Rhyheim Shabazz Creampies Roxas Caelum In Bottoming Debut

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What has 2022’s Performer of the Year been up to over the last week? Rhyheim Shabazz posted a sweet Valentine’s Day update with real-life love Elijah Zayne (as seen above) two days ago, and he also starred in a new duo with gay porn star Spoon (@hlspoon), whose flexibility complements Rhyheim’s adventurous topping positions incredibly well:


A clip of Rhyheim and Spoon’s foreplay, where Rhyheim alternates between rimming and fucking Spoon’s hole with just the tip of his cock (watch full scene here):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz Fucks Spoon Bareback]

And ICYMI, earlier this month, Rhyheim released another one of his epic group scenes, and there was something particularly special about this one. In this fourgy, we get to see the bottoming debut of absurdly hung and impossibly fine Roxas Caelum, who’s tag-teamed by Rhyheim, Reign, and Fonzie. (Because this is a bottoming debut on Rhyheim’s page, of course Roxas isn’t just taking one huge cock, he’s taking three.)


Highlights include Rhyheim pushing his cum into Roxas after fucking him (as seen above), train-fucking with Reign topping Roxas while Roxas tops Fonzie, and Roxas riding Reign raw. And as if I couldn’t be even more obsessed with him, how cute is Roxas once the scene is over, as he attempts to walk up the stairs?


Here’s a clip from before Roxas’s victory march to the shower, when he’s bouncing on Reign’s cock (watch full scene here):

[OnlyFans: Rhyheim Shabazz, Fonzie, And Reign Tag-Team Roxas Caelum Bareback]