Rhyheim Shabazz And Elijah Zayne Tag-Team Mr. Kent, Plus A Sneak Peek At Brazil Scenes

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Performer of the Year Rhyheim Shabazz has been busy filming new content in Brazil for the last week, and it hopefully won’t be long before the first scenes drop. While we wait, here are a few teases/hints/sneak peeks at who we’re likely to see in Rhyheim’s upcoming videos, including Elijah Zayne, Markin Wolf, Marcelo Caiazzo, Lucas Dias, Gael Kriok, Narumiya Jin, and more:

Follow Rhyheim on OF and check back here to see when these and all his Brazilian scenes go live in the coming days.

For the latest video uploaded to Rhyheim Shabazz’s page (which was filmed back in Los Angeles before the Brazil trip), we have a three-way in which Rhyheim and Elijah Zayne tag-team Mr. Kent (a.k.a. CallMeMrKent):

kenr1rhyk2rhyk0Clip (watch full scene here):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz And Elijah Zayne Tag-Team Mr. Kent Bareback]

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