Rhyheim Shabazz Cums Hands-Free While Topping Tyler Wu, Plus He’s Giving Away Nintendo Switches

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rhytyWith an ass as sweet as Tyler Wu’s, who wouldn’t cum hands-free while fucking him? Also, who wouldn’t cum within 10 seconds while fucking him? Luckily, Rhyheim Shabazz is able to last a lot longer than 10 seconds (about 25 minutes, to be exact) with Tyler in his newest duo scene released this week, and there’s a clip below.

But first! I can’t recall the last time a star or a studio has done this, but Rhyheim is giving away a free Nintendo Switch to two subscribers to his weekly newsletter:

Anyone can enter for the Nintendo Switch by simply subscribing to Rhyheim’s newsletter for free here. Regarding the newsletter, Rhyheim writes:

So I’ve started a Newsletter where I’ll try and step out of my comfort zone to give you guys my thoughts on various topics, news and updates on things in the works, and interviews. We’re also doing giveaways!!! This week we’re giving away Nintendo Switches to two lucky Newsletter subscribers!

[Rhyheim Shabazz Newsletter]

Now back to Rhyheim and Tyler, here’s that clip from their new duo (watch full scene here):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz Fucks Tyler Wu Bareback]

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