Rocky, Roman, Kyler, And Dane Train-Fuck And Spit-Roast Each Other While 69’ing In Corbin Fisher’s “Four Banger”

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Corbin Fisher hasn’t released a group scene with more than three people in nearly two years, but they’re making up for lost time today with an epic fourgy titled “Four Banger” that features spit-roasting, cum facials, 69, creampies, train-fucking, ass-to-mouth, and virtually every sex position you can imagine (and one you probably couldn’t have imagined).

Some fourgies can be chaotic, clumsily choreographed, and poorly shot, but that is not the case today, as everything is filmed and performed perfectly so viewers can appreciate all the fucking and all the guys. Those guys are Dane, Roman, Kyler, and Rocky (from left to right, below), and they are all flawless in this fourgy.

It’s the best fourgy of the year with four of the most impressive performances of the year (all four stars bottom, and all the stars except Rocky top), and Dane, Kyler, Rocky, and Roman must be commended (or at least jerked off to all weekend long) for the exceptional work they’ve done in this scene. Here are just a few of the must-see moments:

Dane and Kyler simultaneously fuck Rocky and Roman as they perform 69 on each other.

Kyler wants to suck on something while he fucks, so he grabs Roman’s toes.


Have you ever done this before?

c4th2 Dane goes from ass-to-mouth as he pulls out of Roman and slides his cock into Rocky’s mouth.

Roman fucks the cum out of Dane.


After Dane hops off Roman, it’s Kyler’s turn to ride. But before Kyler takes a seat, Roman scoops up Dane’s load and rubs it all over his cock to use as lube.


Kyler explodes while bouncing on Roman’s cock.

Kyler fucks the cum out of Rocky.

Last but not least, Dane fucks the cum out of Roman, which goes into Kyler’s mouth.

It really doesn’t get any better than this. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Roman, Rocky, Kyler, And Dane Fuck Each Other Bareback]

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