Photo Gallery: Sean Ford, Boomer Banks, Cameron Parks, Sean Cody’s Brysen And More At The GayVN Pre-Party

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IMG_6851Gay porn stars have descended on Las Vegas for the GayVN Awards tonight (Str8UpGayPorn will have ceremony and red carpet coverage tomorrow), and last night many of them attended the GayVN pre-party at the Hard Rock Hotel. Here’s a look at some of the stars in attendance, including a surprise visit from Sean Cody’s Brysen (who was very fun and very sweet), Sean Ford (who always manages to be best-dressed, even at a pre-party) Johnny Rapid, Ricky Roman, and more. The photo above, of Blake Mitchell and BelAmi’s Paul Cassidy, was taken at dinner prior to the pre-party.

IMG_6855Johnny Rapid and Max Carter

IMG_6858Silvia Sage, Wesley Woods, and director Isabel Dresler

IMG_6862Beaux Banks


Kyle Ross and Johnny Hands

IMG_6870Cameron Parks and Sean Ford

IMG_6872JJ Knight, Angel Rivera, and Cade Maddox

IMG_6875Max Adonis, Damian Grey, and Boomer Banks

IMG_6876Mateo Vice and Levi Karter

IMG_6880Sean Ford, Cameron Parks, Calvin Banks, and Grayson Lange

Ricky Roman shows off his pole-dancing skills

IMG_6882Sean Cody’s Brysen and Dylan Hayes

IMG_6894Carter Dane, Sean Ford, and Calvin Banks

Beaux Banks and Calvin Banks discussing the possibility of a bareback topping debut from Beaux in 2019

IMG_6887Levi Karter, Brandon Wilde, and Sean Cody’s Brysen


  • Stuart

    You can always count on porn guys to have “interesting” fashion choices.

  • Caesarimp

    There’s so much cross-pollinating at these events that I wish would happen in scenes.

  • Paul J

    Sean Ford was well dressed at the Sr8Up awards. That outfit looks like something made in a kindergarten class.

  • MB

    Has VeganGymrat appeared in any porn? Or is there some other reason why he’s there – and poledancing with Ricky?

    • G. Lo

      gay vegan inspo is all i need him for, Semper Post, Elija! <3

  • Al

    Brysen looks like he would be a fun person to hang out with.

  • Ricky took some classes and damn it paid off. Get that dollla dolla bill y all and then some bling bling!

  • Eric from Sweden

    What the fuck is wrong with Cameron Park’s eyes? He looks creepy in that still with Sean Ford.

    Nice to see that pic with Paul Cassidy though, and Sean Cody’s Brysen’s skin looks way better in these stills than in any of his sex scenes. Or maybe it’s just some filter.

  • pje821

    Why the need to refer to Brysen as “Sean Cody’s Brysen?” No other model’s studio affiliation was mentioned.

  • B.C.

    I really like Carter and Calvin’s bisceps moment with Sean Ford caught in the middle looking ethereal and angelic. One lucky angel has to be Rivera, enjoying the big guys sandwich.

  • Jack

    When is this happening? Who do I have to call? We need this DP scene to happen.


    maybe just…Brysen at this point?