hawn says that his coronavirus “hacking stopped immediately” after taking Deep Lung, and after lying about having COVID-19, Hawn also says that having the herbal supplement “is literally equivalent to having a ventilator.”

UPDATE 4/23/20—

Good news: Many of you and countless others flagged Hawn’s video as a fraud/scam after Str8UpGayPorn was first to report on it back on April 5th, and now it’s finally been pulled down due to violating YouTube’s terms of service, as you can see above when pushing play. Str8Up saved a copy of the fraudulent and completely bogus video, ICYMI:


Article as originally published on April 5th continues below.


Given what’s going on in the world right now, Bryan Hawn is as disgusting and sadistic as it gets (other than Trump, or maybe televangelist Jim Bakker, who himself is being sued by the state of Missouri for selling a fake coronavirus cure), and yet he somehow has managed to maintain an utterly clueless fanbase, dozens of whom have left positive comments on the video:

For what it’s worth, I’ve reported Hawn’s video as misleading/scam/fraud on YouTube, and if enough people do the same, the video (and ideally his entire channel) will hopefully be pulled down.

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