Pornhub Blocks All Utah Users Ahead Of Age Verification Law

Posted May 1, 2023 by with 6 comments

Via Salt Lake Tribune:

State Sen. Todd Weiler picked up the phone Monday morning and received an angry, profanity-laced tirade from a Utah man upset that he could no longer access Pornhub, thanks to a bill the senator sponsored.

Weiler’s legislation, which takes effect Wednesday, requires porn websites to verify the age of visitors to ensure minors don’t get access to adult content and allows parents to sue the companies for damages if they don’t comply. That prompted Pornhub, the busiest porn website in the United States, to begin blocking access to all Utah users as of Monday.

[Salt Lake Tribune]

The truly hilarious thing about this is that the majority of users being affected by a porn block in a state like Utah are right-wing Jesus freaks who vote to put psychopaths like Weiler in office while, of course, they secretly watch the nastiest and most hardcore porn all day long. So, they did this to themselves. The tiny minority of porn lovers who are Democrats in Utah are collateral damage. Sorry.

I’d suggest that liberals should abandon red states and move to be with more like-minded voters in blue states, but it’s probably not feasible for most people to pack up their entire lives and move to another state. Plus, it doesn’t really matter which state you live in, as this entire country is a diseased and doomed shithole on the brink of societal collapse from coast to coast. Instead of jerking off online, Utahns will just have to stick to fucking all of their ugly wives and/or other family members.

When Utah residents attempt to visit Pornhub now, they’re taken to a landing page that plays the below video featuring porn star Cherie DeVille:

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