WATCH: Johnny Rapid Does The One Thing He Hates MOST In His Scene With Paddy O’Brian

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No, not get fucked up the ass by a giant cock.


No, not slobber all over a big dick.

2The one thing Johnny Rapid hates doing more than anything else in his gay porn scenes? Kiss another man. And yet, kiss another man is exactly what Johnny Rapid had to do today in his scene with Paddy O’Brian:


Gay porn with men kissing? Mind = blown.

7This pairing of Paddy O’Brian and Johnny Rapid—’s two most popular performers, according to—has been five years in the making, since launched five years ago. So, they’ve titled the scene…wait for it…”Five Years In The Making.” Again, mind = blown.

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Side note: For those keeping score at home (and I am), Paddy O’Brian is the 109th man to fuck Johnny Rapid.

23Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Paddy O’Brian Fucks Johnny Rapid]

  • John

    They are both still so fucking beautiful. Johnny is one of the most appealing guys in porn. Just glad I am not his girlfriend.

    • nick

      Did you mean to say “appalling” ?

      • Mike Julius

        Yes, but not my Paddy though. He’s still awesomesauce.

        • nick

          Paddy is hot, and not because i have some kind of straight guy fetish thing going on.

          • lordgabux

            Man is delicious. I can’t understand half of what he says, but still, damn damn damn.

          • a b

            He needs to shave his nasty crack though…

          • lordgabux

            Awww I like that hairy crack, you meany…

          • a b

            Nasty boy

          • puppethead19


    • Xzamilloh
    • Dreadmau5

      have you even seen Sean Zevran?

      • John

        Yes, but Sean doesn’t rock my boat. We all have different tastes. Obviously Johnny is doing something right to be in as many movies as he has

    • freater

      Yup, Johnny’s hot. I’m still waiting for a scene where he gets gangbanged by a room full of guys.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Johnny rapid seems like a confused bisexual yeah he has a girlfriend but he also been fucked by over 100 men. This guy has a sexual attraction to other men. Same thing with Paddy or Liam his real name. I think Paddy exaggerates his accent I do not think he is from Ireland he claims to be British. But I doubt he is from London originally. He seems to try to put on the cockney accent though. I am guessing kissing another guy is considered intimate for some gay porn models. Kissing is something even mainstream actors say is weird at times. You feel something whether it is disgust or attraction. Some of these porn models are weird Paddy o brien been fucked by men on camera he seems to be fine with a lot of stuff like kissing. Yet paddy rarely sucks cock on camera.

    • jc

      … you can be from Northern Ireland, so you’re from Ireland and you are British at the same time.

  • Jace

    They also goy Paddy to do the one thing he hates the most,too: suck cock.

    • kkdd1

      Paddy is more convincing about not liking 2 suck dick than Johnny is about not liking 2 kiss another man

      • Nana Eristavi

        Bravo, Maximus, that was the very best comment I’ve red in years. :)))))))))))))

        • Ana Oanada

          I know this is off-topic but I read a comment about you saying that you know Belami models and I wanted to ask you about Andrei Karenin(Viktor) I’m a big fan and you know that porn crush everyone has, well he is mine and I even made his portrait (and he liked it! :)))), I watch his shows on flirt4free and I follow him on social media (he just got a ticket from an officer AGAIN today xD) but don’t think I’m in love with his body, I talked to him online and he is just so charming, his smile is beautiful and his personality is so vibrant. So can please tell me things about him since you met him in person? *puppy eyes* I already read general things about him from a site, but I wanted some info that only someone who met him knows for sure, I’m sorry if I’m bothering you but you seem like an honest and straightforward person

        • Ana Oanada

          Also I forgot to ask, is he married? I saw that he’s wearing a ring

  • czer

    This is not a bareback scene. Paddy was probably afraid of catching something nasty from Johnny’s overused ass.

    • Luca

      Men is not bareback

  • Scrapple

    Yes Johnny, pretending not to like kissing guys totally sells you as a red-blooded hetero who only does gay porn to keep his kids in Pedialyte and Trapper Keepers.

    • kkdd1

      scrapple I was going include lawyers fees but that would be more on the line of go fund me LOL

  • Maximus

    Oh no! My conception of Johnny as a hetero, Marlon Brando-type man’s man has been completely shattered!

    • DumDumBonerMaker

      Sorry, but I’ve got another shattering piece of info for you:
      A’Marlon Brando-type man’ is a bisexual man.
      He openly talked about it in later-in-life interviews.

      Perhaps you’re thinking of Bradley Cooper when he’s sober.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I won’t lie, the low quality, zoomed out gif of them kissing is hot, but that’s probably because I’m not used to seeing them kiss in their scenes (though I haven’t seen anything with Johnny in years).

    Also, judge me, but Paddy is hot in a beat-you-up-in-front-of-his-friends-during-the-day-but-at-night-goes-and-fucks-you kind of way. What would that be called? Closeted thug realness?

    • Andrew S.

      If you find being beaten up by a spouse ‘hot’ instead of sad, dangerous and abusive I’d try for Johnny instead since he has the real world experience.

      • WhimsyCotton

        I don’t find it hot. I find the situation I described hot-ish in a purely fictional kind of way. Besides, Johnny is looking a bit trailerly these days.

        • Andrew S.

          When you really look at his work/career Johnny’s always looked a bit ‘trailer-y’ – for some that might even be part of the charm – but it’s much more noticeable in a porn world of Armond Rizzos & Allen Kings IMO

          • WhimsyCotton

            It’s noticeable now that he doesn’t keep up with his grooming.

    • lordgabux

      hahahahahahhaha. Yeah he has that hardass/softlover combo going on for him in spades hahahahahahah #TeamPaddy

  • Candymantrr

    Johnny is looking more and more used up. His boyish charms just aren’t there anymore. The big question is who’s going to replace him? Will Braun maybe

    • Audran

      Seems like Will Braun has upped his game a lil bit lately. I used to fins him very boring

      • GrownFury

        I agree with you. He’s very boring. Horrible top. Lazy bottom. Bad combo!

      • Mark Clavecin

        I’m still stuck on Dalton Briggs.

    • Will Braun is in his own lane in my opinion. He’s nothing like Johnny. Been a big fan of Will for a while now. For the fact that he is a really good person and has morals. He doesn’t beat up his partner, or attempt to have threesomes with minors. If you haven’t seen Will’s twitter or tumblr you’ll see he cares about lgbt rights and is relatable, at least to me xD since he’s a gay-mer (I mean gamer lmao). Totally boyfriend material lmao.

  • Men dot com really has been showing their true colors lately. The amount of ‘gay 4 pay’ models that are homophobic, racist, and who knows what else is ridiculous. They support a wife beater like Johnny Rapid? Didn’t he choke and beat the shit out of his girlfriend and went to jail. Nobody likes him. we’ve seen him get fucked up the ass enough already. Go home & retire.

    • Andrew S.

      he also tried to get her to have a threesome with a teenage girl. IIRC he didn’t originally know she was underage at first, or so he claims, but even after he did know he continued to try and push it happening. What a charming fellow

  • Lee

    I was really looking forward to this scene. I love Paddy O’Brian. I love when Johnny Rapid tops larger models. I hate to say this, this scene was disappointing all around. For one thing—Why was it not a flip-flop? 5-years in the making and Johnny Rapid (who has bottomed for everyone on bottoms again. What does think was special about the scene? Paddy sucking cock? He’s done that before. I could care less if Johnny Rapid kisses anyone. It’s porn! It’s not a romantic movie. While I do enjoy watching the models kiss I am not in the habit of fooling myself that there is anything romantic going on between them—especially the gay-for-pay ones.

  • Xzamilloh

    What? He doesn’t like kissing, but will do everything else… that’s how most “seasoned” hookers operate. So, what’s the surprise?

    • lordgabux

      Well, every weirdo with their theme. I used to have a fuck buddy who would let you turn him inside out but would not suck your cock to safe his life, and he was abso-fucking-lutely gay….

  • Billybbb

    I’m surprised they let Johnny have chest hair and ruin his perpetual twink thing.

  • buffy2004

    Johnny had to kiss him and Paddy had to suck him off. that is fair. Also completely groundbreaking gay porn scene with two guys kissing and sucking each other off. Mind=blown as you said.

  • Zealot

    I’m not sure I buy that whole “thing they hate to do most in the world” line. I think the thing I’d hate most in the world is to have only scenes from available to fap to. And that’s hell and gone from having to kiss someone of either gender. I’m not sure I can accept someone with more than 100 man-dicks up their ass as “heterosexual” or even as many as Paddy has taken over the course of his porn career. Without opening that whole can of worms known as gay porn buyers supporting gay for pay performers or hiring performers who are known criminals; I would just say that celebrating five years in the gay porn business with a scene featuring two performers who wouldn’t admit to being sexually attracted to another man, but who’ll take money for doing it on camera is 100 kinds of fucked up!

    • McM.

      “I would just say that celebrating five years in the gay porn business with a scene featuring two performers who wouldn’t admit to being sexually attracted to another man, but who’ll take money for doing it on camera is 100 kinds of fucked up!”

      • lordgabux

        totally agree with your observation, but they weren’t looking at their anniversary spiritually, just monetarily hahahahhahahahahaha.

        • Nana Eristavi

          Johnny Rapid’s skin is even worse than his intellectual and educational level, sorry.

          • lordgabux

            Aww, I don’t want him to sit with me to watch a Shakespearean play. I just want to fuck his bubbly ass hahahahahahaha

  • The gay green lartern

    I will give it to him, Johnny is cute but way overrated!

  • Dale Bergman

    I will never get the appeal of Johnny Rapid. Sexy Paddy O’Brain should have been paired up with JJ Knight for this anniversary scene. Seeing Paddy suck and take JJ’s Grabby-winning cock would be hot…

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      God I need that in me

      • Dale Bergman

        I love how the head of JJ’s cock curves up. He’s delicious. His hot scene with Colby Keller is a better scene for the anniversary.

        • Galaxy_Scribe

          My birthday wish: tagteamed by JJ and Johnny

        • Dreadmau5


        • Andrew Simpson

          I like JJ Knight but I find Colby Keller unattractive.

          • Rick Lopez

            Colby is 20x hotter than Mr. Knight.

      • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

        U gay, bro?

        • Galaxy_Scribe

          No homo dude

    • lordgabux

      That would have been epic.

  • OverKill

    Oh my Johnny kisses a man:

    People get to see this overrated hack press his lips against another man’s lips. Gay porn can move on.

  • Dreadmau5

    Personally, I’m surprised it took Paddy this long to ride the Johnny

    • lordgabux

      hahahahhaha plane tickets are cheaper now after brexit hahahahaahhaha

  • ToxicBrew


  • Andrew Simpson

    This Johnny Rapid kid seems very confused about his sexuality. People keep banging on that he has a girlfriend but he also has been fucked up the ass by over 100 men. I find it VERY hard to believe a man would allow himself to be fucked up the butt by over 100 men and not get some sexual satisfaction from it. You can see in many videos Johnny is hard as a rock getting fucked up the butt and he is ejaculating from it. He clearly likes it. And sucking all those dicks come on now. Johnny is probably one of the highest paid gay porn models for sure but he clearly likes cock. Why can’t these men just admit they are BISEXUAL? Tell straight men on the street or show them a video about Johnny Rapid and they would laugh. Most straight men and I mean the REAL ones not these fake wannabe ones doing porn videos would say NO WAY to gay porn. When Yusaf Mack lied about his sexuality on Youtube many boxing fans laughed at him calling him a liar. Eventually Mack admitted he is gay and now he is doing gay porn fucking men up the ass and getting his dick sucked on Reality Thugs.

    • lordgabux

      Okay, getting fucked in the ass doesn’t make you gay. Many straight men like their ass play and even let their women peg them. Sexuality is a very ample thing, and you body reacts to stimulation independently of its origin, and you cannot limit its reaction just because some people find something disgusting. The anus is one of the most sensible parts of the body with millions of sensory terminals. If you’re not repressing yourself thinking this is disgusting or oh fuck it’s a guy doing it, anyone would enjoy anal play.
      Now, if you like both genders, have the balls to accept it. I agree with you in that. Nevertheless, there are many gay men who love the fantasy of a “straight guy” having gay sex, so many studios keep that bullshit up.
      And I say the butt playing doesn’t make you gay because I know many gay men who have sex with women their whole lives because they don’t want to come out of the closet, so what’s your explanation there.
      I am gay and I’ve enjoyed sex with women, and that doesn’t make me bisexual. I’m pretty clear I like men over women. Humans, especially males can have sex with anything and enjoy it. The attraction to live a life with another is a different thing, and that’s what confirms your orientation at the end.

      • Andrew Simpson

        a man gets pleasure from having sex with a woman I do not believe he is gay. Some people say they are not gay because they believe in romantic desire and love. I guess one can argue a man can have sex with a woman YET say he is gay. But if a man is continually having sex with a woman over and over and getting pleasure from it he is NOT GAY. That man is bisexual or bicurious or whatever. I guess I am one of the gay men who find women bodies repulsive and disgusting. The vagina to me is GROSS LOL! Just no! Never said these men are gay but I believe they are BISEXUAL or have same sex attraction for sure. When I watched the Youtube videos of the straight men laughing at Yusaf Mack the former boxer appearing in a gay porn video gave me insight into the straight black men. These straight black guys were DISGUSTED with Yusaf Mack and they absolutely did not believe him that he did not enjoy gay porn. They were not homophobic they just do not believe he is straight. Real straight men I mean men exclusively into women will NOT do gay porn. Now some can say sexuality is not black and white and that is true. But I got a hard time believing a man who sucks over 100 dicks and get fucked by over 100 men up the ass is heterosexual.

        • lordgabux

          Soooo, how do you think all the men who lived in the closet before had more than one kid with their women? Do you think they were just doing it once a year? Seriously?
          And for Johnny, I’m pretty sure he just sees giving his ass as any other job as long as he gets paid. I don’t question him and I don’t need to classify him. It’s not my problem and there’s no reason for me to judge him.

          • Super Marco Manuel

            Gay porn should only have gay men having sex with gay men.This is real gay porn.

          • lordgabux

            I have to disagree there, Super. Hot people are hot people. I even like to watch straight porn if I think the guy is hot…

          • Super Marco Manuel

            Keep in mind that gay men who used to have a straight lifetyle (having
            sex with women) before coming out as gay,have a bigger chance to go back
            to it.Because they already been there in the past.So,they knows how it
            is.Unlike gold star gay men who always had sex with men,they have a
            smaller chance to change team.They always had sex with men and they will
            most likely always have sex with men.

            The Kinsey scale shows that most people are between 1 and 5 on this scale.

            0 Exclusively heterosexual (totally straight)
            1 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
            2 Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
            3Equally heterosexual and homosexual
            4Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
            5Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
            6Exclusively homosexual

            stars are more fluid sexually than the average gay men.They are more
            open to sexual adventures with both genders.They are often very sexual
            and very promiscuous.Mostly gay porn stars.Very sexual men are often
            more likely to change team.

            Also,something very important.A man
            doesnt need to be emotionaly into men to be considered bisexual.As soon a
            man have sex with men,he is bi.Even if a man have sex with only 4 men a
            year,he he still bi.Even if men are only sexually into men,they are
            bi.Keep in mind that we are talking about (SEX)ual orientation.Not
            emotion orientation.So,who you date dont define your (SEX)uality.But,who
            you have (SEX) with does define it.

            Theres gay men who are not
            emotionally into men.It doesnt make them less gay because of that.They
            are just sexually into men.They are gay.Men who are mostly straight and
            only emotionally into women and only sexually into men are bi.

            with the bi shaming crap.Men who have sex with both genders,whatever if
            they are mostly straight or mostly gay.They are all bi.

            The closet is full of gay men.But,the closet is way way way more full of bi men.

            We live in a bi world disguised as a straight one.

            vast majority of people are bi.Its about time bi men accept their
            bisexuality comes out as bi.But,homophobia is in the way.So,bi men
            coming out is unlikely.Most of them at least.

            Gay porn is full of
            it.Even straight porn.They are not straight.They are not gay.They are
            bi.They are lying to themselves.Have some pride.

            Its better being hated for what you are than being loved for what you are not.

          • Andrew Simpson

            Come on man, do you HONESTLY believe a 100% straight man would get fucked up his ass for cash? I agree SURE a man can get an erection and fuck a woman. Never said Johnny Rapid not attracted to women. Just calling BS on Johnny Rapid claiming heterosexuality. I also NEVER SAID Johnny was gay but I do not believe he is heterosexual. Talk to REAL straight men on the street if you showed them Johnny Rapid gay porn videos they would laugh so hard if they heard he claimed heterosexuality. Not when this guy is sucking 100 dicks and getting fucked up the ass RAW might I add by over 100 men. This guy Give me a break LOL! Go to youtube and watch the black men laughing at Yusaf Mack when he lied about doing gay porn. He was shunned his community turned their back on him in philadelpha. I think this fiance immediately dumped him. So how can you say a man who does gay porn is straight? Not many people will agree with you.

          • lordgabux

            Okay. I don’t know where this “real straight men” thing is coming but I call BS on everybody.
            First, I don’t see a reason to show people in the street porn videos just to see their reaction, you’re very naïve if you believe you gonna get a true response in the middle of the street, that’s not how real scientific research is done.
            Second, I know a lot of black guys who claim to be straight and have 20 kids with 18 different women and would totally let another guy suck their dicks. And if you tell me that just because those guys are just letting another suck their dicks they stay in the “straight” zone, you’re delusional. Things are both ways.
            I don’t know what the heck Johnny is, and once again I don’t care. I don’t understand your apparent obsession with classifications and labels. If Johnny was claiming to be something else than straight, like a loving husband (and we know he’s beaten the shit out of a woman) I could understand this debate.
            Porn is a frigging fantasy. He’s selling a product. I don’t see a reason to be so invested in the lives of these people.
            If they want to say (or believe in their heads) they are something that’s their problem, and you totally have the right to not agree with them, but seriously I think there are more interesting and important things happening in the world for us to get all heated about.

          • Poli Maatu

            Anybody can get fucked in the ass. Gay or not. It is just a body part. Sexuality is about attraction. I can get fucked by a girl if i am attracted to one. Your point about hard on is not very scientific. Erections are not necessarily indicators of arousal. People get erections if you stimulate them visually or tactually. How else do you think married gay men have been fucking their wives all these years.

            I would believe Johnny if i said he was not gay. But that does not mean i will endorse his misogyny.

      • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Like I always say, vaginas are fun, but I don’t want to wake up next to one in the morning…

    • Super Marco Manuel

      Paddy is clearly bisexual.You can tell he likes to fuck men a lot.He possibly have sex with men outside porn.The problem is most bisexual men dont admit their bisexuality.Because of bi shaming.

      Bi shaming is very common.This is the reason most bi men eather claims to be straight or they claims to be gay.

      Gay porn star Rogan Richards said that he have sex with women.Then,he said that he is gay.Rogan Richards is a closeted bi man.Same thing with gay porn star D.O. (Dionisio) He said on his twitter that he have sex with women for fun.Then,he claims that he is gay.Jessy Ares also said that he would like to make straight porn.Even former gay porn star now director Steve Cruz said he would have sex with a woman only if there was a man involve.So,Steve Cruz would have sex with a woman and a man.He even said that it would be hot.Most gay porn stars are bi.Even those who claims to be gay.But,most men in gay porn still claims to be either straight or gay.So,bi shaming is very very very common in gay porn.

      Unlike many gay men,bisexual men are just not able to come to term with their bisexuality.Possibly beause they dont want to be emasculated.Also,most likely because they dont wanna go through what gay men goes through.Predjudices,bigotry,insults,stereotypes,ect…

      You also have to keep in mind that gay for pay porn stars are often asked to pretend to be straight.So,it would not be surprising if Paddy was asked by studios to play it straight.But,in reality,he is bi.Just like most gay porn stars.

      In other words.Bi men just wants to have sex with men without having the problems that comes with it.So,they thinks that they can have sex with all the men they wants,then keep their straightness and get away with it.Cowards.

      Bi women admit their bisexuality more easily.But,bi men dont.This is the macho mentality of masculine men.They just see gay men as inferior.So,claiming to be straight is the only way for them to still feel like a real man.

      The Kinsey scale is clear and spot on.The Kinsey scale clearly says that most people are bi.

      100% straight people are a minority.100% gay men are a minority.Bi people are the majority.Most people have the potential to see sexual inteterest with both genders.Sexuality is very fluid.A man can have sex with a woman today and have sex with a man tommorow.

      Bisexuality and homosexuality was accepted in ancient greece and with romans.People had no problems with men who had sex with men.Religion changed the mentalities and fucked it up.Christianism basically forced people to turn against homosexuality.Then,homophobia appeared.Even in ancient india,homosexuality was accepted.There was gay kama sutra.Hinduism and Bhudism also had nothing against homosexualliy.But,when the british and islamics came to india,they turn people against homosexuality.The point is,without religion,homophobia would be very reduced.

      If homophobia would not exist,bisexuality would be the norm bi now.

      • Andrew Simpson

        That is a great answer and I agree with a lot of what you say. There is a lot of shaming in the gay community against bisexual men and society at large. People do not want to believe in male bisexuality BUT people accept female bisexuality. A lot of gay porn stars probably are bisexual they enjoy the gay sex as you say BUT they take the straight label because it is easier. I also think though that bisexuality is a continium in itself. There are people who are say 80% straight but 20% gay. But I agree these gay porn stars are fooling nobody they defintely are sexually attracted to other men.

    • Mark Clavecin

      The entire porn world changed when Viagra was introduced, hence guys with hardons. Remember all the limp dicks in 70’s and 80’s porn?

  • kkdd1

    Johnny if a survey was conducted as to what defines a man sexuality more kissing another man or getting FUCKED by another man ? I have a distinct feeling getting FUCKED would lead by a landslide

  • lordgabux

    All right. I give this scene a 4 out of 5 stars. I love both— although the scene was a little hit and miss in places. This could have been perfect with both bottoming. Apparently the compromise was: Johnny kiss, Paddy sucks. Now. Paddy seemed way more into Johnny than the other way around. Another shocking realization was that they are exactly the same height. I knew Paddy wasn’t particularly tall but he has (to me) such a presence in his videos that I assumed him (at least) taller than Johnny, who I always think as petite and twinkilicious. Still, Johnny knows how to take it and Paddy knows how to pound a hole, so it was cum worthy.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    • HoratioCaine

      paddy did seem to be rather into it.

      • lordgabux

        Yeah, he was all over that little piece of yum yum hahahhaahhaa

    • goosegui

      agree… It got me off.

  • johnn

    didnt johnny eat cum in a scene? and he hates to kiss more than eating cum or an ass to mouth thing??!!

  • HoratioCaine

    paddy sucked dick! johnny kissed! the world stopped revolving!

  • john

    cant believe how bad the scene’s like they dont even care anymore…

  • Claudio

    Johnny Rappid is te opposite of Marlon BRando. Brando was very mainly and is it clear that a boy can not be virile