Vadim Black Threatens Vadim Black Impersonator on Twitter: “Say It In Russian, Bitch”

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Poor Vadim Black. As if being a poppers and illegal drug using gay porn star with an MTV reality show under his belt wasn’t hard enough, now he has to deal with impersonators on Twitter who are trying to undermine his success. Guess it’s just the price of fame.

vadim111Below, more tweets from Vadim Black and his impersonator posted earlier this afternoon. The one ending in “xxx” is supposedly fake, while the one ending in “___” is supposedly real. But you never know—maybe they’re both impostors? Who can say?


Then, an ultimatum from the real Vadim:

And then, things got ugly:


Of course, Vadim Black has repeatedly tweeted offensive slurs in the past, so maybe his impostor is just trying to do the most authentic Vadim Black impersonation that he can.

This was the real Vadim Black back in October of 2014:



  • Hudsonman


  • Trepakprince

    Wouldn’t the most logical thing to do is just post a video stating your “real Twitter” handle? Case closed.

    • RavensNationFlacco05

      Logical? Yes! but look who does this stupid Twitter shit.

  • Todd

    I am gonna kick your ass !

  • GN

    Someone out there wants to be Vadim Black?

    • sanfv

      You win this thread.

      • Myko

        I concur !!

    • Mike Julius


    • Lol that’s what I was wondering also. He has so many problems mentally and everywhere else across the board. I’d be scared to be near him. Much less have sex with him. He seems so self centered too. This is probably him everytime he attempts to justify how he has fans.

  • 0NeedHelp

    i bet their going to end up having sex on BSB next…… lol……..

  • Maximus


    For the real you…or for the original you…or for your respective selves…or for each other… My head hurts now.

  • sanfv

    On the next episode of TrueLife ; Vadim Black fights Vadim Black and GF Katelin didn’t know.

    TrueLife- I’m in a Twitter fight with my G4P persona.

  • Zealot

    Vadim make words manly with strange new imposter..fight to the death they will and we then all drink Vodka and make fuck with pussy! DA!

  • mtxb2010

    Bless her poor, fine, sexy, furry, retarded ass… such harsh problems for such a gifted and stressed out little lamb, life can be so cruel to the gentle creatures.

    • lordgabux

      You are #evil hahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

      • mtxb2010

        😉 she special

  • n24rc


  • n24rc
  • n24rc

  • john

    Let’s all have fake VadimBlack twitter accounts and have some fun with him

  • nick

    I wish the biggest problem in my life was someone impersonating me on Twitter.

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Vadim, or whatever, Luke? Say it to him/her in Russian so we know that’s the real you. I actually do not think you know who the real you is,

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Is there the slightest possibility that the Gay porn viewers just STOP paying for and keeping these idiot Gay4Pay guys in business?
    Aren’t you pissed that if they were straight that they are taking jobs from ACTUAL gay men who want to do this to make money, show off, be a narcissist. Whatever. THE LGBT community should be pissed off. The more it goes on the more Ammunition the Right Wing, Conservative, Religious Zealots are going to have when the fight about being born Gay or choosing to be Gay starts again. They are all making it look like a choice and that fucking sucks!!

    • Maximus

      Nope. Enough gay men seem committed to this worship and fetishization of straight men and heternormative notions of masculinity to ensure that G4P won’t be going away any time soon.

      • RavensNationFlacco05

        Then that makes the Porn viewer just as delusional. I am not surprised the LGBT community isn’t fighting this whole “Straight to Gay” thing.They pick and choose their fights based on no facts. Makes them look like Yes, being Gay is a choice. I choose to be Gay and do it on film and take real Gay peoples money as I laugh at them on the way to my Amazon wish list where lots of men are buying me things. My head hurts.

        • andrew

          It seems to me that the people who compromise themselves are any really straight guys who are sucking cock and getting fucked, for very little money, for the amusement of gay guys who jerk off watching them do things that are against their true nature.

        • Maximus
      • andrew


  • Zealot

    Diagnosing Vadim Black….


    a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation

    • sanfv

      When he said ” I challenge you” I was hoping for Vadimblackxxx to be like …

  • Porn Star

    God, who cares? Just fuck and don’t talk.

  • ToxicBrew

    Regardless who the imposter is, what we have here is two fake ass bitches. One pretending to be str8 taking more raw cock in his ass then Mason Wyler and the other his alter to bring relevance and attention to the host personality.

    • John

      Classic!!!! LOL

  • GeorgeSpelvin

    Vadim is like a car wreck on the highway or a train wreck, i just have to stop and look.

    • RavensNationFlacco05

      Why dd he make a VID taking on this so called impersonator in English, asking him/her to make a vid in Russian so we can all understand. He should have made it in Russian. Wait. Aren’t we in America?

  • Island Muscle
  • OverKill
  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Didn’t someone call that underwear companies models “Cheesy Sluts” like last week, on twitter? Then that asshat RR asked everyone to take the bitch down (AKA Tweet hate stuff), then say “I paid more in taxes than you make last year”?? I did read that on twitter. Then I laughed my ass off. #1) Why do these whores always go on Twitter and ask everyone else to “Become a gang” and do something to another person? Why can’t they do their own fighting?. #2) Why does money always get dropped into these fights? Like are we supposed to be impressed by that? (The only reason I am saying all this is because they are using a SOCIAL MEDIA app to do this) (Personally, sorry to say to whomever likes it, but that underwear is cheesy (I don’t know who models them) but echhh.

  • andrew

    Twitter is for silly teen aged girls.

  • AJ2

    Can a gay for pay reality show on MTV be next? Can’t be worse than Teen Mom… They’re already hawking anal with Farrah who is still promoting adult entertainment

  • John

    Actually its kinda humorous, the fake calling the real fake lol…..the first one who threatens to shot the fake is the real one…..

  • lordgabux

    I adore Vadim, but…

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    He’s Russian ? He seemed very American to me iuuno