He Can Sing, Too?! Rhyheim Shabazz Belts Out “I Have Nothing” While Filming For VOYR In Brazil

Posted March 18, 2024 by with 19 comments

At first I was surprised that he went through a full verse and the chorus (it seemed like he was going to stop after a few lines), but I’m glad he did, because Rhyheim Shabazz sounds really nice in the clip below, especially given the fact that this is one of the hardest Whitney Houston songs to sing. Here’s Rhyheim Houston (along with co-star Gabriel Coimbra) giving us a little “I Have Nothing” during a break from VOYR filming in Brazil (video via Alternativa):


OK, is there anything he can’t do? Stay tuned for Rhyheim’s American Idol (is that still on?) audition.

And ICYMI, here’s the latest video released on Rhyheim’s site VOYR, featuring big-dicked daddy Rocco (in his VOYR debut) topping Juninho raw:

[VOYR: Rocco Fucks Juninho Bareback]

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