WATCH: Miller Axton And Newcomer Orson Deane Take Turns Fucking Each Other Bareback

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d7ac496f441d862d8b589dc679c34210-5bc8c54bGuysInSweatpants normally introduces us to new performers from here in the US (e.g., Greyson Lane, Vincent O’Reilly, Mateo Vice), but this time they’re bringing us a newcomer from the UK named Orson Deane. And, helping to make Orson’s debut even hotter is Miller Axton, who flip-fucks with the London-based hunk in yet another must-see duo from GISP:

15bdc087b6b17af332acfa987e68cb38-fff30a80 26e002726ee433547fc1466ebe3d5cba-c2066990 b4dbb8136a931fea9f7a44363d5cf968-7441dcd2 10d061783ec62c1e63abe5022f393c9a-959bf205 0e6f57d2799489ed683ada366eaf7894-17833284Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GuysInSweatpants: Miller Axton And Orson Deane Flip-Fuck Bareback]

  • Pascal Stretch

    Armond Rizzo is one lucky man, with Orson as a boyfriend!

  • Pascal Stretch

    Armond Rizzo is one lucky man, with Orson as a boyfriend! And vice-versa!

    • B.C.

      Little “been around every block” Rizzo is getting to play with this exceptionally beautiful man?! Armond must be counting his lucky stars.
      Easily the hottest pairing of this summer.

    • Jon

      Not that this Orson guy is small, but does Armond even feel his dick.

      • c_find

        kegels do work

  • Harvey Cobb

    That was HOT!

  • CamCam

    This preview alone got me hard as a rock! GISP is easily one of the best gay porn sites on the web and this scene is an example of that. I can’t wait to see it! 😍

  • Votan

    I feel as someone from the UK I should of discovered Orson sooner but I’m super happy to be aware of him now.

  • Kevin Jones

    Orson is very cute. So looking forward to downloading this one when it comes out.

  • Xzamilloh

    God, I would love to see Tyson Tyler come back to GISP just for one English fuckfest with Orson Deane.

  • Johnny

    Love Miller. That million dollar smile alone gets me hot & bothered.

  • Marcus Collack

    This trailer had me as excited as the blood rushing to his dick, it was so Pink, and ready. With Miller Axton, who wouldn’t be excited.

  • Sed

    And he’s also quite an accomplished blogger. He’s British and quite funny actually. He used to have a very funny webshow where he did movie reviews and all kinds of stuff.