Sam Ledger DP’d And Creampied While Drinking Sir Peter’s Cum With Rhyheim Shabazz: The 7 Must-See Moments

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I knew this would be good based on the preview last week, but now that Rhyheim Shabazz, Sir Peter, and Sam Ledger’s DP threesome is live, it turns out this is even better than expected. This 49-minute fuckfest (watch it in full here on Rhyheim’s page) includes several fun surprises and a breakout performance from young star Sam, and here are just a few of the must-see moments:

rps1 The visuals in this opening shot—the rock hard and statuesque hunks hoisting the angelic twink in mid-air—are iconic.

rps2 The fucking begins fairly soon, with Sam riding Rhyheim and sucking Sir Peter simultaneously.

rps3 When it’s Sir Peter’s turn to tap Sam’s ass, Rhyheim indulges in the ultimate taste test, licking Sam’s ass and Peter’s cock and balls all at once.

rps4 Loads are normally saved for the end of the scene, but halfway through this one, it just feels too good for Sam, and he begins cumming uncontrollably while being fucked by Peter.

rps5 Even though he’s already busted, Sam assures his tops, “You guys can still fuck me!” And that’s exactly what they do during the DP session, with Rhyheim on top and Peter on the bottom. (Note that Sam is already hard again—he just can’t get enough, and his is one of the finest bottoming performances of the year thus far.)

rps6 Rhyheim begins cumming near the end of the video, but he acts fast and slides back in to pump his creampie inside Sam’s hole.


Sharing is caring! The hottest moment of the video is a bit of a surprise, as I thought Sir Peter would be feeding Sam Ledger his cum in a traditional facial, but Rhyheim Shabazz suddenly pops in to drink up some of the load, too. The trio’s intimacy, passion, and chemistry throughout the scene is nicely reflected here.

Clip (watch full scene here):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz And Sir Peter Double-Penetrate Sam Ledger Bareback]

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