Lawyer For Ryan Gordon Files Motion To Be Withdrawn From Bogus Lawsuit Against Helix Studios

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rghxAs Str8UpGayPorn reported last month, gay porn photographer Ryan Gordon has filed a bogus lawsuit against Helix Studios for…well…nothing, hence my use of the word “bogus.” I stated last month that this case would never see the light of day in a courtroom, and today, that prediction is one step closer to being accurate, as Gordon’s lawyer has filed a motion to withdraw as Gordon’s attorney. Now, with no counsel, Gordon will be representing himself in this suit, according to his soon-to-be ex-lawyer’s motion below:

suit1 suit2

Given that Gordon’s lawsuit against Helix doesn’t contain any actual damages or provable events, Gordon’s attorney’s withdrawal should be surprising to absolutely no one. The only thing that is surprising is how stupid these lawyers must be to have ever represented Gordon in the first place.

In another sign that this lawsuit will soon be completely thrown out, Helix attorney Chad Anderson filed a motion to dismiss the case back on September 4th (read it in full below), but instead of responding to that motion, Gordon’s attorney filed the motion to withdrawal. Now, lawyerless Gordon has until October 4th to respond to the motion to dismiss.

Here’s Helix’s motion to dismiss. If Gordon doesn’t respond by October 4th, the suit will be thrown out, and then, I believe Helix could easily sue Gordon for filing the frivolous lawsuit.

Helix Gordon by Zachary Sire on Scribd

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  • C3xxx

    Forgive the ignorance, what’s the purpose of appending “an unmarried man” after each name?

    • Zachary Sire

      I’ve noticed that more and more recently in a variety of legal documents. I myself just did a real estate purchase and on the document I received, the state has me labeled as an unmarried man.

    • Scrapple

      Because court shade.

    • D Will

      It may be due to the fact that some states still have antiquated laws on the books regarding spouses and their rights to assets (property specifically) and debts. However, given the current state of the U.S., who actually knows.

  • Scrapple

    Sometimes I realize how literal I am. I actually took “John Does” as John does. I thought “John Does I-X” and “Jane Does I-X” were oddly named bisexual performers who may or may not be fraternal twins. And I thought “Black Corporations I-X” and “White Limited Partnerships I-X” were coming for those fetish coins.

    Poor Ryan Gordon. First he’s unmarried and now he’s unlawyered. The cheese stands alone.