WATCH: Zack Randall Sucks His Own Cock And Cums In His Own Mouth While Ryan Rose Fucks Him

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It’s been several years since Zack Randall has been in a big budget gay porn for a major studio, but now the wait is finally over. Zack’s return to gay porn is with none other than Ryan Rose, and it’s a pairing that should please all of their fans.


It feels like they filmed this movie a year ago, but now this first scene from Falcon’s fall blockbuster Naughty Pines is finally being released online. (And Falcon is still running their membership sale, which means you can watch it for literally $1.00.)


Director Tony DiMarco does a great job capturing every inch of Ryan’s large and muscular frame as he slams the fuck out of Zack in multiple positions.


The highlight (for me) is seeing that Zack Randall definitely still has “it” after all these years. Remember, he started gay porn back in 2006, which practically makes him a gay porn senior citizen! But—he’s more youthful and more flexible than most gay porn newcomers just starting today.


Zack Randall moans, groans, squeals, and whines as a relentless Ryan Rose pounds away. And somehow, Zack is able to eventually lean forward (while being fucked extremely hard) and suck his own cock.


There’s no question that this is one of the better Falcon scenes of 2014. The only question is what made Zack Randall cum: Did he cum in his own mouth because of Ryan Rose fucking him, or did he cum in his own mouth because of how good he was sucking his own cock?


Clip (watch full scene here):

[Falcon’s Naughty Pines: Ryan Rose Fucks Zack Randall]


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