Parks & Mills Update: Cameron Parks And Joey Mills Take Fan Questions In “Reverse Diarrhea” Q&A

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joey1Joey Mills and Cameron Parks are back in a new Parks & Mills video today, and in this one, Joey and Cameron take fan questions about when they each lost their virginity, crazy childhood memories, the first time they watched porn, and more. Plus, we learn the unfortunate news that former powercouple Joey Mills and Ashton Summers have broken up. But, Joey says he still loves him, so he doesn’t appear to have any hard feelings. Hello, let’s celebrate that.


Other than the very incorrect placement of Blake Mitchell during the “Fuck, Marry, Kill” question (whoever asked them that impossible question should be banned from ever asking questions again), this is fun and I need these two to have their own television show. Also, I just realized that Joey Mills and Cameron Parks are my favorite gay porn powercouple, even though they aren’t an actual couple.

A few more gifs, just for fun:



ICYMI, Joey Mills’ most recent Helix scene was released yesterday, and in it, he’s riding the thick cock of newcomer Shane Cook:

[Helix: Shane Cook Fucks Joey Mills Bareback]

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