Actor Rory Culkin Shows Dick In First Episode Of Swarm

Posted March 21, 2023 by with 5 comments

Swarm (an Amazon Prime series) is one of the creepiest and most “what the fuck did I just see?” series in recent memory, so of course I’m loving it. There are only seven episodes of the limited series, and in the first one, you get to see Rory Culkin’s dick, or at least it’s supposed to be Rory Culkin’s dick. He may have used a stunt dick, but this doesn’t look like a prosthetic. In any event, I highly recommend Swarm, and not just for the naked and ripped Rory Culkin. Here’s the clip, in which he and series star Dominique Fishback (“Dre”) have just woken up after a one-night stand: