Right Wing Pastor: Cake Baked By Christians Frees Gay Man From Homosexuality

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Possibly my favorite story of 2017, via Right Wing Watch:

Right-wing pastor Lance Wallnau received a message from a viewer saying that she needed prayers that would help deliver her son from homosexuality. That message prompted Wallnau to recall an incident he heard about recently in which a gay bar owner was supposedly delivered from his life of sin after eating a cake which had been prepared and prayed over by Christians. As Wallnau told it, there were some “hookers” who used to hang out at a bar who were saved by a fellow patron who had found Christianity. Together, Wallnau said, these individuals “baked a cake for the owner of the bar, who was gay and very adamantly anti-Christian” and prayed over it that he would leave homosexuality.


I’ll use any excuse to eat as much cake as possible, tbh, and if that happens to turn me straight, so be it.

Speaking of gays and cakes…

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[Sean Cody: Jeremy]