Webcam Model Jake Orion: “Transsexuals Are Very Deceiving”

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Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.07.35 PMWebcam model Jake Orion and his increasingly insane YouTube channel reached a new low last night with the video “How I Feel About Transsexuals,” and it’s hard to say whether this latest video is yet another example of his sheer ignorance, or if he’s just a genuine bigot? He’s probably the perfect combination of both:

Other than clearly not having any idea what he’s talking about (a “guy who dresses up like a girl” is, obviously, not a transsexual), his labeling of transsexuals as “deceiving” and being “willing to lie” is exactly the kind of demeaning stereotype that results in real violence against people in the trans community every day.

Someone apparently clued Orion in on his cluelessness and he deleted the video a few hours later, with the classic non-apology apology (“some felt it was offensive”), of course:


In case anyone needed further proof of his stupidity, two years ago, Orion announced that he’d never perform in gay porn with another man because he didn’t want to “take a chance with AIDS.” Then, earlier this year, he doubled down on that idiocy by clarifying that he actually wouldn’t do gay or straight porn due to his fear of STDs. And then, last February, Orion shared his belief that gay men could convert straight men into homosexuality if they looked feminine enough and “didn’t give up” on their pursuit of straight men. Orion has over 60,000 Twitter followers and about 6,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, many of whom are, presumably, members of the LGBT community who became fans after watching him shoot cum in his own mouth on Randy Blue back in 2014.


Because when you’re already in a hole, keep digging? Orion just uploaded another video (see below) about how trans women “bother” him, this time by specifying that he’s talking about the trans women who come into his Chaturbate rooms and interrupt his live webcam shows. He then goes on, again, to repeat the insane nonsense about trans people not being “honest” about their gender.

(Update: Orion has now deleted the second video below, too.)


  • TheSagaOf

    Does anyone else think he has that quintessential ‘toolbag’ look about him? Like, all jokes aside.

    • Xzamilloh

      I think he better hit the jackpot very soon, because I bet that “AIDS” porn is gonna start looking feasible to him when people stop paying to watch him jack it.

  • OverKill

    Another one of those people who generalize and stereotype a couple of people and believes that everyone of that race, gender, etc. are all that way. He just needs to STFU and educate himself.

  • Xzamilloh

    All that sexy paired with all that stupid. #InstantTurnOff


    • sxg

      The only thing about him of interest is his dick and his cumshots. Plenty of guys with arms and a torso that are just as hot as his. His legs are scrawny, his hair is shit, and there’s no saving that retarded inbred looking Floridian mouth breather face.

      • Xzamilloh

        Yes, sexy. There ARE plenty of guys just as sexy as he is, and probably not nearly as dumb, but clearly he’s sexy, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to make a living as a webcam model. He’s dumb and all, but calm down, Whitney… apparently that crack ain’t out your system after 6 years

        • Edward

          Some people find Paul Ryan physically attractive, but when stupid shit repeatedly comes out your mouth–you are no longer a resident of Sexytown.

      • Alexz

        There are plenty of cam models and porn performers who say the most ignorant things. Long as they’ve got a big dick & abs they get free passes from self hating gays who’ll continue to support whatever they do.
        It seems even more prevalent if they’re g4p. No matter what haircut I’ve seen him with he’s never been attractive in the face.

  • Scrapple

    So. Much. Stupidity. Why would a trans woman be interested in a gay guy? Why would trans women view Jake Orion as a thirst trap? Why do Jake and his friends repeatedly find themselves in situations with “deceptive” trans women?

    I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that he did another vid after some “research” and still probably doesn’t know the difference between transsexual and transgender, or listening to him mangle “accepting” with a Smurf tongue.

    Between this vid and the Cliff one, I need a palate cleanser. Save me, Spider-Man!

    • skye3245

      Tom can save us from so much!!

      • Scrapple

        He has given me the life I didn’t know I needed.

        • Ed Woody

          And not exactly dispelling the rumours.

          • Scrapple


  • Ceecee

    I cannot fathom how people support this kind of stupidity, and I jerk off to Teofil so my standards aren’t exactly high.

    • Edward

      Love your post :)

  • jacob221

    He makes my head hurt

  • DPS
  • Zealot

    I contacted my favorite WICCA group, Ursa Major, to cast a dancing spell on Jake. But for the life of me I can’t remember if I ordered a #3 Turn him full gay, and shrink his penis to 2″; #52 Turn him gay, cure his stupidity and make him frigid; or a #99 Turn him straight, keep him stupid and make his YouTube channel disappear. For an extra $5 I could have added the “make him sick at the sight of a vagina”– which I’m now sorry I didn’t spring for.

  • Dulcis Memoria
  • AJ

    I’m offended by his facial hair and haircut.

  • badgamer1967

    Just goes to prove any fuckwit with a social media account will get followers, which also explains Trump

    • Marik Ishtar

      I remember when this first came out we were all marveled by the technology. Now it’s as dated as Saturday morning cartoons.

  • McM.

    I am fascinated by the continued discovery of literal garbage gaining sentience and learning to communicate.

    This heap, that obviously escaped it’s rusty trashcan, is joining others like itself and posting videos of it’s stank opinions.

    Can someone please explain how this keeps happening?

    • Marik Ishtar

      People keep asking for it. It’s like the “What do you think of #BlackLivesMatter movement?” question, for some reason people want to know the opinions and politics of the person they jerk off to.

  • Josh Ondeck

    HEADLINE should of been

    • Marik Ishtar

      Hey Jake, if you have any questions about why what you said is offensive and ways to improve your relationship with LGBTQ+ let us know.

      • Josh Ondeck


    • Ed Woody

      Should HAVE been.

    • McM.

      Meanwhile, Mickey Knox and Colby Chambers were nominated for a Str8UpGayPorn Award.

      Newsflash: An overwhelming number of porn actors also work as webcam models.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Well we know you ain’t gay because none of us start out yelling.

  • Marik Ishtar

    First of all, that hair:

    Second, how many trans women are going up to him that he needs to let them know they’ve become a ‘bother’? This reminds me of that infamous Eddie Murphy rant where he fulminated that he doesn’t trust gay men.
    Third, what role, if any, does this man play in gay or trans communities? Where is the need for his voice and representation?

    Forth, that face:

    Fifth, Is not this man still married with kids?
    Sixth, Notice how he still identifies as straight.
    Seventh, If you have to pre-apologize for what you are about to say (“This is just my opinion…”, “It wasn’t me that said this but….”, “I don’t want to hurt anyone with what I’m about to say.”) it is probably best not saying it.

    Ninth, funny that he complains about deceit when he lies to his viewers about converting straight men and availability of his dating life.
    Tenth, I’ve given you ten moments of my time. Be thankful,

    Good day and good-bye.

  • PaulieP

    a “straight” man who cums into his own mouth and swallows on camera has got issues more than what he knows about the trans community.

  • TheThom

    Who told this faggot-ass cunt her opinion matters?

  • Trepakprince

    This just validated why I can’t stand this bloke. He’s a bloody twat, mate and deserves a personal reckoning.

  • WhimsyCotton
  • Devin

    A lot of trans girls have got their asses beaten and/or killed due to trickery. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I’m not going to sit here and act like what he’s saying is
    completely false like some of you are doing…..smh

    • Dazzer

      And the vast majority of trans women who’ve been killed have been innocently going about their own lives. For some reason, their existence infuriates a certain population of straight men and women.

      This idea of ‘trickery’ is the same accusation that was – and still is – thrown against gay and bi men as an excuse to beat up, maim, oppress or kill us. It’s a baseless accusation for us – and it’s equally as baseless for transpeople.

      Ultimately, the attacks on transpeople – and us – is based on fear. It’s other people’s fear of what’s different, what they don’t know, what they can’t comprehend.

      If I’m not going to let people get away with slurs against the LGB people in this world, I’m sure as hell not going to let the same shit be flung at transpeople without it being thrown back in the face of the idiots making those accusations.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      Yup and it is acceptable to rape a drunk too? Because,you know, they were just asking for it.
      Or how about the non butch guy. Can we pound on them because they don’t fit your definition of a “man”?
      Or how about you go to the nice part of town and do a home invasion; take all their cools stuff, because you don’t have it and they are just flaunting their undeserved success, so it is up to you to take them down a notch.

      Really blaming the victim was so last mid century.

      • Devin

        I live in the real world. Your response that I’m victim blaming is pointless. It doesn’t change what happens in the real world. It isn’t helpful at all. At least if a trans girl reads my comment she might think twice about playing games.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          Get off your fuckin’ high horse. you are the problem and lend no solutions.

          • Devin

            Neither do you. Next

          • Devin

            And on another note I was talking to a transgender on Chaturbate of all places and she shared the exact same views I have and she further added and I quote “that’s how bitches get stabbed and left in alleys”. You need to wake up… and all of the silly Gays who like to tell people they’re victim playing….meanwhile trans girls are being beaten and killed. Telling people they’re victim blaming doesn’t help anything. You need to stop acting like you’re helping something out. So fake.

          • Pinko of the Grange

            1st never said my comment helped only that yours hurt, and the rest no one believes because you show you are way to defensive and the interaction too conveniently times. Really if you are going to troll learn to lie better.

          • Devin

            I’m not lying. Her name is Aubrey Bix. Her Chaturbate name is “ridetheline”. If you don’t believe you can ask her your damn self. Now let’s see if you actually do it. Bet you won’t….because you’re a dumb ass.

          • Pinko of the Grange

            Of course you aren’t.
            WTF is chaturbate btw?

            I throw you a bone. When stating an unpopular opinion couch it by blaming the real perps; in this case that would be the men that can’t handle the fact that they responded to the advances’ of of a transgendered woman; followed by a broad blaming of society, again in this case: sadly the women need to be careful in this day and age.
            Also the whole “oh you won’t go check”…just makes your statement look like bigger lies. Provide the basic info so the person you are challenging can check it out themselves.

          • Devin

            Only thing basic is you. Everybody knows what Chaturbate is. How old are you? 50?? Shit, even 50 year olds probably know. You just live under a rock is all. Under a rock with your head up your ass. I provided the trans girls Chaturbate and she’s on like everyday. She agrees with me and like i said you won’t ask her. A lot of trans girls agree with me….the smart ones anyway.

          • Pinko of the Grange

            Fine don’t take the advice. Can’t say i didn’t try.

            If I am 50 or older, why would that matter? What are you ageist too?
            Chaterbate , after a quick check, looks like a place where you “gift” some one to masturbate for you. That is sad. Btw sex workers will tell you your cock is too big, or agree with you when you say the sky is green. That is part of their job.

        • Leela Lévesque

          I’m a woman who happens to be transgender, the trickery that you speak of, I have never done and never would do. Secondly, you were kind of generalizing all of us. While some do hide their identity at times (out of well placed fear), it isn’t all that common. As much as you feel other people commenting aren’t a help, what you’re doing isn’t helping. I’m all for transparency and openness but, who are we to judge the one’s that don’t. Even if they are taking their life in hand. Finally, the biggest obstacle transgender woman have is from certain members of the LGBT community, in and of itself. Sorry for butting in, just food for thought. Cheers!

          • Pinko of the Grange

            Ms. Lévesque,
            You would never be butting in with such eloquent thoughts.

  • A damn mess…and he is barking too..

  • Leela Lévesque

    HUGE FAN of your writing, Zach! I live for the deliciousness! I usually don’t comment on your page, my love, I usually sit back and enjoy how not only you skewer these fools but, the sass in the comments but, I felt like speaking on the buffoon (or baboon) above..

    His comment about transgender woman is very telling considering that he added me on twitter, tried to get me to pay for a skype or webcam something and tried to get a response from me, when he didn’t he un-followed me.

    Point of the story is, the gremlin / fraggle hybrid is probably just upset he’s getting rejected by us. Nobody not a gay man or a woman wants a sloppy mess. Love, light and all that shade! xx

  • Maximus

    When I inevitably seize control of this dimension, forcing all of you lesser beings to bend to my whims, people who choose to opine on matters about which they have no knowledge will be exiled to the Beyond section of Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Seriously, though, how can this Orion ho be that ignorant and insensitive?