Ricky Roman And Josh Moore Q&A: Who’s The Bottom, Being In An Open Relationship, And More!

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One of the sweetest (not to mention hottest) gay porn power couples, Ricky Roman and Josh Moore, are taking several fan questions in a new YouTube video, and they’re joined by their pup, Luca, whose cuteness nearly steals the show throughout the video. Ricky and Josh—who’ve been going strong as a couple for a year now—take questions about bottoming, being in an open relationship, who their favorite gay porn stars are, where they’d prefer to live (in the US or in the UK), and a lot more in this revealing, funny, and entertaining Q&A:


ICYMI, Josh Moore’s most recent CockyBoys scene was released last week, and in it, he treats Ethan Slade to his giant cock and some expert topping:

[CockyBoys: Josh Moore Fucks Ethan Slade]

  • Miloš Del Rey

    When will he give Logan Moore his name back?

    • Ceecee

      I mean realtalk he’s the more famous of the two Moore boys.

      • AJ’s Black Widow


    • Scrapple

      It takes a lot of balls to keep your ex fiancé’s porn name, when the two of you were still dating when you met your current boyfriend…during a DP threeway.

      • Ninja0980

        Many a porn couple’s breakups have happened that way.

        • Scrapple

          That’s why people fear the DP.

  • BF8

    I fell asleep at the 2 minute mark

    • Hari Kalyan

      I know! Long videos are just offensive lol. I did skim the video and managed to catch Josh saying that people on grindr think he looks 38. He’s apparently in his 20’s???

    • von schlomo

      They don’t know how to make Youtube videos and probably never will. They think they’re already important enough in name only to just turn the camera on and banter and everyone will swoon. What’s so special about Josh Moore? The Brit can sod off.

  • gay couples getting engaged, gay wedding rings, gay couples adopting dogs… i thought porn could only make me feel sad for my sexual life, but after this week it seems like it can make me feel sad for my romantic life as well.

    They look so cute together tho ♥

  • Ninja0980

    They’ve lasted longer then I thought they would.

  • Maximus

    No. I don’t care about men who lack the emotional capacity and depth of character to experience true love. If that man doesn’t become the only man you see, if you don’t want your body to be reserved for him alone and vice versa, if you don’t lose all interest in “fucking” and instead only want to make love to him, if bringing a third person into your bed wouldn’t ruin the magic of that intimate connection between you and your man, if he isn’t the only person who you could ever want, if the love making isn’t so intense that you’re left giddy after you orgasm, then you aren’t TRULY in love. I can’t be bothered with this social media thirstbucket “romance.”

    The puppy, however, is friggin adorable, and I would like to hear more about it.

    • Tim

      you know, Maximus, that is how you experience love. it isn’t universal for everyone. I could as easily make the argument that it is time we put away that foolish notion. It comes too close to the old partriarchal ideal of a man “owning” his wife in all but or even name. The fact that someone is secure in knowing that their spouse is a human and can’t get all their needs met in one place and still committing to building a life with that person at the center is as or more beautiful than slavish devotion to an old heteronormative idea.

      • Maximus

        Please. There’s nothing inherently heteronormative about loving, singular devotion. That’s a lazy copout for gays who lack the ability to forge a romantic connection so deep that fidelity and monogamy are desirable. The simple fact of the matter is that humans vary in the intensity of their emotional experiences and their ability to build interpersonal bonds. I’m not saying that non-monogamous love isn’t love; it’s merely love that isn’t felt as strongly. I would also argue that non-monogamy it is a primarily a behavior/ideology promulgated by men and born from evolutionary drives and the fact that men are socialized to (1) be less interpersonally adept, (2) be less concerned with the emotional experiences of others, and (3) feel sexually entitled. But hey, if you don’t want to be monogamous, then go live (but please use condoms). Just don’t pretend that all love is felt as intensely or that all romantic relationships are as deep.

        • Hereweare

          I don’t even know where to start. The hypocrisy is stifling. To say that non-monogamous love isn’t felt as strongly as monogamous love is putting yourself in a lot of other people’s shoes and then stating your opinion as fact. There happen to be many evangelicals (and others) who would argue as fact that the monogamous love you describe is not possible because it is between two men.
          In other words……..Girl, Bye. You can define what the strongest love is for you, but when it comes to others, please keep your judgmental (and non-experienced) bullshit to yourself.

        • Tim

          you are speaking to someone who doesn’t consider a person a friend until we’ve built a quasi-familial relationship with each other, such that I tend to call my friends “brother” or “sister” as often as their first names. so don’t lecture me about depth of emotion. depth of emotion is kind of a given for me, and of the sort that scares a lot of guys off.

          but I think you miss my point in a couple of ways. I’m all for loving, singular devotion. I just have a couple reasons, one historical and one specific to me, that make it hard for me to believe that that devotion requires or even allows monogamy in most cases.

          the first is that historical argument you brushed off. monogamy has throughout almost all of history been a control mechanism for the control of women, and to a lesser extent low-status men. this siloing off of sexual energies (because for most of history love and marriage have not been decisively linked) served some purposes, sure, but it also served and to some small extent still serves as chains to hold both women and gay people generally down.

          second is I’ve never met a guy I liked enough to date where I could honestly do everything he wanted/needed in the bedroom. a combination of childhood trauma, what is or is very near to a micropenis, and my own body’s quirks means there are a very few things that really get me going. sure, I can lovingly do some other things sometimes, but most guys have varied sexual tastes of the sort i can’t bend to. and this also means that any sexual variety I can stomach has to be in the person I experience it with. I would feel that I was imposing over-strict and stupid to the point of unloving limits on both myself and my partner if I were to insist on monogamy.

    • Ceecee


      Jokes! I mean that’s totally fine if that’s your definition, but it’s a little silly to try and position it as like the one true love and all are lesser.

      I have friends with that “I only have eyes for my fiance” thing and maybe it’s just me but I’ve always read it as kinda insecure.

  • Xzamilloh

    At least have some generic ukulele music playing in the background. The random sound effects on top of their monotone voices, and then the lack of facial animation to go with whatever vibe was trying to be conveyed here —

    Alright, that’s enough from me. Visually cute, audibly boring. The end.

  • Scrapple

    Fine, I’ll be temporarily kind and say they’re kind of funny together. I’m still chuckling at Josh’s response to Ricky’s answer about his greatest fear. And the Manchester shade. And Ricky’s “ask his surgeon” comment.

    • B.C.

      Agree. Cheeky and sugary with an added bonus of really cute lap dog. “At the office” reference cracked me up.

      • Scrapple

        I cackled at that line.

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    What exactly makes them a power couple?

  • Benjam

    I didnt watch the video. Can someone answer: are they a couple or are they fuck buddies who live together?

    • B.C.

      They are committed to one another while fucking other men for money. Usual porn couple arrangement. Why not watch Q&A? It’s surprisingly entertaining.

  • Todd B

    Did Ricky answer what that licking of a woman’s fit was all about?