Tegan Zayne Gets Fucked By Ryan Bones On Men.com, And He Was Just Kidding About Being An Anti-Vaxxer

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From ChaosMen to Raging Hot Falcon to CockyBoys, and then from CockyBoys back to Raging Hot Falcon, and now from Raging Hot Falcon to…Men.com? Yep. Tegan Zayne has performed for several of the biggest gay porn studios, and he can now check Men.com off the list. He’s in a scene there tomorrow with hunky Canadian gay porn star Ryan Bones, and it looks funny/hot:

[Men.com: Ryan Bones Fucks Tegan Zayne]

Tegan will apparently be shooting more scenes with Men, and when he heard that gay porn star Leo Giamani had returned to gay porn to also shoot scenes at Men, he became very excited:

tegas3 tegans1One small warning to Tegan: While it might sound hot, being fucked by Leo might not be that great, given his lackluster performance skills. But, who knows, maybe Tegan could be the one who finally turns Leo into the powertop we’ve all been waiting for?

Prior to the Giamani comeback news, Tegan Zayne spent most of last week being dragged on Twitter after posing as an anti-vax conspiracy theorist:


Note the ratio on that tweet, and here are some of the replies:

tega34 tegan667 tega4

In case anyone needed more proof that social media is a pointless waste of time, Tegan later revealed that he was trolling, and his anti-vax tweets were just jokes, designed specifically to provoke all the responses:

tegan4 tegn5

Phew, that was a close one. It comes as a huge relief to know that Tegan Zayne does actually believe in vaccines.

  • sxg

    The stupid cunt is still an anti-vaxxer. He’s only backtracking because he clearly misjudged the fucking stupidity of the people still wasting their time following him. BTW these were 2 of my favorite moments from all of that: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e052ce86a6e3ab70d57d0068e3020c43f50f4f2454422552205ae9062b62ad2.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9af8d46b52d3c0de80fe499527c52d44392d9ad3b17d8e37721483bc78cc9df.png

    • Baradude

      Lol I love everyone’s clapbacks 😂😂😂

  • Xzamilloh

    Social media gives legitimacy to people that have no business talking to a potted plant, let alone thousands of followers. If not for Twitter, he’d be that crazy dude you don’t want anyone knowing you know, but that you fuck silly every Saturday night around 3 AM

  • RioVerde

    Jesus fucking Christ, this dude is an idiot.

    • jeremyrain98

      Ugh, my 5 years old niece has better judgment than this A-hole, and she still believes a stork delivered her to her parents. This is STRAIGHT UP FUCKING MENTAL ILLNESS!

      • n24rc

        Okay, I quit this guy. I supported his public tweets about being assaulted, but now with this “joke”, I don’t know what to think. Maybe he should quit twitter.

  • sanfv

    I teach creative writing and journalism. I believe in free speech but sometimes theres too much free speech lol. I think looking at any porn model or right wing conspiracy theory twitter accounts is enough for me to burn the a picture of the 1st amendment lol.

    I say this as satire but some times twitter accounts be like this:

    Right winger: Sandy hook was a lie, drag queens make frogs gay and Hilary killed the Limburg baby!”

    Porn model 1: “Another fan just subscribed to my account!”

    Porn Model 2: “I hate gay people. I hope they die. Please hire me Chi Chi La Rue and MEN! I filmz gay sexz really goodz! #promice”

    ChiChi and Men, in response “Yasss kween. You is exclusive now!”

    • Scrapple

      I read that really fast and thought the first two examples were linked.

  • Scrapple

    Somewhere along the gay porn way, something in Tegan broke. Maybe it was the Topher thing. Maybe it was something else. But it’s obvious something is wrong. The things he does are cries for attention and cries for help. And when you’re already dealing with mental health issues, this is the last industry you should be a part of. Because eventually things will come to a head and it won’t be pretty. Sometimes it can even be dangerous. I seriously hope he evaluates his life and takes steps towards figuring things out. Now, while he still has the chance.

    • Maximus

      Some jurisdictions recognize that consent obtained by tricking someone into thinking they’re actually having sex with somebody else isn’t true consent, it’s a form of sexual assault.

      • Scrapple

        All jurisdictions should recognize that.

        • Maximus

          They might at this point in time. I’d have to search for a good treatise to find out. One of the many ridiculous aspects of American criminal law is the amount of variation between states on certain substantive matters. It’s not as if sexual assault is legal in some states and illegal in others, but states can differ in their definitions of sexual assault, what may be argued as a defense to sexual assault, etc. For example, statutory rape is a strict liability crime in Massachusetts, meaning that the defendant’s state of mind is irrelevant to the issue of guilt. Other jurisdictions, however, allow a defendant to argue that he possessed the reasonable belief that the victim was a legal adult at the time. Even when there’s near consensus that a certain change to the law is called for, it can take awhile for every state to make that change.

          ……Sorry for the unsolicited lesson. I enjoy writing about the law and can get carried away sometimes.

  • wdeee

    I adore him

  • TB

    So glad this dumb bitch blocked me. WHO THE FUCK JOKES LIKE THAT!? PHYCHO!

  • n24rc

    I don’t get why people tweet text as if people can interpret it other than it’s literal meaning. If it’s a “joke” what was the punchline?

  • n24rc

    Tegan you do know that you can fuck people of set, you don’t need to rely on studios to setup sex? If your so intent on fucking Leo, you could have just hired by privately by the hour.

  • Maximus

    We need to cancel Facebook and Twitter, kids. They bring out the very worst aspects of humanity, they’re destroying liberal democracies across the globe, and they offer no redeeming benefits.

    • Baradude


  • snoopyfo

    When is the Gay guy “tricking” a str8 guy to have gay sex trope is going to die, -_-