Will They Or Won’t They? Rhyheim Shabazz Releases Peachy Boy Collab Tonight

Posted October 21, 2022 by with 54 comments

This new Rhyheim Shabazz video with content creator “Peachy Boy” (pretty sure that’s not his legal name) was teased last week, and tonight, it’s finally going live on Rhyheim’s OnlyFans. In fact, to be extremely specific, it’s going live at 8pm PST via a message that Rhyheim will be sending privately to his subscribers, as Rhyheim explained:

If you want the video, you’ll need to subscribe now to Rhyheim’s page (many of you who are already subscribed don’t need to do anything other than the wait for the 8pm video in your messages).

But, will Rhyheim Shabazz actually fuck Peachy Boy? Truth be told, I’m not familiar with Peachy Boy’s repertoire, but a quick search of online comments indicates that he doesn’t have penetrative sex with other men in his videos. He does, however, fuck himself with dildos. Will Rhyheim be the first co-star to fuck Peachy Boy’s ass?

To be sure, Rhyheim has never said in any of his messages or posts that he fucks Peachy in the video, so it’s clear he’s not leading anyone to believe it’ll happen. Instead, he’s shown glimpses of his cock rubbing up against Peachy’s ass, slightly inside of Peachy’s cheeks, and gently tapping on Peachy’s hole. Peachy stans will be satisfied no matter what happens, but stay tuned for the 8pm release…

Sneak peek (get the full video in an OF message from Rhyheim here):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz And Peachy Boy]