Now Sean Cody Has Dubbed Fake Moaning Into A Solo Scene

Posted June 13, 2022 by with 13 comments

Move over fake cum shots, it’s time for fake moaning! Sean Cody (and to a much greater extent, their sister studio MEN) is no stranger to squirting fake cum into scenes for models unable to ejaculate, but now they’re dubbing in fake audio for a model who’s apparently unable to speak? To be fair, this newcomer does say a few words during the unbearably awkward “behind the scenes” footage at the end of the video (when asked how he thought the shoot went, he tells the cameraman he was anxious about being able to perform), but for the entire stroking solo, he doesn’t utter a single word or even make any sounds. Instead, Sean Cody dubbed in fake moans and fake heavy breathing—moaning and heavy breathing that is clearly not coming out of this model’s mouth. Here’s a clip featuring some of the worst of it, in which you’ll hear all the panting and moaning while the guy’s mouth is closed:

This would’ve been better had they not added in the fake noises and just left the entire scene silent.

Speaking of fake, it looks like we get some fake cum in this scene, too. Someone’s voice can be heard saying, “I’m gonna cum!” (it’s not clear who’s speaking), but then, no cum comes out of his dick. There’s some white liquid that magically appears on the side of his dick after a few seconds, but where did it come from? Lotion squirted out from inside his hand? This is the weirdest gay porn solo I’ve ever seen.


[Sean Cody: Johnny]