WATCH: Ryan Rose Rips Anthony Verusso A New One

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anthony verusso porn

After the Brent Corrigan/Darius Ferdynand flip-fuck last week and now a Ryan Rose/Anthony Verusso fuckfest this week, Falcon’s Poolside is easily one of the most solid gay porn movies of 2015, so far.

Anthony Verusso (above) is definitely one to watch this year. And Ryan Rose is still obviously flawless, no matter how many of his haters show up in the comments below.

ryan rose falcon porn

If you love pools and you also love watching gay sex that takes place next to a pool, you’ll love Poolside!

ryan rose gay pornTrailer (watch full scene here):

[Falcon: Ryan Rose Fucks Anthony Verusso]


  • dave1984

    “And Ryan Rose is still obviously flawless, no matter how many of his haters show up in the comments below.” LOL you shady bitch, Zach

  • Alan Keddie

    Don’t get me wrong I do LOVE LOVE LOVE Ry Ro but what’s with the nipple thing? Is it like tweak a nipple, stay hard? Aside from that it’s a yes from Al.

    • McM.

      Nipples are an erogenous zone. Some men have more sensitivity than others, and there’s a number of ways the nerves can be stimulated.

      • Alan Keddie


    • sxg

      He did a 3-way with Jamie and Liev at Sean Cody as Pierce, and in the BTS they kept teasing him on his super sensitive nipples. It was funny and adorable.


    I love Ryan even when he was Pierce at Sean Cody no one ass takes a DICK better than his does but it seems the only time that his mouth does not get him into trouble is when he has a big dick down his throat

    • dave1984

      LOL best advice for RyRo. May I add he should put his hands to better use, like give up twitter & take up fisting?

  • Todd

    Johnny Rapid …’obviously flawless’ for 2016 ??

  • sxg

    Those last 2 pics make Ryan Rose look like he has a freakishly long upper body. He probably would have been a good swimmer if he ever picked up the sport.

  • I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but something about his face makes me think of Cher’s son from the movie, Mask

  • trex

    Anthony does look great, but he has real wood issues in some of his scenes. How can Falcon film the models fucking in the reverse cowboy position when Anthony is quite flacid. It just looks silly and Anthony could not come while getting fucked. Really more lazy directing than a problem with Anthony. Director needed to stop filming and let him get hard again. Ryan looked and performed great. But the directing here is not up to what used to be Falcon’s standards.

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