[Updated] Now Vadim Black Would Like You To Give Him $11,000

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vadim5Just yesterday, Vadim Black was fending off an impostor on Twitter.


Vadim Black would like you to give him $11,000 so he can “launch the next big thing!”


This is the first gay porn star GoFundMe of 2016, and in case you were wondering what your $11,000 is going to pay for, Vadim Black has revealed that he’s starting his own gay porn studio. And a clothing line. And a new “private chat for client/model,” which any gay porn star can do for free on Flirt4Free or Chaturbate. In short, it’s a “huge project.”

vadimstudio Other than the description above, Vadim Black isn’t giving away any specifics. (Last time I checked, most good cameras cost at least $5,000, so it’s not clear what kind of studio Vadim Black is planning on launching with just $11,000.)

But, he’s serious, and he’s looking for serious “enquiries” only. Seriously.v3Just trust him. It’s going to be…huge.



UPDATE 1/29/16:

Not surprisingly, Vadim Black has pulled down the GoFundMe. In its place, he’s launched a Facebook fan page entitled “The Vadim Black Project.” Also, he’s tweeting that he’s selling wallets and cups with his image on them. Act now while supplies last…



  • John

    Someone will give it to him……good looking str8 boy who sucks dick and takes up the ass….yeah he will get it…..sad but true

  • R.A.M.J

    maybe he already has some and just need $11k to meet his goal. All i’ll say is, it seems too many porn stars are trying to start their own studios

  • pje821

    Besides being a fucking idiot, straight and a lousy performer, why should I send him money?

  • Rico Ruiz

    Why are so many porn “stars” using Go Fund Me like it’s their employer?

    • AJ2

      Because desperate lonely people give them money just like they send then stiff from those Amazon wish lists that seem to be a requirement for everyone in porn

  • sxg

    At least he gave specifics on what it was going to be used for. When he first put up the link, it said absolutely nothing about a clothing line, porn studio and private chat site.

  • Stephen

    If he wants to actually be serious about getting into business, he should learn the importance of proper grammar and spelling. Studies show that many consumers do not take a product seriously if advertising is heavy with these sorts of errors. Also, as another business tip, we are not entirely sure what the fuck he’s selling. It’s one thing to be secretive when it comes a product you already have the funds to put up. You’re asking us to invest in a project that we aren’t allowed to know anything about? This looks suspicious to potential investors. Just some tough love in case you want to be serious about this, Vadim!

  • sxg

    At least he gave specifics on what it was going to be used for. When he
    first put up the link, it said absolutely nothing about a clothing line,
    porn studio and private chat site.

    Fingers crossed his GoFundMe is as successful as Austin Wolfe’s GoFundMe for his whoring tour was!

  • Zealot

    Do you like this Vadim Black?
    I do NOT, alack, alack!
    Would you give him hard-earned cash?
    I would not, could not that that’s a fact!
    Would you pay him for his plan?
    I would not like that Sam I am.
    Would you donate, do not lie!
    I’d rather choke him with a tie!
    But for that you’d go to jail!
    But maybe I’d see Te-o-fil!

    • sanfv

      Lovely poem! :,) that’s a tear of joy

      Maybe Vadim and Jarec can get their own Netflix show ?
      Eastern European is the new black.

      We’ll also get to see the misadventure of Katelin and Donald Burns as their lives are turned upside down by the imprisonment of their men. I detect hints of a possible romance between the two by the end of season 2.

    • RavensNationFlacco05

      I need a copy for my Kindle. Great Read.

    • andrew

      If ever I wind up in jail, please Lord, let me be Te-o-fil’s cell mate.

  • DrunkEnough

    Give cash to the guy who used his looks to manipulate a girl into feeding and housing him in her mom’s home, all the while lying to her about being a fashion model when he was fucking guys raw behind her back? Sure! Sounds like the business partner for me!

    • sanfv

      Business partner? More like pimp. Let’s not be so quick to assume that Mr. Luke is pulling the strings. Miss Katelin is clearly the pimp. Going to school and looking for modeling gigs while having her man take raw loads @ 800$ a pop. Sounds like they’ve both found the perfect symbiotic relationship where two narcissistic and selfish people both get what they want , at the expense of each other and also gay consumers that worship him.

      • AJ2

        Well then he should save his money if he’s so popular & successful & stop begging

    • mtxb2010

      If you actually believe that wonderfully told story line from MTV’s TRUlybullshitLIFE, then you should go ahead and donate

      • myothercarsthetardis

        Vadim, is that you? Lol

        • mtxb2010

          Say that in Russian bitch πŸ˜‰

  • Pertinax

    I won’t give any money…

  • Todd

    Next Big Thing ?

    Vadim — Poppers have been around FOREVER.

    Vadim’s ‘business partner’ …


    $11K …. how fucking random ….not $ 10K or $ 15k …

    • R.A.M.J

      thats’s why im thinking, $11k is the remainder of what he needs.

  • Eric AS

    Am I the only one who sees “DM me”, and thinks “oh I’ll dominate your little fag hating asshole”?

  • Myko

    He wins a prize for first GFM of 2016, but he loses the prize for his unoriginal ideas of : starting a porn studio (which porn performer hasn’t tried this), starting a clothing line

    What next? Will he want to become a DJ?

    Wait hold on one second. I thought he was “earning a fortune” doing porn?

    I quote “We need as much help as possible to be able to buy , everything we need for the studio, including building our website, and anything else we might need”

    Sounds like they have done a proper business plan for this including an in depth itinerary of everything they need. SAID NO ONE EVER

  • JackNasty

    Is this the real Vadim Black or the Vadim Black impersonator from the other thread….and how can we tell the difference?

    • GN

      It’s tough to tell good Vadim from evil Vadim, ain’t it?

  • CBW

    Of all the crazy miscreants, criminals, graspers and weirdos that I’ve read about here, “Vadim” is the only one I once found attractive and can’t anymore.
    He is a loser through and through:(

    If only he was a reasonably well adjusted young man I’d still find him as hot as fuck. But he seems like an off-putting disaster area.
    Seek help. And of he clinical variety, not the “give me money” type, dude.

  • R.A.M.J

    Its not longer up. he must have taken it down.

  • OverKill
  • Scrapple

    It’s funny how many of these models act like they’re fashion plates. But then you see them out and about or at porn events, and they look like their stylist is Stevie Wonder.

  • n24rc
  • Maximus

    You may not have my money, Vadim. What you may have is all of the seats.


  • RavensNationFlacco05
  • C3xxx

    Crowd-funding sites should enforce a rule stating that anyone begging..err..asking for funds should detail every expenditure required to set up their business.
    I contributed 50$ to Black’s campaign…and then I woke up screaming and drenched in sweat.

  • McM.


    I wonder why Vadim Black took down his GFM page.

    Does he not believe in his project anymore….?

  • andrew

    To the Russian immigrant Vadim, I will give the advice my Irish immigrant grandmother gives to me: “Wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets filled the fastest”.

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Well he either made the money or the sane part of him, if there is that, took down the page. Shucks, I would give him 25C to make a call from prison. Where I am sure he will be one day,

  • Caleb Exhem

    This irritates me to no fucking end ….. porn stars begging for money how bout you save the fucking money from your FUCK ING job instead of begging for the funds like ugh there are people that actually need help and you are distracting from that go away.

  • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

    Hey guys, look what I found!!!


    Just a little forewarning to any of his fans that either want to invest or pay for a Skype show. Do. Not. Do it. He’s scammed quite a few people, all of which were of course rebuffed by his dumbass fans. This is another one his scams I’m sure. The guy’s just bad news….

    • sanfv

      He’s asking people to invest in his secret project on Facebook. One of the photos has “secrets!” Written on it . *sigh* can we send him to the moon ?

      • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

        That or Russia…

        • sanfv

          We all know how much the Russians love gay sex . They love gay sex the way Vadim loves gay sex. It’s like they’re meant for one another!

          Question to any law queens out there ?
          Is he still holding a Russian passport even though he’s adopted ? Or did he have to renounce that ? Can we repatronize him ? I will gladly donate to that gofund me πŸ˜‰

          • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

            You and me both, sanv. I’m just sick of him and his constant bullshit. Thank god for sites like these that show how much of a prick he is. Lol you should see the way they were laying into him on datalounge. They went IN and I think he actually attempted to defend himself to no avail. Calling people “cocksuckers” and everything. I just stood there thinking, “but….isn’t that your career, though?”

          • sanfv

            The data lounge thing is funny for the comments. I don’t particularly like the parts where some users bring in his family. Small town vendettas ?

            Ok so where’s the gofundme to send him back to Russia ?

          • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

            My only guess is that people are bringing up his personal life because he was a douchebag to them and want everyone to know (as if we already didn’t). Or, they also want to expose him as a liar. As unscrupulous as it is, it’s to be expected. There’s just too much shit about this boy on the internet for it to NOT be true. This is what happens when you’re a douchebag. He’s reaping what he sowed, you don’t act an ass and not expect any consequences. It’s only going to get worse, we’re going to keep seeing shit about him because he’s fucked up in the head. I would NOT be surprised if we find out he’s abusing his girlfriend or beard or whatever, he looks like the type to beat women….

          • sanfv

            Wow , I didn’t think of that. How sad must it be to have people ready to go after you after so many years. Smh. He dropped his own name on the gofundme . He’s free game. He’ll be on bsbtv with Katelin in no time. We’ll scream and yell and he’ll think he’s winning but the only people making the money and notoriety will be all these places that will be looking to make some revenue off of him.

          • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

            He’s doing it to himself. At this point, the bad with Vadim outweighs the good. What does he have going for himself, really? All he is is a pretty face. Look at his behavior and you’ll see he’s crazy. Look at how he types and you’ll see he isn’t smart. He’s free game at his own doing. It’s common knowledge he’s a liar. His little stunt on “True Life” caused the influx of people coming for him, but that’s only for us outsiders to see. The people in his town probably been knew about his shit and couldn’t wait to share. They saw first what we see now. Trainwrecks like him great stories, so I don’t fault the sites making revenue off of him. He makes it too easy…

          • sanfv

            Finished the dl thread. It was both very amusing and got pretty dirty at times! Something feels odd though , VB has locked down all his FB pages and so has the beard. He updates Twitter every other hours about investing and Skype shows. Not to mention the past couple of days. I don’t see this ending well by weeks end. I hope those on dl from Ohio see what he’s doing and they reach out to anyone that might be able to help him . Yes he’s dug his own metaphorical grave , I’ll make him of him alive but him dead is whole different gray area lol.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if he took all his clothes off and jerked in public like that Kony 2012 guy. :p

        • RavensNationFlacco05

          Does he even speak Russian? He asked his FAKE him to speak it. ANYONE remember that OTHER reality show he was on when the “Broke Straight Boys” spent time at a ranch? I think he had a different name then maybe?(He wasn’t well liked by the other cast members) We need to find that because his story about his life is WAY different than what he is saying now,

    • RavensNationFlacco05

      Thank you! Great read. I always like to shake the psychopaths out over a cup of coffee.

    • GeorgeSpelvin

      I stumbled on that site a year or so ago. Another prominent G4P was also called out by an ex girlfriend. I know Zach frowns upon personal information being shared just for the sake of sharing it, so I won’t post his name, real or otherwise. I can tell you it was quite amusing

  • Myko

    UPDATE – The GFM is no more. He has taken it down.

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Hahaha I’ll take two Vadim cups, a backpack and a wallet.. Wtf??? Seriously? Wait! Is this the next big thing?? How do I know the pics on my merch are the real Vadim or the other Vadim? I am done with this mental case…..,Next!!

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Anyone remember this Web Series? The BSB Photo Shoot? They all stayed at some ranch and almost all the other guys hated him. There are quotes all over YouTube and on the net. https://youtu.be/N2j5KrqWDUI?list=PLIPd82aG1Tmn7STNIq8p-CXvaI4HpbQ2t

  • AJ2

    Guess proper grammar & spelling not included. He should have mentioned all this in his MTV special. As if all those Amazon wishlists aren’t enough, these models want even more. Ugh

  • Thomas

    He is the hottest guy in porn right now. Sorry not sorry

  • sexnando
    • sexnando

      he’s beautiful btw

      • RavensNationFlacco05

        Does anyone NOT look past the looks? His attitude makes him ugly as fuck!

  • sanfv

    Part of me tends to think that the girl is playing a massive role in this. Remember how Sebastian Youngs wife was on Twitter a while back ( before he beat the crap out of her for “th time) She very well might be trying to build some portfolio here. Aspiring model and actress ? Sweety all you have on your resume is you playing a dumb blond on mtv. Next!
    They will go down in flames and the cause of that will be the business venture of selling blankets with Vadim Blacks face on them.

    Or he’ll make money saying ” swag bitch ” and “gratatata” while pointing his fingers as guns. Time will only tell.

    • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

      That seems to be all there is to his “big project”; a bunch of shit with his face plastered on it. The Facebook page doesn’t even give you a clear idea of what he’s doing…and yet he expects people to invest? Is there an official website showing off the products? All of this is sketchy as fuck. He must’ve gotten cocky from all the people he’s played with his Skype shows and decided to make a major operation out of cheating people. I actually saw an exchange between himself and a person he cheated out of money via a Skype show, and I felt bad for him because he was trying to tell people but he got attacked for it. I really hope no one actually invests in him. Based off of that, the information on datalounge, and his long history of behavior, I’m just gonna go ahead and say the dude’s a fucking crook and a psychopath…

      • sanfv

        He had mtv , got called out and replied ” nope I didn’t say any of that !”

        He went on his homophobic tirade a year ago. Zachary captured all that. His reply “nope ! Didn’t happen.”

        There’s the DL thread with some info that is too detailed not to be 100 percent fake ( I know , it either is partially fake but I tend to believe that small town gays are readily in the closet and ready to pounce) And his reply is ” Ohio who ?”

        This guy is a psycho, Owen michaels is a psycho and poor Miss Wesley Woods is trapped in the middle , dry humping the legs of her pint sized slave masters.

        VB and OM will scam people and make money and make more vids. There are gay men that will empty their pockets for men to call them fags, if those type of people will fork out $ for that imagine all the poor saps that will give them money because they actually show their asses on film ( for about 3.50$ no less)

        It’s 2016 , we can marry now , have better sex Ed , advancements in HIV meda and treatments, work place protections , Etc

        And on the other side of that we have people willing to pay 200$ for a Vadim Black blanket… I’m pretty sure that girl of his is illuminati or something :/

  • sanfv

    Adam Bryant is (possibly) going blind, Flint’s water is radioactive, there’s a militia holding a plot of land hostage. And Vadim Black wants 11k… For blankets … And wallets and cups with his face on them and other stuff that’s “secret”.

  • Jeffrey

    Looks like he pulled.

  • Buzzaki

    The more I learn about this boy, the more I like seeing a cock jammed up his butt.

  • sanfv

    It’s the MOST fucked up pimp/hoe relationship when both parties are trying their best to be the pimp and how the other one out.

    She’ll be on a cam site or bangbros soon enough , with or without mr Black.

    There’s 4 people on Twitter that he mass retweats and shares that spend their entire day worshiping him. God , Diesel Washington where are you???? I’m calling out into the dead of night praying that you’ll slay this tiny , wretched queen.

    Ps. This is what his FB page looks like .

  • sanfv

    I can only imagine what he dm’d the str8upgayporn Twitter . “Zach, why you hate me so much ?”

    Look at who he’s retreating , some are cheap ” who is she” blogs . The others are stalking him and tweeting at him 24/7. The dude that the other Vadim black called the n word has photo of him shoveling snow with vb last a nene up on his computer.

    Vadim , I found your stalker. That’ll be a pillow and mug please.

    I hope he doesn’t see these comments. He’ll try to beat us like he beats his gf and Wesley Woods πŸ˜‰

    • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

      ….Or, he’ll threaten to shoot us and call us gay slurs. And I actually did see the guy that called the n word and he’s always up Vadim’s ass. And even if he does see this, there isn’t much he can do. The worst thing that he can do is go off on twitter and become YET ANOTHER topic on here and other forums. Either way he still looks like an ass. It would be funny as hell if he saw this, actually…

      • sanfv

        Miss Kelleymichellelatoualataviaminu,

        You’re going to love this! VB is on theDirty :p

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    DOn’t try saying anything that isn’t about how much you LOVE him on his The Vadim Black Project Facebook page because the pussy takes it all down.

    • sanfv

      That’s cuz she’s worried about her gay hating past will get her project less revenue. Quite the contrary , if vb says anything more homophobic mtv will be begging for another show and all the self loathing internet queens will run to help fund that stupid secret project.

  • sanfv

    Years ago, a cashier at taco bell fell asleep while taking our order. My father asked to speak with the manager and told her “Send the bitch home, she tired.”

    That’s how I feel about all these g4p’ers. All these busted ( and short, why do they always have to be short, nowadays?) raw load taking queens need to be sent back home to a trade craft to live out their miserable lives. I pray Miss Black leaves us tonight and goes the way of Johnny Forza, welding in hicktown USA, voting for Donald Trump and complaining that immigrants are taking their jobs.

    • KellyMichelleLatoyaLataviaminu

      I’m just curious to see how she’ll react once she gets word that all this shit is happening. Vadim has to REALLY fucking suck as a human being if this many people are going off about him. I’m not even gonna say it’s karma, because it seems like she’s far from finished with him. I just need for the gay for pay guys to go sit in the corner until told otherwise. Too much money has gone to their ungrateful asses, and the fact that bitches like Vadim could fuck people over and STILL ask for money is blowing my mind! Of all the gay for pay porn stars, Vadim has to be one of the worst…

  • hotsweetspot

    Was it ever proven to be true that he went on that anti-gay, homophobic rant which was quoted here and around the web? (I won’t repeat it because I don’t know if it’s true or not.)

  • Maxine Mesmer

    Uh-huh cuz we all like to pay for our porn