Performer Justin Stone Accuses BoyCrush Studio Owner Bryan Schwandt Of Rape: “Why Me, Bryan?”

Posted May 2, 2018 by with 39 comments

justin43Following Kadence Pinder and Ethan Steele, Justin Stone is now at least the third performer to come forward with accusations of drug use, sexual harassment, and rape against BoyCrush studio owner Bryan Schwandt. Stone’s accusations, detailed in his video below, are similar to Pinder’s and Steele’s, in that he was given drugs and alcohol before he was unexpectedly and forcibly sexually assaulted by Schwandt while on set at the BoyCrush porn studio. Also, Stone believed that he’d need to have sex with the BoyCrush studio owner multiple times in order to receive payments and be hired to work in more scenes. Tweets from Stone, before he posted his video tonight:

bc1 bc3 bc7Here is Justin Stone’s video, which is difficult to watch, but hopefully helpful to any model who is even remotely thinking of working for BoyCrush and Bryan Schwandt:

Schwandt has not responded to requests for comment following Stone’s accusations today, but as Str8UpGayPorn reported last month, Schwandt has admitted to sleeping with models who’ve accused him of rape. And while not admitting to rape, Schwandt has called his behavior and sexual relations with employees “unprofessional.”

As a reminder: No performer is required or obligated to sleep with a studio owner in order to receive work or payment, and any studio owner (or anyone at any workplace who’s in a position of authority) making these kinds of demands—whether they’re explicit or implicit—of workers is committing a crime. If you’ve been a victim of Schwandt (or anyone on any porn set), contact your local authorities and/or a local rape crisis center.

Whether or not all of the credible and similar allegations against Schwandt were reported to authorities at the time they occurred, it’s overwhelmingly clear, in my opinion, that all performers should steer clear and stay far away from BoyCrush and Bryan Schwandt.

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