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positivecommentCan you come up with something “positive” to say about GayHoopla in a comment below? If so, take a screenshot of your comment on this article and email it to them using the directions in the above tweet. I have no idea how GayHoopla will determine if something is truly “positive” (is constructive criticism OK? can someone just randomly make something up?), but even if you’re normally a nasty bitch in the comments, just try and say something nice for once, if you can!

Your positive comment can, presumably, be about any GayHoopla model or the studio itself. Here’s the new solo scene they’ve released today, with a newcomer named John Murphy.

gayhoopla-john-murphy-4 gayhoopla-john-murphy-12 Is there anything positive you can say about John Murphy? Here, I’ll start: John has nice eyes, and the lady tattooed on his arm is pretty!

gayhoopla-john-murphy-13Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: John Murphy]

  • mtxb2010

    Some day GayHoopla will close.

    There you go, something positive about GayHoopla.

  • FrenchBug

    I won’t email for the day pass (to watch what?), but because I don’t mind finishing my week with a bit of positivity, I will repeat what I have said since the beginning of GayHoopla: as awful as their content sadly is, it is doubly frustrating because their models have mostly and consistently been some of the best-looking in porn. They have a very good casting team.

    • pronounproblems

      Well put. The squandered potnetial is one of the most frustrating things about the site.

  • FieldMedic

    I’m positive that if JJ Swift came back to porn it would be a miracle.

  • BoomPow

    Bribery only works when you offer something people actually want.

  • God of knowing…..

    GayHoopla sucks

  • GN
    • No_No_No_Yes

      Total whore number 4, and you went the added mile to use Mike Pence. Shameless.

      • No_No_No_Yes

        BTW, I am not totally whore shaming you, Landon has traded his dignity for 30 pieces of silver just laying down this offer. There is NO question who the REAL whore is.

        ZERO credit for republican stan moves.

  • Ceecee

    I find Dmitry really hot and his cockpump videos are super hot, but I’m pretty certain he hasn’t done a video for them in years.

    • peter

      I always had the hots for Dmitry, and not just because he has a huge cock (though that’s definitely a factor).

    • Man in the Midst

      Whatever happened to Dmitry?

  • Jace

    Given GayHoopla allegedly refuse to test their models, I’m sure there’s a lot of positive things that could be said about them.

    • PhotoWerner

      Even sicker is that they have no problem doing bareback over at HGF but are just homophobic enough to believe that doing bareback at GH is somehow riskier.

      • sxg

        If they’re not testing models who are starring in HGF scenes then they could be producing straight porn illegally since the straight porn industry requires them to be a part of a testing program. In the past studios like NDS had to test their models, even for barebacking scenes, because they were owned by a larger company that also produced straight porn.

        • CA

          Are they based in Cali? That is a California law, correct?

          • C A

            They’re in Arizona.

    • No_No_No_Yes
    • Hari Kalyan

      I broke my finger liking this comment too fast lol

  • peter

    The in-you-face gay-4-pay thing went bankrupt about the same time as Housemaster John’s doctor stopped refilling his Oxy Rx. You guys should have know better

  • PhotoWerner

    The most positive thing I can think of to say is that Gayhoopla is finally getting their comeuppance and it’s a joy to watch. After years of peddling the old regurgitated “Fratmen” mentality of pathetic gays being thrown “straight” scraps, Landon is finally being exposed as the disinterested opportunist he’s always been. He’s a Trump supporter who doesn’t give two craps about the LGBT community beyond how many dollars he can extract from us. I’ve never seen a man go so out of his way to inform everyone in the world that he identifies as “straight” as often as he can — and the fact that a man who is so consumed with how people perceive his sexuality would own and operate a gay porn site is the death of irony.

    After years of ignoring all the feedback and constructive criticism, Gayhoopla is finally collapsing under its own weight. Models are abandoning ship and if reports are true regarding the homophobic atmosphere there, can anyone blame them? Maybe they can shutter the site for good and focus on what they REALLY want to focus on: straight sex. From HGF to their new appalling venture into “sugar daddy porn” (just an excuse for Landon and Doc Tay Tay to anonymously screw women on camera), it’s been apparent for quite some time that they have no real interest in filming gay sex or trying to improve the abysmal performances of their models. (For chrissakes Doc Tay Tay makes “f*ggot domination” videos and sees absolutely no problem with it since’s it’s just “role play.” What an “ally”, folks!)

    Landon has already indicated on Twitter that this John guy will NOT be back for guy/guy scenes. Most likely he’ll do a scene for HGF. As MANYYYYY people have pointed out, why don’t they just publish his solo on HGF instead of on GH? Why bait consumers using a model that will never deliver? Well…we all know why — because that’s what Landon learned over at Fratmen.

    At some point it HAS to dawn on Landon that the Fratmen business model isn’t sustainable and that’s why Fratmen is no longer around. It’s not the 1990s anymore. It’s 2018. “Straight”-worship and “straight guy has gay sex” is passé. It’s tired, worn-out, and it isn’t sustainable. Unfortunately Landon has such a low opinion of gay men that he thinks he can keep peddling this crap and we’ll all line his pockets. Thankfully his pockets aren’t being lined nearly as much as Landon would like and he’s struggling way more financially than he would ever admit.

    I suppose as long as he keeps only paying attention to the weird ass kissers that tweet nonstop about how wonderful GH is then he’ll continue to be faux-shocked by all the blowback he keeps receiving from normal-minded people. His desperation is showing, and this plea for positive comments is so transparent that it’s pitiful.

    Perhaps instead of bribing consumers into spreading fake news about their product Landon could put that energy into improving the quality of his product.

    Oh look, more advice that Landon will ignore and label as “hate”.

    At least we all get the joy of watching him fail so miserably.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      Maybe the truth is Landon is just another closeted homo who uses gay for pay as an excuse to get off without having to own it. What better way to feed your Id than order around a bunch of other closeted guys to perform acts you can only dream about. I’d say he is much further from the ropes than you would like to think, controversy sells. All the negative kerfuffle keeps him and his mess front and center. I’ll believe this had an impact when I see the sites numbers drop off like a rock – which I doubt will happen.

      He is peddling an image. Every time he pulls some lame assed stunt like this people go running. If gay men really want to make him feel it, ignore him. Ignore him and his site so hard they start to doubt their own existence.

      • PhotoWerner

        One thing we don’t know are Gayhoopla’s actual numbers. Landon likes to tout their Alexa rank, as if that is any indicator as to the size of their actual membership. There are quite a few indicators that GH doesn’t have the strong membership that Landon wants us to believe.

        Between their “positive comment” stunt and Landon suggesting on his Twitter that he might do a Q&A session to address all the controversy lately, it’s pretty clear that all of the recent hoopla is taking its toll and Landon has slipped into damage control.

        One thing isn’t going to change ANY time soon though — he’s going to continue to put all his effort and focus on his straight sites. Just look at the quality of the “SCENE OF THE YEAR” he’s promoting on HGF versus…..Sean Costin and London Ryan’s poor excuse for a scene on GH. Per usual, all the hottest models will end up doing a solo on GH and then straight scenes on HGF, and all the mediocre models will piddle and paddle in some gay sex on Gayhoopla, but no one will give a damn.

        It’s all going to end poorly for Landon, and I’ll have my popcorn ready.

        • Mulk

          Part of the problem is self-loathing homo losers like this dude who blow smoke up their asses and beg for straight scenes. In landon’s world, all his critics are haters and guys like this are the legitimate voices. These boot-lickers need to die already.

        • No_No_No_Yes

          I find the whole concept of G4P a total sham. But hey, whatever gets them through the day. For me, I don’t care how you package yourself, shut the fuck up already and get to fuckin.

          As for the straight site, I don’t watch straight guys fuck women, let alone pay to see it. However, there are ever increasing numbers that suggest MOST straight guys have a lot of love for gay porn, and fantasize about it more than a little.

          When CL still had sex on the brain, the M4M was packed with adds from married guys looking for dick, as well as a ton of “straight jocks” who were tryin ta play. I don’t think the government is worried about people getting killed via CL, or human trafficking. I think they are far more worried those divorce statistics are gonna continue to soar out of control. That’s right. Big daddy is hella worried the gay pandemic could end straight life as they know it.

          I think it is only a matter of time before “Homeland Security” comes for the gay porn industry. One more term with the orange Hitler, that could easily happen. It’s more than just sexuality that is at stake here. The economy tanked because human reproduction fell like a rock. Less heads = less demand, less money, less is always less.

          But I digress. I have zero interest in his Q&A. I think his site is a shit show, but as long as he puts hot ass on there, he will have an audience. Whether we like it or not, man is run by his dick most of the time. I am forever amazed at the lows gay porn sinks to – seemingly unabated.

          Given the hot man drought of 2018, there are a shitton of thirsty gay guys who will loose their damn minds over the prospect of seeing “John Murphy” spank his dick – and pony up. Perhaps more alarmingly some who will even sub to a straight site for the chance to watch him fuck, even if it is some skank.

          Gays have completely lost touch with what really attracts men to men. They think straight guys are hot because they crave masculinity. Want to up your game in the sack? Butch the fuck up. Walk into any gay club and scan the room with a “what the fuck you lookin at” face. You will go home with pretty much anyone you please. Trust.

          Hey – I didn’t write the rules, I did however master them. “Straight” guys want to hang out, maybe watch some football, and then have you fuck them through a pair of their wives nylons. But then don’t make eye contact as you leave. Cuz that would make it gay. LOL meh – whatever.

          I find myself increasingly grateful I have my man.

          I think the evolution of man’s sexuality is going to re-write a lot of history one day.

          • CA

            So much of this is spot on…from “….I don’t care how you package yourself, shut the fuck up already and get to fuckin.” to “the evolution of man’s sexuality is going to re-write a lot of history.”

            What I would add to your points, is that the there is a massive swath of sexuality. Bisexuality is the largest closet remaining in our society under the LGBT banner. Bisexual men do not come out. You say “straight guys have a lot of love for gay porn, and fantasize about it more than a little.” Those are not straight men, they are likely bisexual. Closeted bisexuals.

            The evolution of masculinity is fascinating to watch. Straight men and even gay men are far more feminine than they were 50 years ago; as women are more masculine (lesbian and straight). You are correct that many gay men and straight women flock to the toxicity of masculinity, even in its accepted encouraged decline in our society. Which is why, in bringing this back to this blog post, Gayhoopla feels so outdated and ridiculous to most people on its surface. Even to those who find it appealing sexually in a primal way, would rarely want to actually date someone who acts like the douchebags over at GH.

            This then can move us into the complicated conversation of what is a sexual fantasy and what is life…but I need to finish writing an article for an EST deadline.

          • No_No_No_Yes

            I think there is a duality in bisexual men and even in a lot of gay men. Who they love, as in where they invest their emotions is the key there. They have a firewall between their base sexual attractions and their hearts.

            I think a lot of the resentment of gay men towards bisexual men is rooted in this feeling of rejection or abandonment they feel when the man they want to vest their heart in keeps running back to a girl.

            It isn’t really that surprising, men are raised from birth to want to please their moms. They crave that soft nurturing type, the adoration, that feeling that someone needs them. THAT is a hard shell to break in many gay men to be honest.. the hardest thing I have ever done is let HB know just how much I love and need him, yet it turned out to be the one thing he was missing in me.

            I’m not saying that a bisexual guy can easily be turned full on gay by a needy guy – it is far more complicated than that. Don’t read anything Oedipal into it either. I don’t fully understand it and I have come to the conclusion I don’t have to. I simply respect that it is their truth. I thoroughly believe we don’t “choose” who we love. I also believe that love and sex do not necessarily share the same page.

            I think GayHoopla’s formula had an expiration date, it will be interesting to see how that unfolds, whether it’s now or 10 years from now. I think that the “turn the straight guy” thing has begun to grind to it’s logical conclusion. How long it takes porn to catch up remains to be seen.

          • CA

            “I think a lot of the resentment of gay men towards bisexual men is rooted in this feeling of rejection or abandonment they feel when the man they want to vest their heart in keeps running back to a girl.”

            I think that’s certainly part of it–I think the resentment comes mostly from bisexual men’s ability to move in and out of the closet while gay men can not live a fulfilled life in that manner. If you are bi, you can marry a woman and have a happy life; while before, during or after occasionally dip you dick into the man pond. Gay men don’t have that luxury.

            “the hardest thing I have ever done is let HB know just how much I love and need him, yet it turned out to be the one thing he was missing in me.”

            This is often an issue in same sex and opposite sex relationships; this has to deal with toxic masculinity. Masculinity does not encourage men to be vulnerable. The “feminization” of men includes this wall coming down. Men discussing their feelings is new in the last 50…maybe even 30 years. Men and women expect equal communication of feelings in their relationships with men, while at the same time, mourn the loss of “the wall” unconsciously. “The wall” that masculinity builds, can feel comfortable to not only the man, but the partner…which is why the partner felt okay entering into the relationship from its inception.

    • Joey

      Oh shit, you came with an indictment.



      A prostitute may work the streets to pay her/his bills what ever the case might be but at the end of the day he / she is still a prostitute !!!

  • I want Collin Simpson to sit on my face.

    Is that positive enough?

  • Mr. Copper

    Thank you for posting about this ridiculousness. I couldn’t believe the tweet when I saw it (then again it IS Gayhoopla so I could believe it), so I screenshottted it just in case they realized how stupid they were for this stunt.

    I’ve known for a good long while that the owners of Gayhoopla are arrogant, scummy, and heterosexist, so witnessing their implosion is poetic justice.

    There…..I said something positive. Where’s my free membership to access videos no one wants to watch?

  • txgeek2000

    I like how they don’t make the models shave. I enjoy seeing a wild bush and a hairy hole.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      You sir are total whore number three. (Although I don’t know that you will get in with a “pube” comment.)

    • No_No_No_Yes

      BTW, I am not totally whore shaming you, Landon has traded his dignity for 30 pieces of silver just laying down this offer. There is NO question who the REAL whore is.

      In fairness to you, I doubt bush trimming got you jack shit. Even Landon can’t be that thirsty.

  • B.C.

    Very odd request.
    Some men are hot. I’ve got nothing else.

  • marcuz86

    I like GayHoopla for Derek Jones’ scenes. He is so hot, the best GH’s model with Collin Simpson.

  • Jacob Carey

    1,The locations where they film the scenes appear sanitary.
    Full disclosure:
    1. The scenes are unwatchable. The cause is unknown…perhaps the equipment they are using is malfunctioning or if they are hiring developmentally disabled individuals and provide no training or instructions.
    2. At least 75% of the models don’t seem into gay sex and get fully hard when interacting with another guy.
    2. The performers have no ideal how to moderate their comments on social media. They are constantly triggering porn watching SJW s with their support of the current US president.

  • John

    I think Gayhoopla is actually pretty good. I enjoy the BTS

    • No_No_No_Yes

      You sir are a total whore.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      BTW, I am not totally whore shaming you, Landon has traded his dignity for 30 pieces of silver just laying down this offer. There is NO question who the REAL whore is.

      You have never seen the REAL BTS. But hey – go with Jesus.

  • Default_User

    OK i will bite.

    GH has recruited some of the hottest guys that have appeared in gay porn. Especially Collin Simpson.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      YOU are a SHAMEFUL whore. Can’t even pick a user name to pander. Enjoy your day of free fuckery. (BTW) you can go to any tube site and see their shit without selling your soul.

      • Default_User

        This IS my user name. And i did not receive anything.

        • No_No_No_Yes

          I’d go rag at him on twitter, you dropped trow the least he can do is bend over.

        • No_No_No_Yes

          BTW, I am not totally whore shaming you, Landon has traded his dignity for 30 pieces of silver just laying down this offer. There is NO question who the REAL whore is.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    LOL! I’m DED!

    GayHoopla – FEEL the desperation!! Well this takes pandering to an all new low. Let me know when they get to “Raw dog John Murphy for a positive comment!” day. I’d set aside my scruples to make that shit happen.Another hot guy with nowhere to go. This shit show just keeps getting better.

    When the site owners and all of upper management bend over desks and allow the talent to pull a bareback train on them I will write the single rosiest comment in the history of gay porn. IT will make the obnoxious shit that bitch at HELIX writes seem like the drug addled musings of Courtney Love. Until then – eat a dick.

  • Mulk

    And THIS ladies and gentlemen is the star of Gayhoopla’s production team and social media management………..

    • No_No_No_Yes

      Looks like another closeted homo to me. I bet he has sucked more dick than any 10 of us. Whatever blows up his skirt.

    • Marco Sartori


    • Devin

      Him calling people Faggot is more of a domination thing. He’s actually a really nice guy. Not homophobic at all. I didn’t know he worked for GayHoopla, but it doesn’t surprise me. I don’t follow him and haven’t talked to him in a long time.

      • Mulk

        I think everyone here is familiar with findom stuff but the point is he shouldn’t be using that language at ALL. Doing it to make dollars ISN’T an excuse. Doesn’t matter how nice he is or if he’s homophobic or not. If he’s going to identify as straight he shouldn’t be throwing the F word around no matter what. If he doesn’t see why this is a problem then THAT is the problem. Some gay people might get off being degraded for whatever reasons but that doesn’t mean he needs to participate or exploit their mental issues for money.

        • Devin

          Well, I respect your opinion.

    • Wow… nothing about this is sexy.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    John Murphy looks like he got lost on the way to Active Duty.. WTF “Dink” Dirk” who the fuck ever.. you sleepin? I wonder if these guys are recruiting at Walmart too?

  • PhotoWerner

    And like clockwork, John Murphy is ALREADY in a scene at HGF.

    Mannnnnnnnn, Landon isn’t even trying to pretend like he gives a shit about his gay customers anymore. This is funny to watch.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      Dude. He is livin for the dragging he gets.

  • McM.

    Zach Sire: even if you’re normally a nasty bitch in the comments, just try and say something nice for once

    Str8Up Commenters:

  • Chris C

    They released the “scene of the year” with this guy. More like garbage of the year imo. I can’t wait to see them burn and fail. Fucking assholes.

  • MC.EMC2

    So the guy they teased on GayHoopla has already filmed a straight scene even after they asked people to vote on a poll where the vast majority said they wouldn’t like to see solos on the gay site if the guy is only doing a straight scene… So what kind of positive comment do they expect people to give them if they don’t have the decency to follow the requests of their own fans…

    • Mulk

      I love how Sexflexible was like we learnt that trying to reason with you is pointless and then whoever runs the Gayhoopla twitter proved that trying to reason with them is……wait for it……..pointless.

  • JerryMacWire

    I once watched a GH scene that made me cum so hard a dazzling rainbow exploded out of my anus, unicorn-like, taking the entirety of my bowels with it and resulting in me having to shit in a colostomy bag for the rest of my life. So worth it!!1!

    Seriously, I wouldn’t watch anything at GH even if you paid me, which is what they’re obviously trying to do here.

  • stephen
  • If Cody Cummings were a website he’d be GayHoopla.

    • MC.EMC2

      You really let them eat it on Twitter… LOL
      Well done!!!

        • Tempest

          I wanna ask you something. What do you think of the current roster of GH in terms of looks and overall performances? Do you think the two new guys (sans Josh whatever his name is) fit the description of the site?

          • Not sure which two guys you’re talking about, but the overall impression I get is that they funnel the more attractive guys into HotGuysFuck and the ones at Gayhoopla are always hit or miss.

            The major problem seems to be that Landon doesn’t know how to encourage the models he gets to experiment and try doing m/m scenes. The most obvious reason for this is because Landon identifies as straight and has never been willing to participate in m/m content himself. How he expects to be able to convince other straight-identified guys to try m/m content when he can’t even bring himself to do it — well that’s the grand mystery and only Landon can explain it (IF he can explain it or if he can even recognize that it’s a crucial factor). More than one ex-model who worked for him has said that the culture there is very bro-ish, which means that male egos are on high alert and that’s fertile breeding ground for homophobia (even if dressed up as “jokes” or “boys being boys”). Even in many of their videos, gay sexuality seems to be treated as a joke and a laughing matter, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all.

            There are two salient points here though:

            1) Straight-identified guys are much less likely to open up sexually when they’re around other straight-identified guys. I’ve witnessed it personally time and time again. Often times unless a guy knows that another guy is sexually open to a degree, he will put up a front and close himself off so that he can’t be accused of being “less-than-straight” and therefore “less-than-a-man”. It seems very highly likely that Landon’s attitude about gay sex (whether he realizes it or not), stifles the sexual openness of his models and decreases the likelihood that they will be willing to do m/m scenes. I don’t think Landon is willing or able to accept his own role as an obstacle though, so I don’t see this changing any time soon. I’ve said this very thing to him years ago and his response has always been simply that he’s not homophobic at all, so end of story. Except it’s not the end of the story.

            2) While Landon is adept at finding some attractive guys (which could also speak to Landon’s sexuality to some degree, even if it’s a repressed sexuality), it is very highly likely that, were those guys at another studio, such as CF, GISP, SC, CM, etc, the chances would be much, much greater that those guys would end up doing m/m scenes. There’s no correlation between a guy’s hotness and his willingness and unwillingness to do m/m content; however, I think what ends up happening at Gayhoopla/HotGuysFuck is that Landon places the more attractive guys at HotGuysFuck initially because he associates attractiveness/masculinity with straightness, and then has no clue how to navigate those guys toward being open to doing m/m scenes, so they end up stagnating at HotGuysFuck and Landon is never able to tap into their potential.

            The problem seems to be that Landon gets in his own way, is unwilling to see that he’s in his own way, and is therefore unable to get out of his own way. If Landon wasn’t straight he’d probably be much more in tune with all of this. Then again, why a straight guy would assume he could successfully run a gay porn studio is beyond my comprehension.

          • Default_User

            “Then again, why a straight guy would assume he could successfully run a gay porn studio is beyond my comprehension.”

            I think that is the issue at hand with GH. The crew that runs it are a bunch of former models from Frat who are leveraging their skills to make it work, but they need some help from actual gay men who can points out what the audience actually like.

            As for the “hotter guys go to HGF” territory, i think they are trying for the CF paradigm of solo – straight sex – gay sex chain, and there are plenty of complaints of how many CF recruits did a solo, and then a straight scene, and never return. GH might have a knack of finding hot dudes, but said dudes might never cross that rainbow bridge so to speak. There are some dudes who would never ever agree to a m/m scene despite a (presumably) larger payday.

          • Tempest

            I’m talking about the guys hired in this “new GayHoopla” direction by Ryan Gordon named Max Richie and Jimmy Norris. Their performances have been extremely subpar at best, I don’t know why but I get the feeling that they want to hire gay guys that resemble some kind of stereotypes. You get one dude (Max) with a plastic looking face and poses in a very feminine way and then you have the other (Jimmy) screaming like a girl in her period as soon as someone even lays a finger on his ass, not to mention that he looks like his face got smashed against a tree.

            But they’re not alone, there’s Leonardo, Dylan Cover, Jonas Drift, Bradley Whitman and many more. Point is, it greatly pisses me off when a studio doesn’t even follow their description when it comes to hiring a “model” because not a single guy I mentioned fits into what GH is looking for, it’s the same with studios like SeanCody and ChaosMen, it’s utterly disrespectful to those who give money to them (and to some degree it’s their fault too) and it’s a major problem since I also think people keep disrespecting the gay industry by using it as some sort of showcase only to promote and invest more money/effort into their str8 business, I am honestly so tired that many gay men don’t see that and keep giving money to these opportunistic motherfuckers, wake up, these individuals are making fun of you for fuck’s sake!

    • Avenir96

      “If Cody Cummings were a website he’d be GayHoopla.” – would make an awesome t-shirt!

  • Dansk

    I don’t get why people are so critical of GayHoopla on here, its porn, its a fantasy! I enjoy their scenes and the guys are really hot! I’m gonna keep watching!

    • Tempest

      It’s for this kind of mentality that we keep being portrayed as monsters. You’re delusional.

      • Dansk

        @tmstone:disqus I’m sorry we’re being portrayed as monsters because we watch porn? Who exactly is saying this? Porn whether its Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans…… is all a fantasy! Please actually explain your argument!

        • Tempest

          Just because it’s “fantasy” doesn’t make it automatically right. What is your fantasy then?

          Do you fantasize about tricking a straight guy by dressing up as a girl (and then getting arrested)?

          Do you fantasize about fucking a turkey? A pie?

          Do you fantasize about getting gang raped?

          Do you fantasize about a studio that NOTORIOUSLY puts more effort into the str8 site sister rather than the one that caters to you?

          What I’m saying is that y’all should wake the fuck up, if you’re doing this because you want a free day pass you’re coming across as a thirsty, rather desperate dork that probably doesn’t have any standard at all irl, that’s why you’re a monster.

          • Dansk

            What I’m saying is ALL porn is a fantasy that shouldn’t be taken seriously! I use it for the occasional jerk off!
            If you’re this upset about PORN you should stay off the internet!

            You still haven’t explained the part where you said we are being portrayed as monsters! Who is saying this, it sounds like its coming from you!
            Most of your points don’t even apply to GayHoopla!

            If you think these things are unique to GAY porn you are mistaken!

            You’re making a huge leap from from watching a few “straight” guys in porn to those that you listed!

          • Tempest

            I’m not going to explain any further to anyone that upvotes their own posts, thanks for proving just how insecure you are.


          • Dansk

            Hahaha, what a cop out fact is you can’t explain. You’re clearly the insecure one!

          • Tempest

            There are people explaining the issues with GayHoopla and you even got the owner of another blog carefully explaining the situation about the site, if you’re this stupid to ignore the posts it’s not my problem.

            It’s also not my problem if you GH worshippers get baited and trolled by the site so easily, you guys are just too thirsty to face the reality.

          • Dansk

            I’ve read what others opinions are on the site, my view is it’s no secret what the site is, I don’t subscribe to the site, I’ve watched a couple scenes on pornhub jerked off to some hot guys jerking off. It’s PORN plain and simple, PORN is not reality it’s FANTASY and I clearly don’t take it as serious or invest as much emotion into it as you clearly do, I don’t know if it’s because you’re lonely or insecure.

            The sad part is you can’t explain your own opinion, instead you try to deflect having to explain with improper examples of fantasies that generally don’t apply to GayHoopla but rather other major gay porn sites and weak attempts at personal insults. You stated that we are being “portrayed as monsters” as a direct response to my comment that like I said above porn plain and simple is fantasy (don’t take it so seriously). All I’m asking is for you to back up your own statement WHO other than yourself is saying we’re monsters!

            I’m not defending GayHoopla what I’m further explaining is that porn is fantasy not reality, not to be taken seriously! It’s not healthy for you to be so emotionally invested in porn.

            Now that I’ve explained my view and your inability to explain yours like a mature adult I’ll be moving on.

          • Tempest

            You don’t know shit about my personal life so shut the fuck up.

            Reducing porn as “it’s fake!” is very ignorant and simplistic on your part. Don’t you think that there are, more often than not, some subtle messages about our community? Why do you think they keep playing the bait the str8 guy storyline? If you’re remotely aroused about that then yes you’re a monster. It’s not about the fantasy, it’s about the message they want to send about us. They rely on false stereotypes and yes I’ll be mad as fuck. Just like I’ll refuse any kind of porn where one guy is sexually abused or takes drugs.

            How’s that for a fantasy huh

          • Dansk

            Thank you for again proving my point!
            Not sure what you read but I didn’t as you quote say “it’s fake” I said its Fantasy not to be taken seriously! The reason I say this is because yes porn does have subtle messages about OUR community, but the problem with these subtle messages is that they are prevalent in OUR community whether its someone writing in their profile they don’t like certain races sexually, shaming guys who are fem or not the right body type!

            Now to tackle why straight guys play a role in gay porn is it comes back to the fantasy aspect of porn. Majority of gay men at least those that I know and have spoken to had their first crush on a straight guy, who first experimented looking at porn or masturbation with their straight friends, their first celebrity crush was a straight guy, first fantasies while masturbating was about straight guys they knew. Here’s why porn is a fantasy because it takes these real life experience almost every gay man has had and plays out the fantasy of what if they were able to be with that straight guy. That doesn’t make anyone a monster!

            You jump from such EXTREMES straight guys in porn to sexual abuse and drugs. I don’t watch porn with guys doing drugs or being sexually abused I feel I can safely say that goes for the majority of guys watching porn!

            Porn and Sex are deeply rooted in gay culture and we shouldn’t be ashamed about it, with that said you cant allow porn or sex to dictate your view of our community we’re so much more than that!

            You say its about the message they want to send about us, Porn doesn’t speak for me or my community, I find it very concerning for you that you’ve clearly given porn so much power over how you view OUR community and yourself. Porn seems to have had a very negative affect on you.

            You’re right I don’t know “shit” about your life just like you don’t know about mine yet you felt you had the right to label me a Monster, insecure, GH worshipper, ignorant and simplistic. Try not to be so judgmental of your fellow community.

  • Burkeman

    Firstly, GayHoopla is a misnomer because I know of no gays there (they all appear on HotGuysF*ck, having sex with women).
    Secondly, erect penises at your studio are a rarity, especially for bottoms.
    Thirdly, your roster contains a multitude of bigots, Trump dogmatists, ramblers, and closet-cases.

  • Will Landonfan

    The latest GayHoopla scene with Max Richie was excellent and promises good things to come. Hot topping, cum eating. And the archive of hot solos is always worth a look.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      YOU are a more shameless whore than Walmart whore. Enjoy your free day, I hope you are interrupted every time your about to bust.

      • Will Landonfan

        It was a great scene. And I did enjoy the free day pass. But mostly I posted to confirm that you are deranged. Job well done.

        • No_No_No_Yes

          Glad to be of service.

        • No_No_No_Yes

          BTW, I am not totally whore shaming you, Landon has traded his dignity for 30 pieces of silver just laying down this offer. There is NO question who the REAL whore is. Spoiler alert – you aren’t it.

  • No_No_No_Yes

    My hypothesis is that more often than not the obvious answer is the correct one. Landon himself is more than likely a closeted gay man, and regardless what kind of smokescreen he lays down it has everything in the world with why he runs 2 sites.

    In many respects he is living the REAL turn the straight guy fantasy, as for all the “bro” posturing, it has become what all gay men are craving despite all else. Men want to see men fuck. Landon wants to see men fuck. One thing his smoke screen has done is enable him to live his dream, regardless of whether he gets to act on his own fantasies.

    He knows that the mere fact they show up at his studio to do “porn” he has a better than average chance to steer them into gay scenes, one could even argue many despite initial protestations are coming there specifically for that. Keep in mind, they aren’t just committing the act, they are doing it for all the world to see.

    He has been successful in getting these guys to go where he “can’t” because he knows exactly what they need to hear, what HE would need to hear. I don’t think he is the obstacle – he is the unicorn.

    The guys who are not doing guy on guy, they were the percentage that really were straight in every sense of the word. The guys who did one or two guy on guy scenes.. perhaps questioned their sexuality, maybe 10% were just that financially desperate, but ALL had at least some proclivity whether they wanted to admit it or not.

    If they went beyond a scene or two – trust they were at least Bi. There are very few exceptions to that – guys who were just such a mess this really was their only option. Jimmy Johnson springs to mind. More often than not they do strictly top and suck dick. Although some don’t even suck dick. I’m still not 100% convinced Jimmy didn’t have a little sugar in his tank. The fact he caved at the end of his “career” and sat on a dick – well I won’t read TOO much into that.

    At the end of this, Landon will be his own undoing. But I think it will be his practices that finish him. As for his sexuality -could be we are all just one pissed off lover away from the truth. Could be it never comes to the surface, but trust there is a little homo in him.

    I don’t see him going away anytime soon.

    • Mulk

      I don’t think Landon is gay. Him and “Doc tay tay” are the ones fucking all the women in the new “sugardaddyporn” website, so Landon really has no problem with women at all. I think like John from fratmen alluded to that Landon has some severely screwed up sexual issues and isn’t necessarily homophobic but is in major denial about being bisexual.

      If he were better at getting the really hot guys to return for gay scenes then I’d have to agree with you on most of this but he does a really bad job of it so I think he’s just over his head when it comes to the gay stuff and he’d be better off sticking to the straight stuff.
      Since dmitry is legit bi, Idk why he doesn’t take the reigns over at gayhoopla and show them how it’s done.

  • snoopyfo

    th only positive thing about GH is Sean Costin, everything else is just bad

  • James Johnson III

    I can say that GayHoopla still has one of the sexiest models I have ever seen: Collin Simpson. It was a coup for them to get him and it continues to be a coup for them to keep him. Good work, GH!

    • No_No_No_Yes

      You are the Walmart of whores. All for a “free” day.

    • No_No_No_Yes

      BTW, I am not totally whore shaming you, Landon has traded his dignity for 30 pieces of silver just laying down this offer. There is NO question who the REAL whore is.

      While your praise of Collin Simpson may rank you among the delusional class of whore, Landon still has you by miles.

      • James Johnson III

        If it might give me a free day to watch to my …. Heart’s content, yeah I’ll be shameless for one post

  • Scrapple

    Gay Hoopla’s amazing site design has most likely made subscribers more vigilant about identity theft protection.

    • ShyGuy

      Gayhoopla Cyber Monday Deal: FREE monthly credit report/fraud alert with every membership!

      • Scrapple

        Thank you, LifeLock!

    • Mulk

      THIS right HERE!
      Anyone who signs up for their site is putting their personal info in the hands of proven irresponsible characters.
      Websites that sign up to be “affiliates” for them are handing over every bit of personal info needed to steal someone’s identity.

      Idk who in their right mind is going to trust these fratbros with that kind of info.

  • TB

    It probably isn’t run by white supremacists, nazi homophobes…probably.

  • DarwinSF

    Gay Hoopla. I like your logo and how the A and the double Os create a penis and balls. That’s a nice comment, no?

  • Hari Kalyan

    All I ask that they learn how to properly light and film a scene with out all the jittery zooming in and out, darkness, and lens focus issues. You know, the basics. Master that first.

  • Mulk

    Even if austin uses g4p guys at GISP (which I’m not sure how many claim to be straight), if you watch his site’s scenes versus GH’s scenes, it’s a WORLD of difference. The sex at GISP is incredible most of the time and I think that’s what everyone has been saying is that with the quality of models that GH is able to pull, if they could get their guys to give performances like GISP is able to deliver then GH would be #1. I think a lot of us feel like the models that GH aren’t the reason for the crap scenes, it’s the fact that GH has no idea how to handle things and get good performances out of their guys. So many people have said this to them and they don’t seem like they are ever going to listen or change.

    • Default_User

      I agree the sex and production values of GH is sub-par compared to other sites including GISP. In face i agree with all your assessment (like i said, the ONLY thing i liked about GH is literally the guys. They are hot. I did not say anything positive about their production values and even how they run the company). It is just frustrating to me that sometimes we seem to reserve our worst vitriol at those who work to get paid and entertain us. If you hate it, skip it, it does not mean fans and customers of these companies are evil or bad people.


    Here’s something positive I am positive I will NEVER rejoin this site !


    I am so sick of hearing all this G4P SHIT when in actuality everyone who does gay or str8 porn is do it 4 pay !