Here’s A 911 Call Reporting Jayson Boebert Running Over A Neighbor’s Mailbox

Posted May 18, 2023 by with 9 comments

After he was served divorce papers earlier this week, bowling alley Boebert reportedly had a meltdown and threatened the process server. While both Boeberts are disputing the meltdown, there is previous evidence of just how crazy Jayson Boebert is. Below are recordings of a 911 call placed on a different date (this is not related to the divorce papers), in which Boebert got into his truck and ran over a neighbor’s mailbox. The 911 call is from said neighbor, who also complains about one of the Boebert’s children. Brain dead bimbo Boebert denied her husband’s rampage, but she was of course lying. The 911 call:

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