Rhyheim Shabazz Creampies Gabe Bradshaw: The 8 Must-See Moments

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Gabe Bradshaw—the powerbottom who’s been taking gay porn by storm this year—may have finally met his match with powertop Rhyheim Shabazz. The duo (who also had an explosive fourgy released over the weekend on Rhyheim’s OF, but I think this one-on-one fuckfest is even hotter) are pushing each other to their respective limits (and beyond) in their new scene together, and here are 8 of the must-see moments from the 47-minute video:


A lot of people can suck a good dick, but can you look as insatiably beautiful as Gabe Bradshaw while you’re doing it? I doubt it.


This 47-minute scene is technically must-see from beginning to end, but it might be hard to get through the first five minutes before the fucking, given the sight of Rhyheim’s cock, Rhyheim’s statuesque body, Gabe’s face, and Gabe’s bubble butt. These visuals all at once are literally overwhelming!


The smile on Gabe’s face is a recurring nut-busting moment, and the joy he has for the dick he’s taking is unparalleled in most bottoms today.


I obviously lost it at this part. Gabe Bradshaw? More like God Bradshaw. No words and no amount of praise can do him justice. (And remember, they haven’t even started fucking yet.)


Perhaps the most picturesque fucking of 2022 is here, and the close-up of Rhyheim pumping into Gabe just saved the gay porn industry.


That smile. Again. The best part is, you can tell Gabe isn’t “acting,” and he really is experiencing the fuck of his life.


Rhyheim Shabazz’s body was always good, but over the last few months, it’s become a work of art, which makes his topping that much more hypnotic to watch.


Yes, of course, this scene ends with creampie perfection.

There’s been some great gay porn released over the last few months, but now Rhyheim and Gabe have made my job about a zillion times harder when I eventually have to rank the very best of 2022. This, obviously, is already near the top of the list. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz Creampies Gabe Bradshaw]

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