Pretend To Care: Jake Orion Admits That He’s Been Lying About His Sexuality

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akeoI don’t think anyone here ever thought webcam model Jake Orion was gay, and I also don’t think anyone here ever cared about anything to do with Jake Orion in the first place. But, as you’ll see below, he wanted and expected someone to post an article about his new video, so, your wish is my command, Jake.

Here’s the clueless bigot (just last week, as you’ll recall, he made a video saying trans women are “very deceiving”) talking about his sexuality, and telling people to label him with whatever they want. In that case, “pointless idiot” sounds about right to me.

Btw, Jake, the word you’re looking for is “saboteur”:

  • sam my
  • realitytvIV

    I don’t know her. Seriously. I don’t.

  • Miloš Del Rey
    • TheSagaOf


    • Marik Ishtar

      I’ve gotten too old. Someone explain this meme to me.

      • Miloš Del Rey

        It’s just a meme you use when you’re mocking someone is all.

  • Ninja0980

    Who is this asshole again?

    • Alann6

      He’s always been sorry and a TOTAL asshole!

  • Jeffrey

    All his blood must go to his dick because his brain is sure not getting any.

  • Maximus

    “I am straight.”

    You are also:
    1. Unintelligent.
    2. Inarticulate.
    3. Brutish.
    4. Ignorant.
    5. Offensive.
    6. Unattractive.
    7. Basic.
    8. Abrasive.
    9. Off-putting.
    10. Disingenuous.

    “I plan on…having children”

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Near every women are smarter then he is.

      Hopefully he doesn’t have the discipline to save up for a Mail Order Bride.

      • sxg

        He’s married and his wife might be mail order-ish. She’s from Ecuador, or Peru I think.

        • Zealot

          Not a very red-blooded-straight-American-male kind of thing to do. Why, there must be literally tens of women in the Young KKK Women’s Corps who would be happy to court him.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          He dose have a whole Steve/Jimmy from “Shameless (US)” thing going, although with no moral compass.

        • why do a few people out there say he is married to some Ecuadorian or Peruvian gal? He posts videos of his true singledom and they aren’t to get more viewers….and even if he was able to keep this Fort knox type secret, how would you and whoever else be able to find out such info? And why? So many questions from Auntie Jez.I am sorry…I always am curious of human topics

          • sxg

            Someone shared his Facebook profile in the comment section on one of the topics about. Funny that Zach has yet, or doesn’t care to remove it. In it is his real name with what he labels as his wife. She’s from Lima. No pics of any wedding, but for all we know they either didn’t post them or they are one of the only things from their profile set to private.

          • That is really fascinating. I saw something about wife named Jennifer…wow that is personal info….I feel guilty….but it is just so damn interesting.

          • They are permanently separated and headed to divorce, sorry to say…….

        • Hi… would anyone really know if he truly had a wife named Jennifer and a child? Someone said “check FacebooK” but I’d imagine his FB would not be in his stage name, Jake Orion.

      • Dazzer

        True. He might end up with a Melania Trump who insists on living no closer than 200 miles to him at all times.

    • Zealot

      May I also suggest in light of that whole “I plan on having children” thingy…

      • badgamer1967

        no there’s a GOFUNDME I would support.

        • Marilyn G. Bender

          >>>> SHORTME.ORG/HGJEJ

      • xo

  • Marik Ishtar

    One day I hope the gay community is self-confident enough to move away from Machiavellian persons like him.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      oh do tell me you forgot to close the tag

      • Marik Ishtar

        I do not know what this means.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          your op was sarcastic right?

  • WhimsyCotton
  • This guy is so full of himself it is pathetic.

  • danny

    Fucking moron.

  • badgamer1967
  • FooFight
  • Scrapple

    This brought me to tears. In a world that is judgmental, cold and dismissive to anyone who is considered an other, I admire Jake for having the courage to stand up, stand out and proclaim his truth as a heterosexual White man. Jake, you are an inspiration to cowering straight men everywhere. No longer should you be persecuted for your feelings. No longer should you have to hide your desire to lay alms at the altar of Vagina. Who you love does not define who you are. It doesn’t make you less than. It doesn’t mean you’re an undesirable who should be stoned and cast out from the rest of society. To all the straight identified men who are browsing this site while living in fear of being outed, I hope you’ll find strength in Jake’s bravery. Your time is now. The revolution will not be televised. It will be cammed, and it will involve dildos and eating you own cum.

    • Trepakprince

      I’m so glad there are orher supporters of the white cause. Far too long real Americans have had to see their rights confiscated by all these minorities and queers. Jake just wants his country and white privilege back! It’s so hard to be a straight white male these days; I mean the kid just found out he has a 3.5 rating from his Uber driver. First they came for the Trump voters and I did not speak out bc I was a Bernie Bros. Then they came for me bc there were no misogynistic homophobes. It’s just not fair! Those videos of him pegging his hole and eating his own cum, were just videos he was dared to make by his gym bros. so what if he profited from a couple fags entering his safe zone. Anything he does that remotely has a tinge of gay undertones can be exonerated by two simple words, “no homo.” So we’re with you Jake, please make more of these videos. You are a national treasure that should be entered into the Smithsonian right between Scalia and George Wallace.

      • Pinko of the Grange

        slo clap

      • Dulcis Memoria

        As a matter of fact, give him his own wing at the Museum of African American History. Take Amurikkka back!

      • This page reflects the worst of my beautiful Nation. The best as well. Free speech works both ways. Stupid people get to spout their Hate. White Cause? ??? Scalia a Supreme Court Justice being used on a smut page to make a joke? An Argument? A point? This is a reminder to myself. I always regret reading the comments. Yet it is interesting to see how some folks think.

      • I think every word of this is completely untrue garbage……i tried to find at least one sentence that could be ……….sure Trepakprince i get ya……but…..nah, ……none of it is even true……….no gym bro’s dared him to peg his hole and eat his cum on webcam sites for tokens/tips….omg…….a national treasure? nah…….he’s not racist and would not use the phrase :couple of fags entering his safe zone…..this was such a drug haze deal from Trepakprince……ick.

  • PaulieP

    as i have said before any guy that only cums in his own mouth…is gayer than that rainbow flag on the back of your car….this dude was bounced from flirt4free for a variety of reasons… tried another venture that failed and then shows up on chaturbate offering his huge cock to the paying public. videos like this are not going to drive people to put coins in your wallet jake.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      “as i have said before any guy that only cums in his own mouth…is gayer than that rainbow flag on the back of your car”
      I don’t think that is a qualifier for being a big mo. It comes across as a lazy attempt to differentiate oneself from the other many choices of beat off entertainment.

    • sxg

      When money is involved, plenty of guys will eat their own cum and stuff toys up their ass. The latest craze on camming shows are ohmibod/lovense toy shows, and they’re great to watch!

      Even when money isn’t involved there are straight men out there who just enjoy anal stimulation. Makes sense considering that’s the only way to reach the prostate. Also plenty of femdom type porn where straight guys will do anything a girl tells them to do.

      And Jake’s bouncing from F4F is hilarious. He thought he was deserving of #1 cam model and demanded the company give him the prize money as well as more royalties off his videos. That wasn’t going to happen. Seems his chaturbate shows aren’t doing as well either.

      • McM.

        Do you think a lot of the ohmibod reactions are authentic? Viewers pay, the thing buzzes, and not sure if cammer is just giving ppl their money’s worth.
        That hatricks guy is all over the place when his goes off.

        • sxg

          Not everyone is built the same way. Some people have more sensitive prostates than others, so people could have a much better more pleasurable anal experience than others. Which is why some people love to bottom and others don’t do it because they hated how it felt.

          Eventually though most models get used to it and their reactions look less exaggerated. One model in particular on Chaturbate named Travis Steel has been doing ohmibod shows for almost a year now if not longer and he always acts like he’s dying of pain. He’s such a cunt too and gets pissed off at people for tipping him which for some people they find it hot.

        • Scrapple

          Some of the models have said you barely feel it, even at the highest levels. All that gyrating like they’re being electrocuted is for the cameras.

      • Rick Jesperson

        Have a friend who works for F4F and can share they don’t miss him at all. Jake began complaining a lot and it got even worse when they decided to ignore him, he then started complaining to a few of their customers which wasn’t tolerated. They are aware of his video channel and have good laughs about some of it calling it a circus of lies and refer to him as a delusional halfwit.

    • Scrapple

      That’s interesting. To hear him tell it he left Flirt.

  • You cared enough to post it. So whose the hypocrite?

    • Pinko of the Grange

      this is one of those intolerant of intolerance things

      • Xzamilloh

        Ah, yes… the ole paradox of intolerance.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          Oh some one else didn’t sleep through Philo 101.

  • Readen Reply

    I’m so tired of straight “trade” in gay porn and the drama they bring.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    This is were I would put a gif of Xandir (drawn together) saying “duhhh” if I really cared.

  • perigrine

    Please let this be the last time you give bandwith to this moron.

  • Evil John

    Hopefully Zach will post the follow up video where he tries to microwave his brain to “warm up his thoughts”.

  • jacob221
  • GN
  • OverKill
  • Jordy

    Why do lonely gays keep feeding into this garbage? The man is straight, using you for a buck, gives no fucks and you have no chance with him so why continue to fund him?

    There’s tons of other actual gay adult stars that have big dicks where you can throw your money away instead.

  • pokok789 .

    UGHHH!!! I can’t stand him but I really can’t stand the gay guys who are kissing up to his ass supporting his bulls**t judging from the comments in the youtube.

  • Chris Lawson

    Who? It’s like I’ve been on a different planet because I have no idea who this douche is

  • Estelle

    If only patsy Ramsey could’ve gotten ahold of jake Orion and Ariel Anatole back in the 90s. Two shitstains whose mothers should’ve given them wire hanger abortions.

  • asby

    All he does is jerk off and rant about shit i don’t care about… There are plenty of other straight guys out there who actually have sex and don’t come off as a total douchebag… He ain’t even that cute….Take away that dick and….

  • Ron Merritt

    Don’t you all remember when this very site posted the link to this moron’s Facebook which featured his devotion to his lovely wife? He’s just another lying whore who’s getting older by the day, with a dwindling number of cam viewers that have become bored by this one-trick pony.

  • wincrasher

    Don’t you all remember when this very site posted the link to this moron’s Facebook which featured his devotion to his lovely wife? He’s just another lying whore who’s getting older by the day, with a dwindling number of cam viewers that have become bored by this one-trick pony.

  • Landon Uhlenhopp

    Don’t find him at all attractive for a variety of reasons. How he talks and what comes out is unattractive, his personality is no better and he just comes off plain stupid. The more we hear out of him or the more controversial he is shows he is begging for attention as his situation is going downhill. That little wife of his, Jennifer, and yes to the other poster she is from Peru has got to be the most proud women alive. Oh, the idiots paying to see his site just go to Pornhub and look him up as what he charges for is all there for free.

    • He posts vis on You Tube, one of the current ones called ” Why I am Still Single.” Not sure if that is to thwart this Mrs. Jennifer business but the vid seemed very trruthful….hell i don’t know the guy at all so ….It sure is interesting when someone goes to huge lengths to hide a true marriage and a kid…..I mean, alot of them do hide personal life details but this for some reason seems quite epic of an item and unable to hide…

  • a b

    If it doesn’t matter how people label him, why did he had to lie about it?

  • alex

    What pissed me off more than his admission, was the pathetic bottom feeders that are supporting him. These subservient waste were basically applauding him… ugh

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    This guy is pure garbage.?

  • Greninja

    I love that show! That dick is CG though.

    This one from Westworld was real.

  • GuruMike

    Well… his dogs are cute.

  • Hereweare

    Why all the hate? If you’re not into him, move on. But clearly, even though he says he’s straight, if you watch the video, he is actually bi. Don’t be hatin’…..he is who he is. None of you thirsty bitches were going to marry him anyway, so who cares if he marries a woman & has a child?

    • Landon Uhlenhopp

      He is straight, that’s one of the few truths he’s ever told, but he lied for years about before. He makes a video Why I Am Still Single when we’ve all seen his Facebook page and he’s been married to his wife for over two years now.

  • Benton Fraser

    From which show did you get this gif?!

  • revieweroftime

    Well… trans women ARE deceiving. From a quick Google search on what the word “deceiving” means:

    “(of a person) cause (someone) to believe something that is not true, typically in order to gain some personal advantage.”

    Causing others to believe that you are one sex when you are actually another is – by definition – deceptive. And no, calm down: I said “sex” – not “gender.” You can argue that “gender” is a social construct, but “sex” is a biological one.

    Methinks Zach’s marital affairs with the truth is an example of why Trump won this past election season. When your only response to opinions you don’t like is moral indignation and shock words like “bigot,” you are unknowingly contributing to the election of a man who represents the antithesis of political correctness.

  • Ari Gold

    Gay, straight, bi, who cares?! At the end of the day, this is a guy who literally does nothing but jerk off on camera, begs fans to purchase items from his Amazon Wish List (with the promise of reimbursing them with signed pairs of underwear and FleshJacks), starts GoFundMe pages for the most ridiculous of things (he currently has one for a Corvette), and fucks his hole with dildos to the point where he can do this.

  • I like the guy overall, he’s doing his Thing…………Let people live……..he does ask his fans for too much stuff, he sure lives well…why shouldn’t he……but no one I know in past got so much stuff from men for being hot, etc…..we all had to pay for everything …….no gifts…….he isn’t commiting any crimes….hell, he is using those looks and many dudes swarm to deliver……can’t hate