Here Is The Very Worst Gay Porn Scene Of 2014 (So Far)

Posted January 30, 2014 by with 5 comments

rocco1. Orange you glad they’re still releasing this retired fatty’s scenes? How many can possibly be left? 10? 50? 80?

hair2. Speaking of retirees: How about the other one’s hair? Really looks like someone who’d work in an office.

3. The music? Is this an episode of MTV Cribs or a gay porn scene?

OfficePartyRegretsTGO144. The sex: Is that Liam Magnuson topping or is that a 90-year-old woman using a walker?

fupa5. And of course: The fupa.

Here it is, the worst gay porn scene of 2014 (so far) with two of the worst gay porn performers of all time. Enjoy(?).

[ The Worst Gay Porn Scene Of 2014]