WATCH: Pierce Paris Puts His Own Balls Inside His Ass While Being Fucked Bareback By Damien Stone

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0011Even if you’re not a fan of kink/fetish porn, Bromo’s “Electric Sex” series has been surprisingly great, with Rikk York, Jay Austin, and Damien Stone turning in nice work in the first couple episodes. Today, bareback muscle top Damien Stone is back again, and this time he gets to fuck hunky vers star Pierce Paris.

0005 0007 0012There’s not much in terms of electric sex toys in this scene, but there is something shocking that happens towards the end of the fuckfest, and it’s a clear reminder that Pierce Paris is one of the very best performers working today.

After already riding Damien’s cock and being fucked in multiple positions, Pierce decides to spice things up…by inserting both of his own balls into his own ass! What the…


Is this what drag queens have to do?


As if this couldn’t get any more insane, once Pierce’s balls are securely placed inside of his own ass, Damien proceeds to put his dick inside of Pierce’s ass, too, and he starts thrusting away! Damien goes balls-deep (in more ways than one?!) into Pierce, and this might be the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life?


Note that this is not just a stunt they try and do for a few seconds, as Damien fucks Pierce’s balls even deeper into Pierce’s ass for several minutes, and you can even see Pierce’s balls pop out once Damien finally slides his cock out. One big dick, two big balls…the more the merrier!

ppds4DZ-gIbHW0AAHY6xWait…could this be considered a DP? Or, maybe a TP? Clip:

Even after Damien’s cock and Pierce’s balls pop out the first time, Pierce puts them back inside and Damien goes on to fuck him so more, and I think it must’ve felt really good for both of them? Here’s the trailer for what is obviously this weekend’s must-watch scene (watch full scene here):

[Bromo: Damien Stone Fucks Pierce Paris Bareback]

  • B.C.

    Yikes! I’m too skittish to watch, let alone try this new meaning of balls deep action.

  • Xzamilloh
  • c_find

    Meh, clearly Pierce is an amateur. Should of been able to fit his balls and dick and Damien’s balls and dick with room to spare. Porn has really gone down hill LOL

    • Xzamilloh

      Oh, god. WHO?? Who finds this arousing? It’s like being on that side of YouTube again watching an age-restricted birthing video.

      • c_find

        Hehe been dyeing to use the gif. I’m into some extreme stuff but even this is too much for me hehe

      • nick

        I kinda find it exciting, I wouldn’t really want to do it, but it’s different and just really dirty

    • Bio

      Should have* not of

      Beautiful GIF though.

      • c_find

        No I meant Should have, thanx for the partial correction

    • emercycrite

      That is repulsive.

      • c_find

        You’re welcome 😉

    • Marcus Collack

      You are grounded from posting gifs for 1 week.

      • c_find


  • gaysiantwink

    jesus christ i was expecting the skin of his balls, not his actual balls

  • wdeee

    Pierce Paris just might be the best male performer in the entire industry right now. His gay, bi, straight, & trans work is all impeccable.

  • peter

    Like most things Pierce does, it looks incredibly hot! It’s not just because he’s drop-dead gorgeous and hung like a horse. It’s how he goes from mild-to-wild so effortlessly. One minute it’s tender wedding-night lovemaking with Alex Mecum, the next his fist is a mile up Sebastian Key’s ass!

    Interesting coincidence that this scene was released at the same time as CF re-release of a Dru (Dakota) scene. Dru was like a younger, leaner version of Pierce. Both highly intelligent and sexually adventurous.

  • Tim

    I mean, that’s impressive. but I also would think having your balls rammed like that would hurt.

    • nick

      I suspect they have had worse done to them

  • Scrapple

    That’s a cool parlour trick and all, but it seems like a lot of work for little payoff. Much like getting fucked by Damien Stone.

    • emercycrite

      Yep. Did Pierce even feel Damien going in?

      • Scrapple

        Yes. Upon entry Pierce’s balls sent up a warning flare.


    HAHAHAHAHAH your meme: I. am. deceased. This is kinky/freaky and I fully endorse it.

  • Always Looking

    Not gonna lie, I found this hot, and I haven’t even watched the scene yet! Is Damien Stone really short, or is Pierce Paris really tall? Pierce looks like he’s nearly a foot taller, and I like it when the shorter guys top a tall guy.

    • Zachary Sire

      Pierce is pretty tall, I think about 6’2

      • Always Looking

        Thanks! Looking around on the net – Damien is anywhere from 5’6 to 5’8 so there’s definitely a height difference.

  • Maximus

    OW! My balls hurt just seeing that! What did my balls ever do to you, Zachary?! (Answer: Nothing, sadly.)

  • Brian Sky

    Seeing this hurts me.

  • stephen
  • emercycrite

    That looks potentially injurious. Kids, don’t try this at home.

  • Marcus Collack

    1.Definitely gives a new meaning to “balls deep.”
    2. I don’t think that’s how you tuck… Willam what has your video done?

  • Edward


  • Scott

    Yeah, fuck! I saw this clip yesterday and couldn’t get it out of my mind hours later. I think it’s really hot and I’d like to try it sometime. Thanks Bromo!

  • lobtaylor

    I really like Pierce Paris, he’s got a great body but dude is such a freak. Dude’s been know to be into Fisting (am not sure how his hole doesnt look banged out) but this new stunt takes the friggin cake. How is this even pleasurable.?

  • vinnieboiblue

    Love PIerce, I would suck the cum out of his ass even it was a dirty butt. MMMMM