Rob Ryder Is The 108th Man To Put His Cock Inside Of Johnny Rapid

Posted August 3, 2016 by with 51 comments

0006Johnny Rapid’s Countdown To 200 Cocks continues today with a scene that was likely filmed at least a year ago, based on Johnny Rapid’s old hairstyle and Johnny Rapid’s top, Rob Ryder, who hasn’t appeared in any gay porn since at least last fall.

0016In today’s scene, “Hired,” Rob Ryder becomes the 108th man to insert his penis into Johnny Rapid’s asshole. ICYMI: The complete list of every single man who has fucked Johnny Rapid is here. It’s been a relatively slow climb to 200 cocks since Johnny passed the 100 cocks point last November, but I have faith that he’ll get there eventually.

Until then, lucky #108 Rob Ryder fucks Johnny Rapid:

0013 0014

Note: This scene is actually a flip-fuck, so if you prefer Johnny as a top, you’ll get a little of that here.

0018 0021Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Rob Ryder And Johnny Rapid Flip-Fuck]

  • Arion
  • john

    so i guess Paddy would be 109 or 110 depending on when their scene will be released

  • Atticus

    There are people out there who prefer Johnny as a top?!

  • Greg

    I don’t care for Johnny Rapid to say the least, but I gotta tell ya, I’ll fuck Johnny Rapid before I fuck this guy.

  • Trepakprince

    I found lucky 109.

  • ToxicBrew

    I wish I was the 109th ????

  • Trepakprince

    I found lucky 109…

  • Todd

    Onscreen. …108th onscreen

  • Greg

    I don’t care for Johnny Rapid to say the least, but I gotta say, I’ll fuck him before I fuck this guy:

  • McM.

    I watched the scene and have to report it is not very interesting. The fucking was passable, but only b/c Johnny Rapid’s turn at topping was better in comparison to Rob Ryder’s. It was clear Rob did not enjoy fucking Johnny and was going through the motions so he could be on bottom. He also had difficulty maintaining an erection, but then again Johnny Rapid wasn’t exactly rock hard during his performance.

    It’s understandable why this remained unreleased for so long. The scene was about as unsatisfying to view as I presume it was to create.

  • Xzamilloh

    Hell,dudes are playing dodge the small intestines with his Stretch Armstrong ass hole, and meanwhile, I can’t find one guy within 20 miles of me on OKCupid that doesn’t smoke or isn’t “getting out of a complicated relationship”. Sigh

  • Xzamilloh
  • Zealot

    Even nuns in the church
    won’t leave you in the lurch
    they sing “hallelujah”
    When penguins start to sing
    it can mean only one thing
    say “hallelujah”
    Johnny’s hole will flair
    as the 108th cock goes there
    and “hal-le-lu-juah”!

  • moondoggy

    And the world is as bored with him as I am startinnnnng … now.

  • Clusterfuck

    Is this supposed to be some sort of slut shaming of a porn actor on a gay porn site?

    Do tops get similar treatment? “TimTales dude stuck his dick up the 108th butt today.”

    Slow news day? Ran out of bitchy meds? Explain.

    • McM.

      How is noting a performer’s ongoing accomplishment “slut shaming”?

    • Andrew Simpson

      I could be wrong but I think Zach is pointing out for a man who says he is heterosexual Johnny Rapid has a lot of gay sex. Now one can argue, hey Johnny does gay porn for the money. But getting fucked up the ass is not an easy thing to do. And these porn videos take hours sometimes even days to make. There has to be some form of sexual attraction or interest from Johnny Rapid to be fucked so many times. Porn models also have a choice they can choose which guy they do a scene with or what sexual positions they get into.

  • Scrapple

    They have so much in common.

    Well that and they both can’t participate in “Take Your Kids to Work” day.

  • jon

    Just when I think I’m save from Johnny, he comes back to haunt me..

  • Join the army, be all that you can be, and sleep with Johnny Rapid. The Marines are looking for a few good men who have not slept with Johnny Rapid!

  • OverKill
  • kkdd1

    Zack whats with ur fascination with Johnny Rapid ? 4 someone who is not a Rapid fan U sure do cover him a lot .

  • WhimsyCotton

    To have taken that many different dicks as a straight man. Truly a trailblazing example for all G4P performers!

  • Pertinax

    It’s very modern to be a father of three and at the same time give the ass… …Perhaps.

  • Andrew Simpson

    It is probably more than 108 since Johnny Rapid also does bareback for the Bromo site. And this guy calls himself straight. Come on man, he clearly likes dick. I think Johnny is more interesting now because he is topping more. Johnny actually has a nice cock and he can be dominant when he wants to be. This guy is MEN.COM biggest star. I think he is probably the highest paid porn model in America right now.

    • Zachary Sire

      It’s not more than 108.

  • Candymantrr

    Isn’t it time for Johnny to just take a fist up that used up hole. It certainly must be loose enough by now

  • kevin

    I thought Rob had given up porn for camming. Met him @ the Black Party Expo way back. Sweet kid. Very straight. In fact I think his GF was there with him.

  • The Pink Unicorn

    Another unconvincing ” Gay4Pay”? ?
    I’m really starting to get fed up of this bullsh*t. It’s so difficult to find any genuine gay adult entertainers these days, I have to sieve through so much sh*t before I can find a decent quality corn piece worth watching.
    I’m sick of these gay4pay a-holes and on top of that I have to deal with straights pretending to be bi/gay, bi’s pretending to be gay, bi’s pretending to be straight, and these d*ckweeds who refuse to acknowledge their sexuality because they think it makes them “open-minded” therefore morally superior LOL. Seriously the level of f*ckery is unbelievable.
    And before anyone says “well their sexuality shouldn’t matter cause its not like you’re going to f*ck em in real life” Noooo waay you don’t say! ?(Saracasm)
    That’s never been a thought and its not the point you morons.
    I like to watch a man who’s enjoying himself not because he’s merely in it for the money, or has to pander to his tweenie fanbase, but because he likes the d!ck and only the d!ck. I won’t get excited unless their excited.
    I’ve never come across a goldstar gay adult entertainer, that would be a dream but for now I have to settle for tainted goods.

    • WB

      You got that right: Settling for tainted goods when all you want is a few good taints.

  • Eric AS

    The dude looks like quality cuddle material for a skinny bitch, but I’d honestly prefer a 6 on 1 gangbang of all the aspiring Men exclusives on Rapid’s lose sloppy manhole.