Ryan Rose Joins CockyBoys, Trenton Ducati, And More At Southern Decadence

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Cro6sHOVIAA224pIf you enjoy gay porn stars, drag queens, and hundreds (if not thousands) of drunk fans, New Orleans and Southern Decadence was the place to be this past weekend. If you prefer to watch from the comfort of your own home, Ryan Rose was good enough to document the annual event. Johnny V., Boomer Banks, Ryan, and Ricky Roman pictured above.

CrnrPquUIAEPOtPRyan, Trenton Ducati, Johnny, Chi Chi LaRue, Sister Roma, and more at Oz nightclub.

CrtTuEqUIAAgpCpTegan Zayne, Trenton, Leo Fuentes, Boomer Banks, and Ryan.

I didn’t know you could still do this in U.S. clubs, but here’s Boomer Banks fucking Tegan Zayne live on stage, and then shooting a huge load into his mouth.

Tegan and Boomer’s CockyBoys scene went live last July, so this is a fun reunion for the duo. Boomer’s latest CockyBoys scene came out today, co-starring the outrageously hot and absurdly fuckable Carter Dane:

[CockyBoys: Boomer Banks Fucks Carter Dane]


  • Xzamilloh

    Your dick is in Tegan Zayne and it’s limp. Ugh… so over it with Boomer Banks.


    • AussieB

      I couldn’t believe how long it took him to shoot… I never understood boomers attractive Ness. I get he has a huge dick but he does nothing 4me

      • Xzamilloh

        The attraction is understandable… but after that wears off, he’s just a mediocre performer.

    • sxg

      That’s not a shocker this isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, time he’s had noticeable wood issues. Sean Zevran even mentioned it on Randy Blue cam how frustrating it was filming with him, especially because of his wood issues. Granted it was after I pointed out to Sean that Boomer tried to throw him under the bus on that Hey Queen! Youtube episode but still counts!

      • Xzamilloh

        I remember that Hey Qween! episode… he was just as boring sitting there as he is in his scenes. And the shade towards Zevran was thick as hell.

    • snoopyfo

      he is even wearing a cock-ring and still with a semi, that is such a shame!!!!! i also don’t see boomer banks appeal, but i guess to each its own

  • AussieB

    Didn’t know live sex shows existed. In one of those pics, Tegan is sporting public cleavage lol

  • Dale Bergman


    Handsome Tegan Zayne deserves so much better than this.

    • moondoggy

      Better than that headline, even. Zachary, you were off your game there. “And more”? That’s like “… and the rest on Gilligan’s Island.”

      That speedo is about to derange me.

  • Mike Julius
  • marcuz86

    Tegan ???

  • snoopyfo

    Im hear for Tegan!! love him, he is hot, sexy, adorable all in one, i guess trenton is still hot and the other 3 have nice bodies but not my cup of tea any of them

    • Dale Bergman

      Tegan is one of the cutest and sweetest performers in the industry. I love him.

      • snoopyfo

        str8upgayporn might be the unofficial Tegan Zayne fan club

  • Andrew Simpson

    I guess I an in the minority but I find drag queens offensive to women. I am surprised that gay men like them.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Why are people surprised about Boomer Banks erection isn’t it hard to perform in front of an audience? I don’t care who you are bound to get nervous

    • Audran

      You haven’t seen Antonio Biaggi, Lucio Saints or Rocco steele perfom live….

    • McM.

      That was a sexual exhibition.

      Exhibitionists do not get “nervous” in front of crowds, they get excited. If Boomer Banks is having problems maintaining an erection for that reason, then he needn’t be fucking live on display.

    • moondoggy

      I went to a bar once in North Carolina, and although it was against the law, Jon Vincent attempted to do a solo show involving jacking off to completion. The show was a total failure — from his standpoint. He attempted to get the audience involved, including me. Everyone in the audience had their own reasons to be too tight assed to participate in earnest, but as for me, one of the administrators at my college was in the audience. He wasn’t there to judge me, but I had no real way of knowing how big a blabbermouth he might or might not be. This is the same college where I subscribed to Playgirl under the name Wendy Waters because I was afraid to let the ladies in the post office know that I wanted the magazine. It worked too well. Playgirl sent me a letter saying that the PO had flagged it, and that I would have to confirm the subscription by using my own name if I was to continue receiving the magazines.

      Anyway, Jon asked me to rub his butt. (That’s how he put it, “Rub my butt.”) I did it, but I’m sure there was nothing erotic about how I did it. I was still a virgin!!! People blamed Jon’s performance on the a-a-a-a-alcohol, but I was convinced that the crowd, including myself, ruined the show. And the most tragic part to me is that his show was one of the most gut wrenchingly arousing things I’ve ever seen. I was nauseated being that close to a naked man, THIS naked man, for the first time. I have a public fetish as well (which I wasn’t even conscious of at the time), so the contrast between this beautiful man and the prim acting crowd only heightened it for me. I was literally trembling the whole time. I should have named my Vaseline jar “Jon.” Sadly like the real Jon, it wasn’t around for long. I spent the rest of his life wishing I’d cross paths with him again to tell him that story.


    • Xzamilloh

      So is “an audience” now the people behind the camera during his scenes? Because even with all the strategic editing, his “softee” happens quite a few times. He’s like Mike Mann… he looks better than he fucks.

  • Scrapple

    Why am I just now realizing Carter Dane reminds me of a young Dean Monroe?

  • Pertinax

    Pardon my naïveté, but do they do it as professionals ( paid prostitutes ) or for free as party goers ?

    • McM.


      As well as performers appearances, the stage and time has to be arranged beforehand, and party goers know to watch but not participate. Don’t know how it is now, but guys who interfered too much or treated sex shows as a free-for-all were dis-invited from the space.

      • Pertinax


  • sxg

    Look at RyRo and his roid stomache. Some say he wants to follow in the footsteps of Erik Rhodes. Let’s hope.

  • C A

    A few days ago RyRo posted some clips from an orgy he was having in Nola. In one he was getting pounded out pretty good.

  • nick

    That brickwork could go with being repointed, that’s all I noticed.

  • jon

    Boomer Banks is proof that having a big dick isn’t enough to be a good porn performer.

    • Two Cents

      Word! Big dick don’t impress. You gotta have that stroke and passion to be that one!

  • DaveAtom

    Tegan is life. I’m so in love with him!!!

  • FooFight

    They all look like they really need to shower.

    • McM.

      It’s Southern Decadence. EVERYONE needs to shower at Southern Decadence.

      It is hot, muggy, and you can work up a sweat just standing in one place.

  • OverKill

    Trenton is so ugly, skin looks like it feels like leather.

    Tegan is the only one worth looking at.

    • Xzamilloh

      What a mean thing to say about Trenton Ducati


    • sxg

      He’s proof that meth and plastic surgery do not mix!

      I thought he was handsome during his Titan and early Raging Falcon House days before the botox and face stretching came into play.

  • kevin

    The Black Party always features lots of live sex acts, so it’s not unprecedented.

  • The Anchor

    hell no.

  • Alann6

    Love Carter, but really don’t care for Boomer and his tattoos!

  • James Vilar

    Boomer is a better bottom but because of that dick people want him to top :(

  • Billybbb

    Didn’t know you were one for deleting comments, Zach … how petty

  • Mister Miss

    where is sean zevran or austin, or some cute asian/indian/arabian/egyptian/zambian guy… these Caspers are

  • pje821

    If there’s a less appealing model than Boomer Banks working today in gay porn I haven’t seen him.

  • Marcus Collack

    Boomer’s Body looks Amazing in that lighting.
    “Notice the use of of shadow and light.” (slams desk)
    (points if you know where that is from)

  • Bastian

    Not sure why Tegan wants shot straight porn now so badly. He’s tired of gay porn already?

  • Parker Lewis

    nasty fuckers…